How Much Do Tires Cost?

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    How much do tires cost? Well, that’s where the rubber meets the road, literally, when one figures tire prices into the cost of auto maintenance. If one calculates based on the national average of the cost of tires, single tires cost anywhere from $50 each for the absolute lowest end model, usually a refurbished one (one shouldn’t spend less than $50 a pop on the low ends anyway, since anything lower is probably an unsafe tire), and up to $250 and above for brand new models with special treads and warranties, specific to special makes and models.

    How much do four tires cost?  A set of four tires, figured on the national average, will run anywhere from $200 to $1000 and up; the top end ones will be specialized and nationally known brands, rated for high speeds. Just as an example, a set of tires at 3000 GT, Z rated (which travels comfortably up to 186 miles per hour) cost an average of $700 per set.  Obviously, the tires vary greatly by make and model, and by the warranties the installing shop is willing to guarantee.  So, with that in mind, here is a shopper’s comparison of some tire prices—not exhaustive, but enough to give consumers an idea of general tire prices from specific dealers.

    How Much Does A Tire Cost?

    The question assumes that we’re debating how much only one tire costs, without frills, warranties or package deals for a set. One tire, in the more reputable stores, will usually range in tire prices from $80 (we did mention $50 in the previous notation, but this is assuming the customer wants tire safety included) to $120 (again, eliminating the upper end prices as somewhat impractical). This is the amount an average person will pay for a single, average tire, based both on the nationwide average and on the comparison points of the dealers whose prices follow this section.  This cost of tires average is based on the assumption that the tire or tires bought are new; one can buy used and retreaded tires for up to 30% less, but the margin of safety is also constricted as a result.

    How Much Do Brand Name Tires Cost?

    A quick comparison of brand name tire stores online yields several interesting comparisons in tire prices. Goodyear tires run from $68 for a single low-grade tire for a small vehicle, to up to $924 for a set of Goodyear Wranglers for heavy trucking, with the median tire price between $103 and $164. The Bridgestone black wall motorcycle tire runs $77; their dueler light truck and auto model is $115 to $121; their highest luxury model is $201 for the Dueler HL, a single tire specific to SUVs.

    Pirelli, which specializes in models for the Mercedes Benz and Audi, is surprisingly affordable, starting at $60 for the P6 Four Seasons and running all the way to $907 for the seat of Scorpion Zero all weather tires.  Toyo tires range between $180 to $250 depending on the model of car that needs tires, of course, and these are specially designed for foreign imported sports cars; meanwhile, the Firestone line, second only to Goodyear in American popularity, holds the cost of tires to a minimum with their FR 380, a mere $51 for a single tire, all the way up to $900 for a set of farm-ready and hardy John Deere models. Tire prices are highly variable, so one is advised to shop for the best current prices.

    Online Vs. Brick And Mortar Stores

    The major cost of tires bought online that may affect the consumer is the fact that they are prohibitively expensive in shipping; also, once they arrive, they must be installed, unless the driver is a do it yourselfer. Just to give one example, comparing four Goodyear Assurance Triple Treads between websites, one can find that a sales site like Online has the lowest tire prices ($110) but highest shipping ($75 and more). The same tires from were higher in tire prices ($115) but lower in shipping ($40). It pays to shop with both tire and shipping costs in mind.

    How Much Do Snow Tires Cost? held a survey and determined that average snow tires cost, assuming tires are new but in the lower end of the price range, is around $65; low-end studded tires cost closer to $85 and up, but studding has not been conclusively proven to make a huge difference in driving/maneuvering ability in light snow. The price range spectrum of non-studded tires is between $65 and $95.

    Stopping in heavy snow or on black ice is a different matter; if one travels in severe weather, higher-end snow tires with studs are recommended, especially if one travels snow packed roads before the crews do.  Top of the line snow tires (this would be the Nokian, Consumer Search decided), will, as of 2009, set the consumer back approximately $145 a tire. In general, the whole spectrum of snow tire prices runs between $50 and $160 per snow tire. Winter tires, especially designed for studded performance on ice, run between $100 and $150 per tire.

    Run-Flat Tires Cost

    Run-flat tires, which were pioneered by Toyota, are designed specifically to run on a flat tire for short periods of travel until one can reach a garage; they are the second lifeline to the driver who cannot easily pull off the road to effect repairs.  Run-flat tires replacement is somewhat more expensive than standard tires, running between $152-176 for each tire, whereas an equivalent tire would run around $70. The Toyota pioneered models may run up to $200 to equal $100 cost of tires that were equivalent to the run-flat.

    Best Place To Buy Tires

    The best place to buy? Whatever fits the consumer’s idea of convenience and affordability, which may be a local neighborhood dealer or the plethora of online sites, since the cost of tires per site usually equalizes to the national average.  In shopping for tires, in terms of what tires cost, the rubber meets the road where customers want it to.

    Low Profile Tire Prices

    High-performance low profile tires, specially built for Chrysler and similar American models, are at a premium since they need replacement with far less frequency. The average cost for premium low profile tires (front models) is around $300; rear models will run around $400 each.

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