How Much Does A Drum Set Cost?

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    A drum set (or kit) is exactly what it sounds like. It is a set of several drums and cymbals. Drum sets are often categorized by the number of drums the set contains. For example, a three-piece kit would have a kick, a snare, and a tom. A kick and a snare are standard, with toms typically making up the extra numbers in a four or five-piece kit (and up). However, it is not unusual to come across a drum set with two kick drums and/or several snares. Drum sets usually come with a high-hat set of two small cymbals on one stand, though it’s not a guarantee. The number of large cymbals in a set can be quite high, though it is unusual to see more than three or four. Some kits come with only one large cymbal, or none at all. The size of the kit is indicative of the drum set cost. Thrones (the stool that a drummer sits on) may or may not be included in the drum kit, and that may be reflected in the drum set cost. Individual drum sizes, extra components, and quality of components are other factors that directly affect the cost of a drum set.

    Drum Set Prices

    The cost of a drum set can range from under $200 to over $5,000. The reason for this large range is the wide variety of users and uses a drum set inspires. Child-sized kits are very affordable at under $200 and are usually 3 pieces with a high-hat and sometimes a cymbal. Beginner drum sets are like big versions of the child-sized kits, but these drum sets cost an average of $400 or more. Also in this price range are cymbal-less kits that are used for a variety of musical purposes. Mid-ranged drum sets usually have improved quality and/or more pieces. The typical mid-range drum kit costs around $700. The high-end of drum kit pricing (and usually quality) begins near $2,000 and can reach thousands of dollars. The cost of a drum set can vary slightly when comparing acoustic and digital drum sets.

    Acoustic Drum Set Price

    An acoustic drum set is the type that you are most likely familiar with. Acoustic kits do not plug into anything and rely on the acoustics of the set pieces to generate sound and volume. Only acoustic sets can be found in child-sizes, and therefore acoustic drum kits can be much cheaper than an electronic kit.  When pricing starts to move into the high-end (over $2,000) the acoustic to electronic drum set cost difference is much smaller.

    Electronic Drum Set Price

    Electronic drum sets use a computer interface to generate sound, and speakers to produce it with volume. While electronic kits usually include an interface, they typically do not come with speakers. The need for speakers and wires (and/or headphones) is an additional part of electronic drum set cost. Beginner electronic kits are rare (practically non-existent) and so the cost of drum sets like these starts around $600 and can reach over $5,000 just like their acoustic counterparts.

    Types Of Drum Sets

    Junior drum kits are made specifically for children. The savings in material and construction allows for minimal junior drum set cost, at under $300. Drum kits for beginners are usually of modest size and typically cost in the area of $400 or $500. Professional drum kits tend to have more pieces and/or better construction and sound than lower-priced sets. The cost of a drum set in this quality range can be upwards of $2,000.

    Drum Set Brands

    The Groove Percussion brand of drums offers junior sets and low-end beginner kits. Some of the child-sized drum sets cost under $200, while regular sizes are typically under $500. While Groove Percussion only produces acoustic drum kits, Roland only makes electronic drum kits. An entry-level electronic drum kit from Roland costs around $600, while a high quality electronic kit can run from $1,500 to nearly $7,000. Yamaha has a selection of both acoustic and electronic drum sets. Yamaha uniquely offers high-quality junior acoustic drum kits that cost in the area of $700.  Their regular size acoustic kits start at $500 and can rise to over $3,500, while their electronic selection starts at $600. A high-end electronic Yamaha drum set costs over $3,500.

    How To Buy A Drum Set

    A drum kit can be purchased new or used through several sources. A thorough search of local classified ads may reveal a hidden gem at minimal cost, and local retailers may carry both new and used drum sets. Drum set cost in the professional range of quality can be substantial, so you may want to use the internet to browse manufacturer and retail web sites, and/or used equipment sites that may be offering discounts or deals. As with any instrument, it is highly suggested that drum kits be personally tested before purchase. For example, a junior set is appropriate for most children, but if a child is not comfortable with it then a regular-sized beginner set may be the answer. In this case, testing the kit in person would save you a lot of hassle.

    Where To Buy A Drum Set

    Your best choice for buying a drum set may be through a local retailer. Stores like these often offer expert advice, which is very helpful when purchasing a drum set. Also, local stores have the added bonus of being close to home, should any issues arise after the initial purchase. The service of in-person stores can offset drum set cost for some people. It may be possible to order directly from the manufacturer through their website. The Internet also provides us with access to retailer web sites, auction sites, classifieds, and a variety of other services that may aid you in finding your perfect drum set at an attractive price.

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