How Much Does A Hamster Cost?

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    Hamsters are small rodents that are commonly kept as pets, especially for children.  There are four types of hamsters that are commonly sold as pets: Teddy bear, Siberian, Chinese, and Roborovsky’s Djungarian hamsters. Hamster prices range from $5-$20 each, depending on breed, gender and age. Prices also vary depending on where the hamster is bought; hamster prices at a breeder are often more than hamster prices at a pet store. The price is often more for hamsters that are a rare colors or are young. On top of the cost of the hamster, owners will have to purchase a cage for the rodent to live in, plus supplies like bedding, food, water bottle and toys. The cost of a hamster cage and starter supplies ranges from $50-$250 depending on the size and style of the cage. Hamster owners can expect to pay about $3-$4 a week maintaining their pet, or about $12-$16 a month.

    How Much Does A Dwarf Hamster Cost?

    There are four types of hamsters commonly sold as pets: Teddy bear, Siberian, Chinese, and Roborovsky’s Djungarian hamsters. Teddy bear hamsters are also called Golden or Syrian hamsters and are the most commonly sold type of hamster. Both Chinese and Roborovsky’s Djungarian hamsters are a type of dwarf hamster. Siberian hamsters are also called Dwarf Russian or Winter White hamsters and are also dwarf in size. Teddy bear hamster prices range from $5-$15, depending on the rodent’s hair length, gender and age. Long haired Teddy bear hamsters are more expensive than short haired Teddy bear hamsters. Siberian, Chinese and Roborovsky’s Djungarian hamsters range in price from $15-$20 each. Generally, prices for dwarf hamsters are more than prices for standard size hamsters. The cost of a hamster with long hair is more than the cost of one with short hair. Some breeders and pet stores have higher prices for female hamsters than for male hamsters.

    How Much Does Hamster Food Cost?

    Hamsters are herbivores; they eat a variety of grains, seeds, and fresh fruits and vegetables. Hamsters are best fed a commercial rodent food designed especially for them, and should be given a few fresh fruits and vegetable daily. Most hamsters enjoy fruits and vegetables like celery stalks and greens, apples, lettuce and other green leafy vegetables, carrots, and alfalfa hay. A bag of commercial food for a hamster ranges in price from $5-$15, depending on the size of the bag and the quality of the food. Food for a hamster is around $10-$12 per month.

    How Much Does A Hamster Cage Cost?

    Hamsters can be kept in a wire cage, a plastic cage or in a plastic or glass aquarium. Plastic cages and aquariums tend to be quieter as they do not have bars for the rodent to chew on. The cost of a hamster cage ranges from $20-$200 depending on the size and style of the cage. However, the average owner will spend about $30-$50 on their cage. Generally, average size basic wire cages tend to cost less than plastic cages or aquariums do. However, there are some fancy multi level cages for rodents that can cost as much as $200. On top of the cost of a hamster cage, owners will also need to buy litter and bedding, toys, an exercise wheel, a food dish and a water bottle. Overall, supplies for a hamster cost from $10-$50, not including the cage; chew toys cost $2-$20 each, an exercise wheel costs $5-$20, water bottles cost $2-$10 each, a food dish costs around $2 and bedding costs $5-$20 for several weeks’ worth.

    Buying A Hamster

    Like any pet, a hamster should only be purchased after much thought and research. A hamster is a living being that requires daily care and a financial commitment. When buying a hamster, the cost of the cage and supplies will also need to be budgeted for. Prospective owners should budget about $15-$20 for their new hamster, plus $50-$100 for the cage and other supplies. Hamsters live for 2-3 years and cost about $15 a month to maintain; hamster cost for its lifetime is around $360-$540.

    Where To Buy A Hamster

    Those wondering how to find a hamster, should check their local pet stores, classified ads, breeders, the humane society or online. There are four types of hamsters commonly sold as pets; however, not all four types are easy to find: many pet stores only carry one or two types. Prospective owners can check their local pet stores and classified ads for a hamster they like, but if they are searching for a special breed, they may need to go online to find a breeder. Those wondering how to find a hamster breed that is rare should google hamster breeders for the type they are looking for. Prospective owners can also ask their local pet store to special order them a special breed. For those not picky on the type of hamster they get, Animal Control and Humane Societies sometimes have abandoned pet hamsters for a discount price.

    Free Hamsters

    Prospective hamster owners can save money on the cost of a hamster by getting one for free from the classified section of their local newspaper, or from one of the numerous online classified sites. However, most of the hamsters given away for free are common short haired teddy bear hamsters; those wanting a long haired or dwarf hamster may not be able to find one for free. Free hamsters are also usually older and may not have much life left.

    Caring For A Hamster

    Hamsters are not extremely hard to care for; however, they do take a daily commitment of feeding, watering and attention, and do cost about $3-$4 a week to maintain. Generally, hamsters do not need to visit a veterinarian during their life; they do not require vaccinations or neutering the way larger pets do. However, they do require a good quality food, fresh fruits and vegetables regularly and a multi-vitamin for rodents to help them have a healthy happy life. They also require a clean safe habitat to live in and some chew toys and things to exercise on. Part of caring for a hamster also includes giving it attention and socialization each day. Prospective hamster owners should be willing to commit an hour or two daily to caring for their pet and be able to spend around $15 a month for hamster food and supplies.

    How Much Does A Human Hamster Ball Cost?

    Human hamster balls are inflatable spheres that people get inside of, and are used on both water and land. Human hamster balls are fun recreational equipment that people can roll around and race in; there are numerous organizations that hold human hamster ball races. The cost of a hamster ball for humans ranges from $200-$4000; however, the average price is around $2000.  Most human hamster balls come with the inflatable sphere, patch kit and a pump to inflate the ball. Some kits are sold with two inflatable balls. Human hamster balls can be purchased at some sporting stores, department stores and online.

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