How Much Does A Hedgehog Cost?

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    Hedgehog prices vary from $20-$400.  Prices vary depending on location, where the hedgehog is purchased from, and the gender, age, coloration, facial pattern and markings of the animal. Female hedgehogs are usually more expensive than male hedgehogs. Algerian black hedgehogs and salt and pepper hedgehogs are rarer than brown, white, chocolate and albino hedgehogs so they usually cost $50-$100 more. The pattern on the hedgehog’s spine and its facial markings both affect the cost of a hedgehog; hedgehogs with rarer spine marking and unique facial masks tend to cost more than those with more common markings and facial masks.

    On top of the cost of the hedgehog, prospective hedgehog owners will have to invest in some hedgehog starter supplies. Before bringing a hedgehog home, owners should have a cage, food, food bowl, tubes and/or boxes, exercise wheel made for hedgehogs and a litter box and litter. Average hedgehog starter supplies cost $100-$200. Most hedgehog owners spend about $20-$30 monthly on maintaining their pet.

    Average Cost Of A Hedgehog

    The average cost of a hedgehog is around $100; however, hedgehog prices vary from $20-$400. The average price of a hedgehog from a pet store tends to be less than the average price paid at a breeder. The average cost of a hedgehog from a pet store is usually $40-$150. Average hedgehog prices at breeders are usually $150-$400. Hedgehogs from a breeder usually come with a veterinarian certificate of good health. Hedgehogs can also be purchased from classified ads in the newspaper or on classified ad sites. The cost of pre-loved older hedgehogs is around $20-$50.

    The average cost of hedgehog starter supplies is $100-$200 depending on how big and/or fancy of cage is purchased. The average cost of maintaining a hedgehog is around $20-$30 a month or $240-$360 a year; however, if the hedgehog becomes ill or has an accident, veterinarian costs could be as much as $500 or more.

    Pet Hedgehog Price

    Pet hedgehog prices range from $20-$400. However, most people spend about $100 on their hedgehog. Prices vary per location, where the hedgehog is purchased from, the age and gender of the animal and its coloration, markings and facial mask.

    Female hedgehogs cost about $25 more than male hedgehogs. Pet hedgehog prices are more expensive for young hedgehogs than older hedgehogs. Pet hedgehog prices are more expensive for Algerian black and salt and pepper hedgehogs than the more common brown, white, chocolate or albino hedgehogs. Pet hedgehog prices are higher for hedgehogs with pronounced snowflake markings along their spine and for hedgehogs with unique and outstanding facial masks. The cost of a pet hedgehog is usually less from a pet store than from a breeder. Older pet hedgehogs can occasionally be purchased at a discounted price from the classified ads in newspapers, on classified ad websites and from animal shelters.

    African Pygmy Hedgehog Cost

    The African pygmy hedgehog is the most common type of hedgehog sold as a pet. Average African pygmy hedgehog cost is around $150; however, they range in price from $20-$400. Price varies per location and from where they are bought. Prices are usually higher at a breeder than at a pet store.

    Pet Hedgehog Cage

    A single hedgehog requires a cage that is a minimum of two square feet in size; however, a bigger cage would be better. From a pet store, a cage for a pet hedgehog costs $40-$200, depending on size and style. Cages can occasionally be bought second hand for $20-$50. Some pet stores sell hedgehog starter kits that include the cage and basic supplies like shaving, food and a water bottle. A starter kit for a hedgehog costs $60-$200. Purchasing a starter kit will usually save new hedgehog owners $20-$30 over the price of buying the cage and supplies individually. Hedgehog starter kits usually do not include a hiding box and exercise wheel for the hedgehog so owners will have to purchase them separately; an exercise wheel for hedgehogs costs around $20 and a hedgehog house or hideaway costs $10-$25.

    Feeding A Hedgehog

    New hedgehog owners may want to know how to feed a hedgehog. Hedgehogs are omnivores, which means that they eat both meat, and fruits and vegetables.

    Hedgehogs should be fed a dry food made especially for hedgehogs or a high quality cat or kitten food, plus some fresh fruit and vegetables daily. Hedgehogs can also be fed cooked meat, crickets and mealworms as an occasional treat. Hedgehog food costs around $10 a bag; while a same size bag of high quality cat food costs $5-$7. A bottle of freeze-dried crickets and mealworms costs $8-$12. Most hedgehog owners spend $10-$20 a month on feeding their hedgehog.

    Buying A Hedgehog

    Buying a hedgehog as a pet is an exciting experience, but not one to be rushed into. Before buying a hedgehog as a pet it is best to already have all the hedgehog supplies and have the cage set up and ready. Hedgehog prices and quality vary greatly, so it is best to shop around and do some research. Generally, the cost of a hedgehog is more at a breeder than at a pet store, but breeders usually have healthy and better quality hedgehogs than pet stores do.

    Where To Buy A Pet Hedgehog

    Hedgehogs can be purchased from a pet store, a breeder, classified ads and occasionally from animal shelters. Average hedgehog cost at a breeder is $150-$400. Average hedgehog prices at pet stores are $40-$150. The average cost of a hedgehog bought from classified ads is $20-$50, while the average price of a hedgehog from an animal shelter is around $20-$30. Generally, hedgehogs bought from an animal shelter or classified ads are older, while those bought from breeders and pet stores are very young.

    Veterinary Costs

    Hedgehogs do not require vaccinations like cats and dogs do, nor do they need to be spayed or neutered. However, they should be taken to a veterinarian when they are first purchased and every year after to help ensure they remain in good health. A basic veterinarian check up for a hedgehog costs $30-$60, depending on location and the veterinarian clinic. Like any pet, hedgehogs should be taken to a veterinarian if they become ill or have an accident. Veterinarian costs for an ill or injured hedgehog can range from $100-$1000 depending on how seriously they are injured or sick. Hedgehogs have a high risk of developing cancer and should be checked regularly for any developing lumps.

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