How Much Does A Hot Tub Cost?

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    Hot tub prices range from $2000-20,000 with installation. Prices vary depending on the size, make and style of tub. Costs also vary per location and from where the hot tub is purchased. In addition, prices are affected by what features the hot tub comes with. Above ground hot tubs cost less than in-ground tubs cost. Above ground hot tubs cost $2000-$10,000 with installation. In-ground tubs cost $6000-$20,000 with installation.

    Average Cost Of A Hot Tub

    Hot tubs come in a variety of different sizes and styles. Hot tub sizes range from two person to ten person. Average two person above ground hot tub prices range from $2000-$3500. Average three person above ground tubs cost $2500-$5000. Average four person above ground tubs cost from $3000-$5000. Average five to six person above ground hot tub prices range from $4000-$6500. Average seven person above ground tubs cost from $5000-$7000. Average eight person above ground hot tub cost ranges from $5000-$7500. Average ten person above ground hot tub prices range from $6000-$10,000. Average two to four person in-ground tubs cost $6000-$8000. Average five to seven person in-ground tubs cost $8000-$12,000. Average ten person in-ground tubs cost $15,000-$20,000.

    Inground Hot Tub Cost

    Inground hot tub prices are far higher than above ground hot tub prices. Prices are higher due to the installation cost of installing an inground hot tub. Inground hot tub installation requires preparation of the ground for the tub, and plumbing and electrical work. Homeowners could install an inground hot tub themselves; however, few homeowners have all the required needed skills to install one completely. There are two different types of inground hot tubs; homeowners can chose from having the hot tub custom made or buying a pre-made hot tub shell. Custom-made inground hot tubs cost more than pre-fabricated hot tubs. The average cost of a custom-made inground hot tub is $15,000-$20,000 fully installed. The average cost of a pre-fabricated hot tub is $6000-$15,000 with installation. Maintaining an inground hot tub costs around $100 per month.

    Hot Tub Repair Cost

    Hot tub repair cost varies greatly depending on the extent of repair needed, the cost of replacement parts and the repair company. Hot tub repair costs also depend on whether the hot tub is under warranty or partial warranty. Most hot tub repairs cost $50-$200; however, repair costs can be as high as $1000-$2000 depending on what the problem is.

    Hot Tub Removal Cost

    Hot tub removal cost ranges from $200-$500 depending on location, the size of hot tub and the hot tub removal company. Hot tub removal costs include labor and dump fees. Homeowners can save money and do the job themselves if they have all the necessary tools, or homeowners could give the old hot tub away for free and have the recipient remove it. However, if homeowners remove the hot tub themselves or let a non-professional remove it, they may end up with household damages that a professional would not cause.

    Other Hot Tub Costs

    On top of the hot tub, hot tub owners will have to purchase several hot tub supplies to keep their hot tub looking good and running smoothly. Hot tubs require covers, chemicals, pumps and other similar items. Hot tub chemicals cost from $10-$80 a month depending on the size of tub, how often it is used and the type and brand of chemicals that are used. Hot tub lids range in price from $100-$1000, depending on the size and quality of the cover. Hot tub owners will also need to purchase monthly maintenance supplies like waterline remover, defoamer, water clarifier and hot tub cover cleaner; monthly maintenance supplies cost $5-$10 a month. Hot tub owners also will need to purchase things like hot tub filter cartridges; hot tub filters cost $35-$90 depending on the type and brand. In addition, hot tub owners may need to replace hot tub parts like heating elements, switches and pumps.

    Buying A Hot Tub – Buying Tips

    Buying a hot tub can be a fun and exciting experience for homeowners. Hot tubs are good investments; not only do they add enjoyment to the homeowner’s leisure time; they increase the value of the home. Purchasing a hot tub is a serious decision; homeowners should give thought to where the hot tub will be placed and how large of a tub they want. When considering hot tub size, homeowners should also keep in mind that the larger the tub the higher the hot tub maintenance cost will be. When going out hot tub shopping, homeowners should wear a swimsuit under their clothes so they can try out some of the in-store hot tubs. Hot tub repairs can be costly, so look for a tub that comes with a good warranty that covers both parts and labor. In addition, homeowners are best to purchase their hot tub from somewhere that delivers, as most people do not have an appropriate vehicle to bring one home. Buying a hot tub is much like buying a car; shop around, try some out and do not be afraid to barter with the salesperson.

    Hot Tub Installation Cost

    Installation costs range from $1000-$10,000 depending on the size and type of hot tub. Hot tub installation cost for an above ground tub costs from $2000-$4000. Hot tub installation cost for inground hot tubs cost from $4000-$10,000. The cost is also affected by whether the hot tub is installed indoors or outdoors. Indoor installation costs more than outdoor installation. Outdoor installation costs are less due to outdoor hot tubs being easier to install than indoor hot tubs. Hot tub installation cost include things like preparing the ground for the hot tub, plumbing and electricity.

    How Much Does It Cost To Run A Hot Tub?

    Hot tubs require monthly maintenance. Hot tub owners will need to add chemicals to the hot tub water, keep it heated and clean, and change the tub’s water every three months. Hot tub maintenance cost includes the cost of electricity to run the heat and pumps on the hot tub, the cost of water to refill it, and the cost of hot tub cleaning supplies and water chemicals. Hot tub maintenance cost ranges from $30-$120 per month depending on the size of the tub, local electricity prices and how well the hot tub is insulated. Hot tub maintenance cost is also affected by the quality of the hot tub cover; a good quality cover saves hot tub owners money on heating cost and prolongs the life of the tub. Hot tub maintenance cost is $10-$30 monthly for electricity, $20-$80 for chemicals and $5-$10 for miscellaneous cleaning supplies and other necessities.

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