How Much Does A Savannah Cat Cost?

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    The Savannah cat is a relatively new breed that was created by crossing domestic cats with an African Serval. Due to their wildcat ancestors, Savannah cats are difficult to breed and very expensive. Savannah cat cost is more than any other domestic cat breed.

    Like all cat breeds, Savannah cat price depends on location, the breeder and the quality of the cat. However, the Savannah cat cost also varies depending on how far removed the cats are from their wildcat ancestor. Savannah cats are rated depending on how many generations they are removed from the Serval. An F1 cat is approximately 50% Serval, an F2 cat is about 35% Serval, an F3 cat is about 15% Serval, while an F4 or higher is below 15% wildcat. An F1 cat costs the most with prices ranging from $6000-$22,000, F2 cats cost from $4000-$16,000, F3 Savannah cat prices range from $2500-$6000, and F4 or higher Savannah cat cost ranges between $500 and $4000. Male F1 and F2 cats tend to cost more than female F1 and F2 cats. Show/breeding quality cats are considerably higher priced than pet quality Savannah cats. F4 and higher cats make the best pets; average F4 or higher Savannah cat cost is around $1500 for a pet quality cat. Adult Savannah cats can occasionally be purchased from a breeder or rescue; adult Savannah cat cost is usually around $200-$500.

    Savannah Cat Price Range

    Savannah cat cost ranges from $150-$20,000, depending on whether the cat is purchased from a breeder or a rescue, the age of the cat, how many generations away from the Serval the cat is and the quality of the cat. Savannah cat cost also varies per location and breeder. Most people wanting to add a Savannah cat to their family will want to purchase an F4 or higher cat as they make far better pets. F4 or higher Savannah cat price ranges from as little as $500 to as high as $4000.

    Savannah Kittens Cost

    Savannah kittens cost far more than adult cats cost. Savannah kittens from a breeder range in price from $500-$20,000. Savannah kittens can occasionally be adopted from a Savannah cat rescue for around $400; however, Savannah kittens are rarely available from a cat rescue and perspective owners may have to wait years before one is available. Most breeders sell their kittens with their first set of vaccines and many breeders sell pet quality Savannah kittens either spayed or neutered or with a no-breeding contract. Some breeders also have the kittens microchipped before they are sold.

    F1-F4 Savannah Cat Price

    Savannah cat cost varies depending on location, breeder, quality of cat and the age of the cat. However, the biggest variation in Savannah cat price is due to how far removed the cat is from its wildcat ancestor, the Serval. Prices are higher for cats that are only one or two generations removed from the Serval. An F1 Savannah cat is about 50-55% Serval – it is the most expensive of Savannah cats. F1 Savannah cat price ranges between $6000 and $22,000. An F2 Savannah cat is around 35% Serval; the cost of an F2 cat is $4000-$16,000. Male F1 and F2 cats tend to cost more than Female F1 and F2 Savannah cats. F3 cats are about 15% Serval; F3 Savannah cat cost ranges between $2500 and $6000. Savannah cats that are F4 and higher have less than 15% Serval in them. They are the least expensive of the Savannah cats, and they range in price from $500-$4000. F4 and higher Savannah cats make better pets than F1 or F2 cats.

    Serval Cat Prices

    Exotic house cats tend to be more expensive than normal domestic house cats. Serval cat prices range from $1500-$12,000, depending on the location, breeder, quality of the cat and whether the cat comes with breeding rights or not.

    Average Serval cat prices for Serval cats without breeding rights are around $2000, while average Serval cat prices for Serval cats with breeding rights are around $10,000. Exotic cats for sale are not extremely common, so prospective owners often have to pay for the cat to be shipped to them. Having exotic house cats shipped can cost $200-$400, depending on how far they are being shipped and the method of shipping that is used. Serval cats and other exotic house cats are not legal in some areas; prospective owners should check their local bi-laws before they purchase one.

    Savannah Cat Breeders

    Purchasing a Savannah cat from a breeder is far more expensive than adopting one from a rescue. This is especially true for kittens. Savannah cat prices for a kitten from a breeder range from $500-$20,000, while most rescues charge around a $400 adoption fee.

    Most breeders will occasionally have adult Savannah cats that have been retired from breeding for sale. Adult Savannah cat prices from a breeder are usually about that same or slightly more than the price of Savannah cats adopted from a cat rescue.

    Savannah Cat Adoption

    There are not a lot of Savannah cat rescues as Savannah cats are expensive and rare and are not commonly abandoned or in need of rescuing. However, a few Savannah cats are surrendered to rescues each year as owners pass on, become ill or simply cannot take care of their cat any more. Savannah cat rescues also take in the occasional Savannah cat that has been neglected or abused. The cost of a Savannah cat from a rescue ranges from $150-$400; however, Savannah kittens and young cats may cost $100-$200 more. Savannah cat prices at rescues vary depending on the age of the cat and whether the cat needed veterinarian care before it was adopted. The Savannah cat cost of a Savannah kitten purchased from a rescue is less than the cast of a Savannah kitten bought from a breeder. Savannah kitten prices at rescues are usually several hundred or even several thousand dollars cheaper than prices at breeders. However, the adult Savannah cat price paid at a rescue is similar or slightly less than the adult Savannah cat price paid at a breeder.

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