How Much Does An Eye Exam Cost?

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    An eye exam should be done by a registered optometrist. Eye exams help to diagnose and correct vision problems and eye disease. The cost of a basic eye exam is around $40-$150. Eye exams at optical centers at retail stores like Walmart or Costco are usually cheaper than eye exams at an optometrist office. Basic eye exam cost at an optical center at a retail stores is around $50-$60, while the cost at an optometrist office is around $100-$150. The cost of an eye exam is increased if additional tests need to be done. The cost of an eye dilation test is around $20 and the cost of an Optos retinal exam is around $30. Patients that want contact lenses will also have to pay for a contact lens fitting; contact lens fitting costs $40-$150. In addition, there may be an extra $50-$100 charge for new patients. Most insurance plans cover at least some of the cost of an eye exam. In the United States, the cost of eye exams is similar throughout the entire country.

    Average Cost Of An Eye Exam

    Average eye exam cost is around $60 for a basic exam; however, eye exam cost can be as high as $150.  The cost is less at large retail stores like Walmart or Costco than at an optometrist’s office. Average eye exam cost at an optometrist’s office is around $100-$150. The cost at an optical center at a large retail store like Walmart or Costco is around $50-$60. Average eye exam cost does not cover extra tests like an eye dilation test or an Optos retinal exam. The average cost of a dilation test is around $20 and the average cost of an Optos retinal exam is around $30.

    Eye Exam Cost Without Insurance

    The cost of an eye exam ranges from $40-$150 without insurance. The average cost of an eye exam without insurance is around $60. Most health insurance companies give at least partial coverage for eye exams. Some optometrists give a discount to patients that have no insurance, to the elderly, low-income families and to those that pay in cash. Health insurance coverage for eye exams varies per insurance company and plan; eye exam coverage ranges from 15%-100%. With insurance, eye exam cost ranges from free to $100. The average cost of an eye exam with insurance is around $10-$20.

    Online Eye Exams

    There are numerous online eye exams. Some online eye exams are just games and are not a reliable way to test a person’s vision; however, there are some online eye exam sites that offer a good first assessment of a person’s vision. There are two different types of online eye exams – a focal vision exam and a color blindness exam. Online eye exam cost is usually free. An online eye exam can be a helpful tool for judging if you need an eye exam; however, it is not a substitute for going to an optometrist.

    Walk In Eye Exams

    Some eye clinics, especially those in large retail stores like Walmart and Costco, offer walk-in eye exams. Walk in eye exams are when an appointment is not necessary to see an optometrist. Most people will wait 20-30 minutes for a walk in appointment; however, some waits for a walk in eye exam can be as long as an hour or two, depending on how busy the optometrist is. Walk in eye exams cost the same as eye exams done when an appointment has been set. Most private optometrist offices do not allow for walk in patients, an appointment will need to be set.

    LensCrafters Eye Exam Cost

    LensCrafters eye exam cost varies per location. Each LensCrafters store has an optometrist’s office next door and each optometrist sets his or her own price for eye exams. However, most optometrists that work with LensCrafters charge about $50-$75 for an eye exam. Vision Works and Eye Masters charge a very similar rate to LensCrafters. Eye Masters eye exam cost is around $50. Vision Works eye exam cost is around $60. LensCrafters eye exams can be booked online.

    Eye Exam Coupons

    To help decrease the cost of an eye exam many companies offer eye exam coupons. These coupons can be found online, in newspapers and in the mail. Eye exam coupons are available for eye exam clinics like LensCrafters, Pearle Vision, Walmart Vision Center and JC Penny Optical Center. Many of these coupons can be redeemed for a free eye exam. Many optical centers also offer coupons that can be redeemed for 10%-30% off eyeglass purchases.

    How Often Should You Have An Eye Exam?

    It is recommended by optometrists that everyone have an eye exam every two years. Children should have their first eye exam at six months of age, and then again at three years of age; after that they should have an eye exam every two years. Having eye exams regularly helps to ensure early detection of disease or eye problems, and many vision problems can be stopped from getting worse or even corrected if detected early. Regular eye exams are very important for people with diabetes as they are at a high risk of developing eye disease. People should also have an eye exam if they are straining to see or having serious eye pain or headaches.

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