How Much Does Chimney Repair Cost?

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    Chimney Inspection Cost

    Chimney inspection cost varies depending on the type of chimney, the type of inspection and if any repairs are needed for the chimney. Most chimney inspections include a chimney sweep and at least minor repairs. Chimney inspection costs also vary per location. There are different levels of chimney inspection.

    A level-one inspection costs $80-$200; a level one inspection includes a chimney sweep. A level two inspection costs $140-$500; a level two inspection includes a chimney sweep and minor repairs. A level three inspection costs $3000-$7000; a level three inspection includes a chimney sweep, major repairs or rebuilding the chimney if needed. Chimney inspection for a custom made chimney costs more than a standard chimney inspection. Chimney inspection and repair costs for a custom-made chimney can be as high as $15,000. In the United States, the average chimney inspection and chimney repair is cheaper in states with a low cost of living than in states with a high cost of living.

    Chimney Crown Repair Cost

    Chimney crown repair cost varies depending on the type of chimney and the extent of the damage that needs to be repaired. Chimney repair costs for chimney crowns range from $1000-$5000. The average chimney repair cost for a chimney crown is $1000-$2000. Custom made chimneys usually garner higher costs than standard chimneys do. Chimney repair cost for chimney crowns varies per location and chimney repair company.

    Chimney Flue Repair Cost

    The average cost for chimney flue repair is $600-$1300; however, costs vary depending on the type of chimney flue and on the extent of damage that needs to be repaired. Chimney repair cost for chimney flues is cheaper for small chimneys than for large chimneys. Chimney repair cost for chimney flues also varies per location and repair company.

    Chimney Flashing Repair Cost

    Chimney flashing repair cost varies from $200-$900; however, the average cost for chimney flashing repair is $300-$600.  The cost for chimney flashing repairs varies depending on the extent of the damage that needs to be repaired and the size of the chimney. Smaller chimneys are usually around $200-$400 while the cost for large chimneys is around $600-$900.

    Chimney Repointing Cost

    Chimney repointing costs range from $3-$12 per square foot. Chimney repointing cost for standard chimneys is around $3-$6 per square foot, while costs for a custom-made chimney are around $8-$12 per square foot. A standard 50 square foot chimney would cost around $250 to have repointed. Chimney repointing cost varies per location.

    Chimney Tuckpointing Cost

    Chimney tuckpointing costs range from $200-$1000. Chimney tuckpointing cost is greatly affected by the size of the chimney. Chimney tuckpointing costs for small chimneys are $200-$300, for medium or average size chimneys $400-$600, and for large chimneys $800-$1100. Chimney tuckpointing prices are usually $50-$100 higher for custom-made chimneys than for standard chimneys.

    Chimney Removal Cost

    The cost of chimney removal varies per location and the chimney removal company. Chimney removal cost also varies depending on the size of chimney. Chimney removal cost ranges from $600-$1600. Chimney removal cost for small chimneys is $600-$900, for medium size chimneys $800-$1200, and for large chimneys $1000-$1600.

    Chimney Rebuild Cost

    Chimney rebuilding costs are higher than chimney repair costs; however, sometimes chimneys are so badly damaged that repairing them is not feasible.

    The cost of rebuilding a chimney ranges from $2000-$5000. Chimney rebuildng costs vary depending on the size of chimney and what material is used in its reconstruction. Custom made chimneys cost more to rebuild than standard chimneys do. Custom made chimney rebuilding costs around $1000-$4000 more than standard chimney rebuilding does.

    New Chimney Cost

    Chimney replacement cost can be quite expensive; however, replacement may be necessary if the existing chimney is damaged beyond repair. The cost of a replacement chimney ranges from $2000-$17,000. The average cost of a small replacement chimney is $2000-$5000. Average new chimney cost for a medium size chimney is $3000-$7000. The average cost of a large chimney replacement is around $6000-$9000. Custom made chimney replacement costs more than standard chimney replacement. Custom made new chimneys can cost as much as $17,000. New chimney costs are also affected by what materials are used in its creation. The use of concrete for a chimney replacement can increase the overall new chimney cost by $800-$1000. If contractors use steel in the chimney replacement, it can increase the overall new chimney cost by $600-$900. The type and quality of brick used also has a direct affect on the cost of the new chimney.

    Chimney Installation Cost

    Chimney installation cost ranges from $2000-$9000; however, the average cost of chimney installation is around $2000-$4000. Installation costs are affected by how old the house is and if the house has a pre-existing chimney or not. The cost is also affected by the size and type of chimney being installed. Custom made chimneys usually cost $2000-$4000 more to install than standard chimneys. Homes that have a pre-existing chimney have lower chimney installation costs than homes with no chimney.

    Chimney Cap Cost

    Chimney caps helps to keep birds, squirrels, bats and rain out of the chimney flue. Caps cost from $300-$1200, depending on the size and style of the cap. Chimney caps for standard chimneys usually cost around $300-$500, while caps for custom made chimneys cost $700-$1200. Chimney caps for small chimneys cost less than caps for large chimneys. As chimney caps are easy to install most homeowners are able to do it themselves, which saves them money on having to hire someone to do it for them.

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