How Much Does Cosmetology School Cost?

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    Cosmetology school offers a great opportunity for men and women to learn a trade quickly and get to work. Unlike attending traditional college, cosmetology school generally lasts less than two years. In addition the cost of beauty school is much less than the cost of a traditional college. When investigating cosmetology school costs you will find that the amount can vary from state to state and city to city. In addition, each program is individually run and offers different types of curriculum and instruction. At the same time, each state has a board that governs licensing in the field of cosmetology. In order to obtain your license you must pass a state board test and prove that you have completed a minimum number of credits. You may be able to transfer your license from one state to another automatically, but some states do require a refresher test to ensure that you meet the state’s standards.

    Average Cost Of Cosmetology School

    Cosmetology school tuition can vary from to school to school. In most areas cosmetology school cost can range from $6,000 to $10,000.

    However, the cost of beauty school can be more than $20,000 with some schools. Of course privately established cosmetology schools cost more than public schools that admit anyone interested in becoming a cosmetologist. In some cases you are given a flat rate to complete the course and in some programs you pay per credit hour just like college. If you are paying by the credit you will pay an additional amount if you have to retake a class in the program due to a failing grade. Discuss your beauty school tuition options with the admissions representative up front. You may find that you have several different options to choose from. You may even qualify for financing, payment options or grants to pay the cosmetology school cost.

    Cosmetology Scholarships

    Some groups offer scholarships for cosmetology school. These may be local organizations or businesses in the area. Sometimes there are even scholarships offered by former cosmetology students. In order to inquire about cosmetology scholarships you will need to talk to the financial aid adviser at the cosmetology school. You can also check with the high school counselor where you just graduated.  Scholarships are granted based on need and certain criteria such as grades in high school or income level. Usually you will need to apply early and write some type of essay or paper discussing why you should receive the scholarship versus your opponents. Scholarships do not have to be paid back and they can significantly cut cosmetology school cost. It definitely won’t hurt to apply for scholarships as the cost of cosmetology school can be high.

    Grants For Cosmetology School

    Finding grants for cosmetology school can be a simple or difficult task. If you and your parents fall into low income guidelines you can probably obtain a Pell grant to pay the cost of cosmetology school. However, you need to insure that the school you are applying for is accredited and can accept federal financial aid. In most cases the school will let you know up front and the may help you complete your FAFSA online so that everything will go through quickly. In most cases your school will receive your financial aid options within a few short days. Once the results are received the school will put together a financial aid package for you to review. The amount of money you qualify for may be more than the cosmetology school cost. In this case you would receive a refund for the amount that is extra. However, some schools only allow you to accept the amount that is equal to the cost of your classes, supplies, books, and cosmetology kit.

    As you can see there are many things to consider if you want to attend cosmetology school. How will you pay for the classes, supplies, and your kit? Do you qualify for financial aid to pay the beauty school cost? You should have questions about the outlook of the cosmetology industry as well. The truth is that cosmetology school cost is nothing compared to the amount you can make once you have your license. In fact, you could pay back the full amount of the beauty school cost within a few short months if you work in certain salons and locations. In the last year over 383 million dollars were spent in the US alone for hair styles and haircuts.

    How Long Is Cosmetology School

    When you are researching how long beauty school is you will find that it is up to you in many ways. Most schools allow you to attend full time or part time. You can also choose between day and night classes at some schools. In most cases day classes provide more hours than night classes. Therefore, if you attend part time at night it will take you a little while to complete the course. However, if you attend school during the day and are a full time student you could complete the class in as little as nine months. This is the average amount of time for a 1,200 hour course. If your state requires 1,800 hours you may have to attend class for about a year.

    Cosmetology School Requirements

    Each state has its own requirements regarding how many hours you should take before you can take the test for your state license. States that require the most hours will increase the cosmetology school cost that you will pay. For example, Florida requires that you complete 1,200 hours of training while North Dakota requires 1,800 hours to qualify for license testing. Each state will also have guidelines to determine how many hours you will spend on each subject of a specific task. There are several components that make up the cosmetology course. You will need to complete book work, practice on manikins, and practice on people.  In order to qualify for a license you will have to know how to cut, color, perm, and highlight hair. You will be asked to demonstrate your skills on a manikin as part of your state board testing.

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