How Much Does CV Boot Replacement Cost?

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    The CV boot is the part that surrounds the dual joints of an automobile’s axle. A CV axle (the CV means Constant Velocity) consists of two such CV joints that allow the axle to operate, giving power from the engine and transmission system to the axles that turn the car’s wheel. The purpose of the CV boot in surrounding these axles is to keep moisture and the dirt of the road from clogging the joints and damaging the axle’s performance. CV joints are generally limited to front wheel drive vehicles and a few limited rear wheel drive cars as well. CV boot replacement cost is usually fairly typical, and there is no huge variety in price range involved.

    CV Boot Repair Cost

    The repair cost for a CV boot usually includes dismantling the axle and removing the boot from the CV joints; the boot itself is an inexpensive piece, running between $15 and $25, but unless one is a confirmed do-it-yourselfer, and very knowledgeable about axles and their operation, one should leave removal to the professionals. Most dealers and mechanics prefer the straight replacement of a CV boot to repairing it, since the cost of repair is usually equivalent, within a few dollars, to the cost of CV boot replacement.  CV boot replacement cost does include the advantage of a single repair that gives the vehicle an all new part.

    CV Boot Replacement Cost

    CV boot replacement cost is usually between $200 and $400, depending on the make and model of the vehicle.  Interestingly, the older a car is, the more expensive some models are for brake jobs (not a hard and fast rule, however, since the CV boot replacement cost rule of thumb is the newer the car, the more the cost of CV boot replacement).  Whether or not the car is American-made makes a difference as well, since American made cars range about $200 to $300 for a CV boot replacement, whereas foreign models can go up to $400 and higher.

    Inner CV Boot Replacement Cost

    CV boot replacement cost is considerably lower if one is a do-it-yourself in automotive repairs, with a good working knowledge of axles and their manufacture.  If a consumer doesn’t want to pay the cost of CV boot replacement as quoted above, he/she can decide to buy an inner CV boot and replace the plate themselves. This involves very little expense, as a CV inner boot is generally priced between $15 and $25 (as listed both on Kragen’s website and; no other expenses figure in, since the home automotive enthusiast does his own installation.

    Outer CV Boot Replacement Cost

    A similar savings is possible for the do-it-yourselfer performing a CV outer boot replacement, whose price also is between $15 and $25 (according to Amazon and Kragen’s); the CV boot replacement cost figures in no other expense except the enthusiast’s tools and time.  If one is handy around the garage, the cost of CV boot replacement is reduced by some 90% over the installation price as done by professionals at a garage or dealership.

    The advantages of professional installation are manifold, however: since the cost of CV boot replacement is equivalent to CV boot repair, the removal of a CV boot, the cleaning and re-greasing of the joint of the axle and the replacement with a new boot are all accomplished with one single price charged by a garage or service station.  Also, the labor involved in replacing a CV boot is usually no more than an hour, which adds perhaps $100-$150 to the total cost of parts and materials, and the work is usually available under warranty.

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