How Much Does Dog Grooming Cost?

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    Very few dog groomers have set prices for their services; most base their price on the size of dog, breed, haircut and style requested, and on what services are provided. Dog grooming cost can be as little as $15 or as much as $200. Dog grooming prices are also affected by location, the condition of the dog’s coat and the dog’s behavior. Most dog owners get a full groom for their dogs when they take them to the dog grooming salon. A full groom usually includes a bath, blow dry, ear cleaning, nail trimming, and a coat clipping and shaping. Some dog groomers also include a vitamin spray for the dog’s coat and top the full groom package off with a lovely bow or bandana for the dog. Dog grooming salons also offer many additional services like teeth brushing, flea baths, coat highlights and toenail painting for an extra cost. Dog grooming cost is more for large dogs than small dogs. The cost of dog grooming is higher for dogs with long or thick hair than for dogs with short coats. Dog grooming prices are also affected by the style of cut the dog gets; pet cuts are usually $20-$30 cheaper than show cuts.

    Average Cost Of Dog Grooming

    The average cost of dog grooming for a full groom is around $50. However, dog grooming cost varies depending on the size of the dog and their coat type. The cost of dog grooming for dogs like West Highland Terriers, Bichon Frise and Miniature Poodles usually is $30-$50 for a full groom. The average dog grooming cost for medium sized dogs like Wheaten Terriers, Collies and Chow Chows is around $40-$60. Average dog grooming prices for a full groom for large and giant sized dogs like Bouvier Des Flandre, Old English Sheepdogs, Saint Bernards and Standard Poodles are around $60-$100. However, full groom costs vary per location and groomer.

    Dogs like Poodles, Schnauzers and many of the Terrier breeds require trimming and coat shaping to maintain their looks; owners will need to take them to the dog groomer every 3-4 months for a full groom. In between full groom visits, most owners take their dog to the groomer for a bath and trim. The average cost of a bath and trim is around $15-$20.

    Many dog owners prefer to take their dog to the groomer to get their nails trimmed instead of doing it themselves. Most dogs need their nails trimmed every 4-8 weeks. The average cost of getting a dog’s nails trimmed by a dog groomer is around $10-$15. The average cost of dog grooming is more expensive in large cities than in small towns and rural communities. In the United States, dog grooming cost tends to be highest in the northeastern states and lowest in the midwest states.

    Dog Grooming Services

    Dog grooming salons offer a variety of services beyond the basic bathing, brushing, trimming and clipping of the dog’s coat. Salons also offer nail trimming, ear plucking and cleaning, and hand stripping. Some salons also offer specialty services like toenail painting, hot oil treatments, coat coloring, teeth brushing, and highlights and coat braiding. The average cost of extra services at a dog grooming salon range from $10-$80 each. Most salons charge around $15 to clip a dog’s nails and about $15 for an ear cleaning and plucking. Dog grooming services like toenail painting usually cost around $10, hot oil treatments cost about $15, coat highlights cost around $40 and hair braiding usually costs around $30. Some mobile groomers offer the same extra services as dog grooming salons; however, the cost of dog grooming extra services is usually slightly more from a mobile dog grooming company than from a salon.

    Dog Grooming At Home

    Some independent dog groomers and grooming companies offer in-home dog grooming. This service is very convenient as dog owners do not have to worry about transporting their dog to the salon and going back a couple hours later to pick the dog up. Unlike mobile dog grooming that does the grooming in a specially equipped van, in-home grooming is done right in the house. In-home grooming has the benefit of being done in the house where the dog is most comfortable; however, it can be disruptive to the household and dog owners often are left with the task of cleaning up after the groomer leaves. The average cost of dog grooming done in the home is around $40-$60. In home dog groomers generally cost the same or slightly more than a dog grooming salon costs. However, dog grooming costs vary per location and groomer.

    Dog owners can also do dog grooming at home. Grooming tools and instructional DVDs can be purchased at most pet stores. The average cost of dog grooming clippers and scissors is around $50; however, they can cost as much as $100-$200 for the professional grade. Instructional DVDs and books on dog grooming cost around $20 each. Owners can save substantially on the cost of dog grooming by learning how to do it themselves.

    Dog Grooming Supplies

    Dogs need to be groomed regularly. Even dogs that go to the grooming salon every couple of months should still be groomed at home a couple of times a week. There are certain dog grooming tools that all dog owners should have. Dog grooming brushes come in a variety of styles; some brushes are best suited for long coats, while other brushes are best suited for short or wire-haired coats. The average cost of a dog grooming brush is around $10. Owners should always have a good dog grooming shampoo on hand in case their dog gets into something messy. The average cost for this type of shampoo is about $10; however, organic dog grooming shampoos can cost as much as $30 a bottle. Dog owners who would like to trim and cut their own dog’s hair will need to purchase a dog grooming kit. These kits usually contain dog grooming clippers, scissors and shears. Dog grooming kits can cost as little as $30; however if owners would like professional quality grooming tools the cost will be around $100-$200. When purchased individually, dog grooming clippers costs range from $20-$120, and dog grooming shears and scissors cost $5-$30.

    Mobile Dog Grooming

    Mobile dog grooming is when a certified dog groomer comes to the customer’s house in a fully equipped mobile dog grooming van and grooms the dog in the van.  Mobile grooming vans are very convenient for dog owners as the groomer comes to them, yet all the mess and ruckus is not in the house. Mobile dog grooming is faster than normal grooming salons and far less stressful for the dog. Mobile grooming offers the same basic services as a grooming salon such as bathing, coat shaping and clipping, nail trimming and ear cleaning. However, many of the specialty services like coat highlights and braiding are not available from mobile groomers. Some mobile dog groomers also do not do show cuts as they take too long. Mobile dog grooming costs range from $40-$100 per dog, depending on the size of dog and the services provided. Many mobile grooming companies also charge a visit or convenience fee of $10-$20 as an addition to the dog grooming cost.

    Dog Grooming Tips

    When looking for a good dog groomer, dog owners should speak to fellow dog owners, their veterinarian or their dog trainer for recommendations. Before making an appointment, dog owners are best to check out the grooming salon to ensure it is clean and sanitary. When owners drop off their dogs, they should be very specific on what they would like done so there are no misunderstandings. If possible, dog owners should bring along a photo with the cut style they would like for their dog.

    To help a dog be more comfortable with being groomed, owners should start grooming them as early as possible. If possible, grooming should begin when the dog is eight weeks old. Dog owners should also get their dogs used to having their feet touched so nail trimming is not a huge problem. Dogs that get used to being groomed when they are young behave better when they are being groomed as adults; the cost of dog grooming can be affected by a dog’s behavior. To help keep the cost of grooming to a minimum, owners should brush their dog’s coat regularly to keep it tangle free. Dog grooming prices are usually $10-$30 higher for dogs with badly matted and tangled coats.

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