How Much Does Heartworm Treatment Cost?

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    The cost of heartworm treatment varies per location, medication, veterinarian clinic, the size of the pet and its overall health. However, the biggest determining factor on the cost of heartworm treatment is the age of the heartworms and the severity of the infestation. Heartworm treatment cost ranges from $40-$3500. If heartworms are detected early when the heartworms are still young, heartworm treatment costs $40-$100. Heartworms that are detected early can often be dealt with at home with a heartworm medication from a pet store; however, a veterinarian check up is still recommended to ensure the heartworm infestation is completely eliminated. A basic veterinarian check up costs $35-$50. Adult heartworms are far more difficult and expensive to eliminate; heartworm treatment cost for adult heartworms or severe heartworm infestations is $300-$3500. For adult heartworms that are not extremely severe, veterinarian heartworm treatment costs $300-$1000, depending on the size of pet and the severity of the heartworms; the average pet owner pays around $600.

    For severe heartworm infestation, the veterinarian may have to perform surgery on the animal’s heart or lungs to remove to heartworms; heartworm treatment cost for severe heartworms ranges from $1000-$3500. Severe heartworm costs include medication, surgery, X-rays, blood tests and boarding at the veterinarian clinic. In cases where heartworm infestation is extreme, post heartworm treatment therapy may be needed to help the animal move again; average therapy sessions cost around $50 a session.

    It is far less expensive and easier to prevent heartworms than it is to eliminate them once they have infested a pet. Heartworm prevention medication is available as pills, tablets or in once a month drops. The average cost for six months of heartworm prevention treatments is about $30 for dogs under 25 pounds, $35 for dogs from 26-50 pounds, $40 for dogs that weigh 51-100 pounds and $30 for cats that are 5-15 pounds.

    The Cost Of Heartworm Treatment For Dogs

    The cost of heartworm treatment for dogs varies per location, veterinarian clinic, the severity of the infestation, the dog’s overall health and what treatment is used to eliminate the heartworms. If the heartworm infestation is caught in its early stages, heartworm treatments cost about $100: $40-$50 for the heartworm medications and $40-$50 for the veterinarian visit. In the mid stages of heartworm infestation, heartworm treatment costs around $300-$1000, depending on the size of dog and the severity of the infestation. Toy and small dogs cost less than large dogs. A severe heartworm infestation costs $1000-$3500.

    The cost of heartworm treatment to prevent heartworms is far less than the cost of heartworm treatment to eliminate heartworms in a dog. Heartworm prevention medication is available as pills or tablets or in a once a month drops. Six months worth of heartworm prevention medication costs about $30 for dogs under 25 pounds, $35 for dogs from 26-50 pounds and $40 for dogs that weigh 51-100 pounds.

    Immiticide Heartworm Treatment

    Immiticide is used for severe cases of heartworm infestation; it is strong enough to kill both baby and adult heartworms. Most veterinarians use Immiticide in their clinics to treat heartworm infestations. Immiticide heartworm treatments cost $300-$1000 depending on the size of the pet and the severity of the heartworm infestation. Cats, toy dogs and small dogs cost less than large dogs. Immiticide is far more expensive than Ivermectin or most natural herbal heartworm treatments; however, in cases of severe infestation it works far better than most other medications.

    Ivermectin Heartworm Treatment

    Ivermectin heartworm treatment cost is around $40 a for six months supply. Ivermection can be bought in most pet stores and online. Ivermectin is a preventative heartworm medication that also kills young heartworms. Ivermectin does not kill adult heartworms. Ivermectin is compatible in price to other preventative heartworm treatments. It is also similar in price or slightly less expensive than many of the natural heartworm treatments on the market. Ivermection is far less expensive than Immiticide; however, unlike Immiticide, Ivermectin does not help rectify severe heartworm infestations.

    Heartworm Symptoms

    The early stage of heartworms generally has no symptoms; this makes it very difficult to diagnose and treat early when heartworm treatment cost is the least expensive and the treatment is most effective. Once the heartworms starts to multiply and invade the animal’s heart and lungs, the infested animal will start to cough. If the animal is given a heartworm test and treated quickly, the cost of heartworm treatment is around $600. If the infested pet is not taken to the veterinarian for treatment, the heartworms will start to clog its heart and clogs. Once the heartworms start to clog the lungs and heart, the pet will have difficulties breathing, lack of energy, weight loss, experience loss of blood to its brain, and will usually fall into a coma and possibly die. At this severe stage of heartworm infestation, veterinarian costs for heartworm treatment range from $1000-$3500. It is recommended that all cats and dogs have a heartworm test regularly; the cost of a heartworm test is $15-$85 depending on location and the veterinarian clinic.

    Natural Heartworm Treatment

    Natural heartworm treatments cost range from $30-$200, depending on location, store and the type and brand of the treatment. Two of the most common commercial natural heartworm treatments are Heartworm Free and Parasite Dr. Heartworm Free is made from organic black walnut and wormwood and helps to prevent and kill young heartworms. However, it does not kill adult heartworms. The cost of Heartworm Free is $60 for an 8-millilitre bottle or $120 for an 18-millilitre bottle. Parasite Dr costs $40; a bottle of Parasite Dr. would last a small dog or cat about 60 days, a medium sized dog about 30-40 days and a large dog about 15-25 days. Commercial natural heartworm treatments are similar in price to normal heartworm treatments. Home heartworm remedies are by far the least expensive way to fight heartworms; home heartworm remedies cost $2-$30.

    Heartworm Treatment Aftercare

    Pets can be very much weakened from heartworms and will need time to recover from the near fatal infestation. Pets that require surgery to remove heartworms from their lungs and heart will usually need to stay at the veterinarian clinic for several days after the surgery for observation. Pet owners will have to pay for each day their pet needs to stay at the veterinarian clinic; most veterinarian clinics cost $15-$30 a day. Pets that have severe heartworm infestations may need movement therapy after the surgery to remove the heartworms; movement therapy costs around $40-$50 a session. Once the pet returns home, they will need about four weeks of rest to recover and regain their previous strength and stamina.

    Heartworm Treatment Side Effects

    Like any medication and surgery, there is always the chance of complications and side effects. Some dogs experience lethargy, loss of appetite and possibly pain and swelling in the injection site if the veterinarian gives the heartworm medication with an injection instead of orally. The most serious possible side effect of heartworm treatment is when the heartworms die from the treatment and are not expelled properly; instead, the dead heartworms remain in the animal and clog up its lungs and heart. The animal will need surgery to remove the dead heartworms or it will die. Fortunately, it is very rare that the heartworms are not expelled properly.

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