How Much Does It Cost To Install Hardwood Floors?

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    For centuries, hardwood floors have been considered a beautiful addition to any home. If you have decided to install hardwood, you know that while it is not the cheapest material for your floors, it can last for decades if properly cared for. Over the lifetime of the floor, it can be well worth the cost to install hardwood floors but how much will that be?

    What Is The Average Cost Of Hardwood Floor Installation?

    The cost to install a hardwood floor depends on the type of hardwood you will use and the labor rates in your area for flooring installation. If you decide to use a contractor for the installation and they use glue down flooring, you will probably pay around $8 to $12 per foot, although this will increase or decrease depending on your wood species and local labor rates. If they are using snap together flooring, the prices could range from $2 to $10 per square foot, and installation will probably cost around $1 per square foot. Both types can also be installed by the homeowner, which can substantially lower your hardwood floor installation costs.

    Prefinished Hardwood Floor Installation

    You may be deciding whether to install prefinished hardwood floors or site-finished floors, and be considering the hardwood floor installation costs. Prefinished flooring may add some additional cost of installing hardwood floors, but has the advantage that it is easy to install. It does not need to be sanded or finished on site, making it more convenient than site-finished wood. It’s also very durable, as multiple coats of finish have been applied to it at the factory, and the manufacturer guarantees the finish itself. On the other hand, it can be difficult to clean prefinished floors between the cracks, as the finish is not solid. You will also lose more wood when you refinish prefinished flooring. Many consumers do not like the beveled edge of the prefinished floor because it is not as perfectly flat-looking as a custom standard floor. Prefinished floors have the height irregularities of their substrate because it is not sanded flat on installation. You will also need to take out a section of flooring if the prefinished floor is damaged, in order to replace it. The nail holes may be more visible, as well. If new owners come into your home, they may not be able to find an exact match for the board color if they do not know the name of the manufacturer. As with any housing product, there are pros and cons to prefinished flooring, and only you can decide whether the pros make up for the cons.  The cost of installing hardwood floors will be absorbed over time when they do not need to be replaced as regularly as carpeting and other flooring options.

    Whether you are refinishing an existing floor or building a new home, hardwood floor installation may be an attractive option for your room. With so many colors and textures to choose from, you are sure to find a wood species that is a perfect to match for your décor. Although hardwood floor installation is easier than ever, you may decide to absorb the hardwood floor installation cost and hire an installation company to put in your new flooring. If you believe you can perform this task yourself, you can save a lot on the cost of hardwood installation and just pay for the materials. Either way, there is a great chance you will have a beautiful, long-lasting floor that adds to the property value of your home and gives you a warm, comfortable appearance.

    Hardwood Floor Installers

    If you are uncomfortable installing your hardwood floor yourself, you may want to look for hardwood floor installers, even if it will increase the cost to install hardwood floors. Since these are usually small outfits that consist of one or two people, they may be easiest to find in the home section of your local paper or through friends or acquaintances. If you visit a flooring material store, they will often have a list of installers. If you buy the materials yourself, it is easy to get three hardwood floor installation costs for labor.  Each estimate should only take about 20 minutes, as they will not be discussing purchasing materials. The estimator will most likely add 10% to your area measurements to allow for wood waste. You will also want to find out whether they will move furniture, seal off your other rooms with plastic, cut under baseboards, jams, and casing, and provide quarter round to cover the gaps between the baseboards and the hardwood contractors. To provide all the services may increase your cost to install hardwood floors, but it will be worth it.

    Installing Hardwood Floors Yourself

    There are many beautiful options for prefinished hardwood flooring in the modern market that are affordable options when looking at the cost of installing hardwood floors. Whether you choose glued down flooring, nailed or stapled flooring, click lock floating, or engineered floating, there is a product that is perfect for you. First, you will need to gather the tools for the job.  If you do not have the tools, this can add to the hardwood floor installation cost.  For general hardwood flooring, you will need a broom, chalk line, band saw or electric saw, jigsaw, a rubber mallet, tape measure, utility knife, 4’ to 6’ level, carpenter square, crowbar, hammer, safety goggles and/or mask, spacers for the expansion gaps, a taping block, and utility tops. If you are installing glue down floors, you will need ¼ inch square notched trowel, blue painters tape, floor adhesive remover, an electric drill, staple or nailgun, fliers, a 3/16 inch notch towel, flooring adhesive, weighted items to weigh the floor down, nail punch, staples or nails, and wire cutters. If you are installing a floating engineered floor, you will need adhesive remover and tongue and groove adhesive. As you can see, these are basic tools you probably already own, so this can keep your hardwood floor installation cost low.  Also, you can absorb the cost to install hardwood floors for the tools because you will probably need them for other jobs in the future.  For those that can use each of the tools and materials appropriately, you will probably be able to install your hardwood floor successfully.  Keep in mind that although you will be saving on hardwood floor installation costs, this is most likely not a project that can be finished in one day.

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