How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Car?

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    Car shipping rates are based on how far the car needs to be shipped, how big or small the car is, and the time of the year. Often, cars that need to be shipped have been sold on internet sites such as Craigslist, or through auto sales publications like Autotrader. Another reason that a car might need to be shipped is if the owner is being relocated, especially for a student going off to college or if the relocation is overseas. Families that are relocating long distances with multiple vehicles might wish to take an airplane to their new destination rather than drive their vehicles a long distance. Car transport rates in some cases are actually less expensive than the cost of gas and overnight accommodations.

    Average Cost To Ship A Car

    The average cost to chip a car from one coast of the United States to the other ranges from $600 to $1000. Vehicle shipping rates vary with the seasons. During the winter months, car shipping rates are lower. During the summer, the cost of shipping a car is higher because the summer months are the peak transportation season. There might be an extra charge if you have to have the car taken to the delivery terminal to be shipped. Car shipping cost is also higher for larger vehicles and trucks. For shipments of somewhat shorter distances, you are looking at car shipping rates of about 32 cents a mile. Car transport rates for an open trailer are less than the cost to ship a car in a closed container.

    Cost To Ship A Car Across Country

    Vehicle shipping rates for a mid-sized sedan across the country are $750 to $1000. Once again, these car shipping rates change with the season of the year. Larger vehicles, like SUV’s, vans, and pickups cost $900 to $1400. Compare this with the cost of driving a car across the country. For a car getting 30 miles to the gallon, fuel costs alone would run $400. Then take into account the cost of three meals a day and hotel accommodations for several days, and car transport rates might actually save you money. Before shipping your car such a long distance, remember to take several pictures from different angles. This can serve as proof of the condition of your vehicle before being shipped in case it is damaged in transit.

    International Car Shipping Rates

    How much does it cost to ship a car overseas? The cost of shipping a car from the east coast of the United States to Europe costs about $750 for compact cars and up to $2000 for large vehicles like vans and SUV’s. The longer the distance the more expensive the car shipping rates. Car transport rates from the United States to Australia, for example, run from $3500 to $4500. This price is from the port, so factor in the cost to ship a car to the port as well. The shipping company will contract with the car owner to get the car to port. This cost can be as low as $100 for a short distance to $900 for shipping the car from a location in the Midwest. Shipping insurance will pay for damage during transport and generally costs 1.5% to 2.5% of the vehicle’s estimated value. Before shipping your vehicle, make sure it meets the safety standards of the destination country.

    Cost To Ship A Car To Hawaii

    Relocation from the mainland of the United States to Hawaii would naturally require shipping vehicles, unless you plan to sell your vehicle and purchase a new one when you get to Hawaii. The higher price for automobiles in Hawaii would make that impractical. The cost to ship a car to Hawaii is about $1200 departing from San Diego. You will have to add the cost of getting your car to San Diego to determine your total car shipping cost. Ports north of San Diego will be more costly because of the greater distance. Be sure to keep no more than a quarter of a tank of gas for safety and also so you can drive the car to your final destination when it arrives. Remove all personal belongings from the vehicle as well.

    Enclosed Car Shipping

    Some shipping companies transport cars in containers, rather than on trailers or just strapped into a cargo hold on a ship. When shipping a car from the US to Australia, for example, the cost of using a 20 foot container is $3200. A 40 foot container is $4600. The cost of regular shipping is $2950. Using a container increases the car shipping rates, but has the added advantage of allowing you to take along many of your other belongings as well. The use of a standard 7x7x19 auto shipping container requires that the vehicle actually fit inside the container, so check this first. Many people prefer this option, however, because of the added protection afforded by the car container.

    Car Shipping Companies

    There are many companies worldwide that specialize in shipping cars over land or overseas. DAS auto shippers have been doing this since 1954. They offer terminal to terminal service and door to door service as well. With door to door service, their car transport rates include picking up your car from your house and delivering it to your new address. Some websites can get you up to 7 quotes for shipping your car, allowing you to compare prices and take advantage of the companies competing against each other for your business.

    Classic Car Shipping Rates

    Car shipping rates for classic or antique cars are higher than for modern vehicles. This is also true of more expensive vehicles, whose car transport rates are also higher. The cost to ship a car that is antique or classic or otherwise worth more than normal is due to the added expense of liability for possible damage to the vehicle during shipment. For added protection, the shipping companies use lift gates and closed containers for these vehicles as well. The cost to ship a car like this can be $800 to $3000 extra.  This extra cost is also due to the extra care and personalized service required to safely transport an antique, classic, or otherwise higher value automobile.

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