How Much Does Nursing School Cost?

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    The outlook for individuals in the nursing field is very positive. Each year there is a larger demand for nurses in the medical field. However, a nurse must complete a specific amount of school before she or he is allowed to work in the medical field. The cost of nursing school can be a bit expensive, but luckily there are many different sources for funding when you are ready to attend school.

    Average Cost Of Nursing School

    When considering the average cost of nursing school there are many factors that have to be considered. Will you attend a one-year school, a two-year school or a four-year school?

    Will you attend a state college or a community college? The nursing school cost can also differ depending on where you will attend school and the reputation of the school. Some schools charge more simply because they are well known and people want to get into the particular school. However, on average you can expect to pay anywhere from $800 to $30,000 per semester for tuition. Books usually run between $200 and $500 per semester and you can expect to pay $200 to $500 for nursing certification exams and licenses. Consider the following facts about the price and requirements of attending nursing school.

    How To Pay For Nursing School

    There are many different organizations that offer scholarships to cover the cost of nursing school. Generally, you can talk to your school’s counselor or the college advisor to get advice about the different nursing school scholarships that are available in your area. Usually there are more applicants than there are scholarships so you should be prepared to write an essay or complete a task that will help the organization decide who to choose for the scholarship.

    Nursing school grants are also available through many sources. With these grants to help cover nursing school cost you can pay for books, tuition, or room and board. The great thing is that you never have to pay a grant back that covered your nursing school cost. Many hospitals offer grants to nursing students who will agree to work for the hospital for a specific amount of time. For example, the hospital in your area might pay for you to cover nursing school cost but you have to agree to work at the hospital for two years after you graduate. This is a common practice that many nurses take advantage of.

    Federal Financial Aid is another option when you need to aid in covering nursing school cost. If you have a low income you may qualify for a Pell grant or student loans. You can even become part of the work study group at your school and get paid for working for your teachers or around the campus. Pell grants and the moneys you earn in the work study program do not have to be paid back. However, student loans have to be paid back once you graduate or quit school.

    Accelerated Nursing Schools

    If you already have a bachelor’s degree and you are thinking about changing your profession to nursing an accelerated nursing program can be your best option. An accelerated program will allow anyone with a bachelor’s degree to go back to school for 11-18 months and receive licensure as an RN. This 11-18 month period covers all nursing classes as well as prerequisites. The cost of nursing school in an accelerated nursing school program can run between $20,000 to $30,000 dollars. Of course the nursing school cost here depends on the school that you attend and the length of the program.

    International Nursing Schools

    There are a number of international nursing schools located within the US. These schools help qualified nurses from other countries move to the US. This is a long and lengthy process that can be quite costly. However, with the shortage of nurses in the US these nurses will make enough money per year to justify the cost of nursing school and the move. In every case the applicant must pay for the cost of a visa, the cost of examination in the US, and the cost of a screening process to make sure the nurse meets the quality service standards expected in the US.

    As you can see there are many options for funding nursing school cost. Investigate your options and apply for any scholarships that may be available. You also need to fill out your Federal Application for Student Aid or FAFSA to get all the grants and loans that you qualify for

    How Long Is Nursing School?

    There are several different programs that you can choose from when considering nursing school cost. If you want to hit the job market quickly you might consider a two-year program that will provide you with an associate’s degree in nursing. However, you can go for one year longer and have a diploma in nursing within three years. The next program is a four-year degree program where you earn a bachelor’s degree in nursing. Most people stop at one of these points but there are actually longer degrees you can even go after. With six years of study you can become a doctor of nursing. If you attend a technical school you may be able to get your LPN license in as little as eleven months. As you can see there are many different levels that you can complete and strive for.

    Requirements For Nursing School

    Each school has a different set of nursing school requirements and nursing school cost. In some schools you have to complete nursing school prerequisites at another college or institution before you can apply for admission to the nursing school. However, with some programs there are no nursing prerequisites. You simply enroll in school and finish all of your classes in one school. There are also different prerequisites based on the type of school you will attend. If you are going to school for a bachelor’s degree in nursing you will need more classes than if you are trying to get your CNA certification. When you visit or preview the school you will find out what they require and how you can go about covering your prerequisites.

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