How Much Does Otoplasty Cost?

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    The cost of otoplasty ranges from $2000-$7000 for both ears; however, the average cost of otoplasty is around $3500. The cost of otoplasty varies depending on location, doctor, the severity of the condition and where the otoplasty is performed. Otoplasty cost is less in small cities and towns than in large cities, and cheaper in states with a low cost of living compared to those with a high cost of living. Otoplasty surgery can be performed at a hospital, doctor’s office or a surgicenter; otoplasty costs are cheaper at a surgicenter and a doctor’s office than at a hospital. The cost of otoplasty includes surgical fees, operating room fees, anesthesia charges and pre-and-post surgery doctor appointments. Otoplasty is usually considered a cosmetic procedure so it is not covered by most insurance companies; however, if the surgery needs to be done due to a defect or congenital deformity of the ear most insurance companies will at least cover it partially. Most doctors and hospitals offer financing plans to help patients afford the cost of otoplasty surgery.

    The Cost Of Otoplasty Surgery

    The average cost of otoplasty surgery for both ears is $3500; however otoplasty cost ranges from $2000-$7000. The cost of otoplasty varies depending on the experience of the surgeon; surgeons with a lot of experience and that have gained a good reputation charge hundreds or even thousands more than a surgeon just starting out. The cost of otoplasty varies greatly depending on location. The cost of otoplasty surgery is more expensive by $500-$2000 in states with a high cost of living compared to States with a low cost of living. In addition, the cost of otoplasty varies depending on the severity of the ear problem; otoplasty surgery costs are more if the ear is seriously deformed.

    Incisionless Otoplasty

    Incisionless otoplasty costs less than traditional otoplasty. Incisionless otoplasty is much simpler and quicker than traditional otoplasty surgery. Incisionless otoplasty requires less healing time and usually requires less anesthesia. However, incisionless otoplasty is only for patients with minimal ear problems. Average incisionless otoplasty cost is around $500-$2000 less than traditional otoplasty cost. Incisionless otoplasty cost varies per location, doctor and where the procedure is performed.

    Otoplasty Recovery

    Otoplasty recovery usually takes around 6 weeks; however, those who have incisionless otoplasty surgery tend to heal faster. Once the surgery is done, patients will be required to wear a head dressing for a week to 10 days to protect the ears and help prevent swelling. In addition, patients will have to wear a head dressing for at least two weeks when they sleep. Patients will need to take at least a week off work, and avoid physical activity for three weeks; contact sports should be avoided for 3 months. The cost of otoplasty recovery includes post-surgery doctor visits, head dressings and time off work.

    What Is Otoplasty?

    Otoplasty is a cosmetic ear surgery that reduces the size of the patient’s ears or sets the ears closer to the patient’s head. Otoplasty surgery is an outpatient procedure that usually takes 1-3 hours to perform. There are two different otoplasty techniques. When an otoplasty is preformed, the surgeon makes a small incision behind the patient’s ears and sculpts the ear cartilage so it leans towards the patient’s head. The surgeon finishes by putting in a couple of stitches to hold the new shape in place. The other otoplasty technique is used for less serious problems. The surgeon makes a tiny incision behind the patient’s ear and removes some of the skin; the cartridge is folded and then stitched to hold it in place, which helps hold the ears back.

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