How Much Does Permanent Makeup Cost?

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    Permanent makeup is done by a specially trained technician. The technician implants colored pigments into the dermal layer of the skin giving it lasting color, much like a tattoo. Permanent makeup does not wash off, but it does fade in time; it usually lasts 6-7 years. However, during that time permanent makeup usually requires the occasional touch up. This type of makeup can be done on eyebrows, eyes, lips and cheeks. It can also be used to cover scars, give beauty marks and for complex repigmentation. The cost of permanent makeup ranges $150-$1200 per area. Most procedure costs include two applications, the initial application and a touch up application; however, this varies per clinic. Permanent makeup cost varies depending on location, what areas the makeup is implanted in and what clinic the procedure is done in. The cost of permanent makeup also varies depending on the experience and reputation of the technician doing the procedure; a beginner technician is cheaper than an experienced technician is. Permanent makeup is a cosmetic procedure and is not covered by insurance.

    Permanent Makeup Prices

    Permanent makeup prices range from $150-$1200 per area; however, the average cost of permanent makeup is $350-$600 per area. The average cost for eyebrows is $450. The average cost for both upper and lower eyeliner is $450, while the cost for just lower or upper eyeliner is around $250. The average cost of eyeliner with eye shadow is $475. The average cost for lip liner is $450. The average cost for full lips including lip liner is $600. The average permanent makeup cost for scar camouflage is $350 an hour. Many clinics offer package deals on permanent makeup so customers can get several areas done for a discounted price; package deals can save customers 10%-20% on the cost of permanent makeup. A touch up after 3-4 months from the initial procedure costs around $30-$100 per area. A touch up after one year from the initial procedure costs around $200 per area. Permanent makeup cost can vary by several hundred dollars per location and clinic. It is more expensive in large metropolitan cities than in smaller cities and towns, and is more expensive in states with a high cost of living than in states that have a low cost of living. This type of makeup can be done by hand or with a machine. Permanent makeup cost when done by a machine is less than the cost of doing it by hand.

    How Much Do Permanent Makeup Eyebrows Cost?

    Permanent eyebrow makeup can be done so it blends with existing eyebrows or done to give the appearance of a neat shapely eyebrow when the patient has no eyebrow hair at all. The average length of a permanent eyebrow procedure is around an hour and a half.  Permanent eyebrow makeup cost ranges from $150-$800 depending on location and the clinic the procedure is performed in. Average permanent eyebrow makeup cost is $450.

    Permanent Makeup Lips

    Permanent makeup for the lips can be just lip liner or the full lips. The lip liner helps to give lips definition, while full lip makeup gives the lips a fuller more luscious look. The average length of a permanent makeup liner lip procedure is around an hour and a half long. The average length of a full lip procedure is around two hours long. Permanent makeup cost for lip liner is around $450, while the cost for full lips including lip liner is around $600. However, the cost of permanent makeup for the full lips with lip liner can be as much as $900-$1000 – prices vary per location and where the procedure is performed.

    Permanent Makeup For Scars

    Permanent makeup can help to cover and camouflage scars. Permanent makeup for scars varies in price depending on the severity of the scarring. The average cost of permanent makeup for scars is $350 an hour; it can take anywhere from 1-4 hours or longer to cover a scar. The average cost varies per person, location and clinic.

    Permanent Makeup Removal Cost

    Permanent makeup removal is possible; however, it is difficult and expensive. Eyebrow permanent makeup is the easiest to remove, while lip and eye makeup is far harder to remove. The makeup can be removed with a removal lotion or laser surgery; however, neither method guarantees perfect results. The cost of permanent makeup removal creams is far less than laser surgery; however, it often does not work as well. The cost of permanent makeup removal cream is around $100-$200 for a two month supply; it will take several months of applying the removal cream daily to achieve the desired results. The cost of permanent makeup removal with laser surgery varies greatly per person. One laser surgery sessions costs $250-$850; it takes 1-10 sessions to remove permanent makeup.

    Permanent Makeup Problems

    The biggest problem with permanent makeup is it can be poorly done and once done it is difficult to remove or fix. About 25% -50% of permanent makeup customers are not 100% happy with the end results. It is very important that customers choose their permanent makeup technician carefully. Getting this type of makeup removed is expensive and difficult.

    There are a couple of medical concerns with permanent makeup; however, they are rare. There is the occasional person who is allergic to the pigments used in the permanent makeup. Allergies to permanent makeup are seldom seen; however, when they do occur they are difficult to rectify, as it is very difficult to remove the pigments once they are implanted into the skin. Another medical concern is the transmission of disease from dirty equipment. However, the chance of disease transmission from the procedure is extremely small. There have been ten reported cases of hepatitis and one case of AIDS reported in North America, but that is out of millions of procedures done. Permanent makeup customers should choose their technician and clinic carefully.

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