How Much Does Pregnancy Cost?

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    There are many concerns you may have when you are pregnant, and pregnancy cost is probably near the top of your list.  Whether you are paying for doctors’ appointments or decorating your nursery, there are many expenses that are both expected and unexpected.

    Average Cost Of Pregnancy

    The average cost of pregnancy is first affected by the number of prenatal visits that you make.  An obstetrician (O.B.) will need to check your baby’s blood pressure, measure the fetus, listen for a heartbeat, and answer your questions.  These visits are critical to make sure that your pregnancy is moving along normally and that the baby is healthy.  The doctor can also help fix any issues that may exist.  Expect to see your doctorat least once a month during early pregnancy and at least once a week later on.  If you would rather have a midwife, she will perform similar tasks and will cost about the same.

    You will also need to buy prenatal vitamins and healthy food, as you really are eating for two, adding further to pregnancy cost.  Your diet should consist of high-quality calories and proper nutrition, such as whole grains and fish.  These foods, along with the prenatal vitamins you will need, will be in most cases more expensive than regular food.  The vitamins are necessary to make sure that your baby is getting all the minerals and vitamins that he or she needs.

    Maternity clothing is another part of pregnancy cost that many forget.  This clothing is larger to fit around your growing baby belly!  You can find less expensive maternity clothing in thrift shops or by shopping online, although there are many stores dedicated to this time in your life.  If your feet swell, you may also need slightly larger shoes. If your feet grew longer, this change will be permanent. If you decide to buy new maternity clothing, you could pay between $50 and $100 per outfit.  This is most likely caused by two reasons.  First, there is more fabric needed for a maternity outfit than a regular outfit as your belly will be bigger!  Also, the maternity industry is a specialized one, so stores within the industry can charge more money.  If you shop online or at thrift stores or large discount retail stores, you may be able to find outfits that are much less expensive.  Don’t buy an entire new wardrobe of maternity clothes, because just a few outfits should get you through the last few months.

    Maternity leave is important for those mothers who are working.  Even if you have a regular birth, you will need a week or two for recovery.  A C-section can take up to one month for recovery.  Check whether your company offers maternity leave.  Some states offer short term disability payments for pregnancy, while others do not pay for maternity leave.  You may lose from 3 to 6 months of salary which should definitely be considered as a very important component of overall pregnancy cost.

    The labor and delivery costs must also be figured into your budget as part of the cost of pregnancy.  Even if your insurance company covers most of the cost, you will probably still have to endure some extra costs such as private rooms or epidurals.  If you have a midwife and deliver the baby at home, your cost can be reduced by up to 50%.

    Cost Of Pregnancy Without Insurance

    Many new moms do not have insurance, and this can make your pregnancy stressful as the cost of pregnancy without insurance is obviously much higher.  Going through each category of costs, this is what you can expect.  For your prenatal visits, doctors usually charge between $100 to $150 dollars for each visit.  Keep in mind that you will be visiting the doctor more often as the pregnancy progresses, so you will need these payments put aside.  A midwife will charge around the same price, and some will accept these payments for the whole span of time and delivery at the beginning of your pregnancy.

    Cost Of Pregnancy With Insurance

    Depending on where you live, the health insurance you have, and the complications of the pregnancy and birth, you may pay anywhere from $5000 to $40,000 dollars for the entire pregnancy and birth.  According to some estimates, a regular pregnancy with regular birth costs around $6500 in the United States, while a C-section can cost about $10,000.  Again, a low risk pregnancy at home with a midwife can cost up to 50% less.  You may also want to look into maternity insurance that is written up especially for expecting mothers.

    When you are pregnant, it is very helpful to have low cost pregnancyinsurance.  When you visit your prenatal doctor, you will be responsible for a co-pay from $10 to $50, increasing the cost of pregnancy with insurance each visit.  Some insurance companies may offer maternity leave for new moms, although this is not a common occurrence.  Your insurance will cover the majority of costs for your labor and delivery, although you will have some expenditure for which you are responsible, as mentioned earlier.  During this time, you will still be paying your monthly premium, but that will still be less expensive than paying for the pregnancy yourself.

    Help With Pregnancy Costs

    If you are planning on becoming pregnant, planning ahead is very important.  If your insurance coverage is purchased after you become pregnant, make sure the pregnancy cost is covered under the plan and that it is effective immediately.  Some coverage may be different for birth, pregnancy, and adoption, and they may offer different types of care for maternity, preventive care, and well-baby care.  If you are looking for a new job, be sure to ask potential employers which health care insurance they offer for their employees.

    Try to avoid changing jobs during new pregnancies, as the new insurance may not cover you right away.  If you meet low income requirements, consider going to Medicaid for help.  The insurance department for your state may also offer other low-cost insurance plans.  If you are between two insurance companies, consider applying for COBRA to help with pregnancy costs.  There are also many pregnancy insurance companies that offer maternity plans that you can apply for independently.  When this is done before your pregnancy, you will have peace of mind knowing that many of the pregnancy costs will be covered by your plan.

    What To Know About Pregnancy

    Pregnancy is one of the most joyous times in life, and worrying about the cost of pregnancy and paying for the essentials of your pregnancy can add a lot of stress during this period.  When you plan ahead for pregnancy cost you can concentrate on the delight of your new baby instead!

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