How Much Does Scuba Certification Cost?

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    Scuba diving is now a very popular sport in most areas of the world. This is especially true in beach regions with reefs and tropical fish. However, in order to become a professional or private scuba diver you need to obtain certification for diving. Learning to scuba dive is actually quite simple if you choose the right scuba instructor. There are literally hundreds of instructors and dive shops located around the world so you are sure to find an instructor you like and can learn from. Consider the following facts about learning to scuba dive and the cost of scuba certification.

    Scuba Certification Requirements

    In order to become scuba certified you have to take classes. In general scuba certification cost averages around $500 to $700 dollars. This does not include the cost of renting your gear or purchasing it. It is common for people to buy their own gear since gear for scuba diving costs around $150. After a few uses the gear will actually pay for itself.  You will also have to pay for air. The price fluctuates depending on your location, but you can expect to pay anything from $7 to $12.

    Scuba Certification Levels

    There are many different scuba certification levels that you can take advantage of.

    The first level is open water diving. However, once you have mastered the initial certification you can take classes to become certified in 8 other types of diving. Consider cave diving, deep diving, ice diving, or advanced open water diving. If these certifications are not enough you can even get certified in wreck diving, night diving, search and recovery diving, or drift diving.  You can literally learn to dive in almost any conditions if you are willing to bare the scuba certification cost and have the ambition required to complete the training.

    Scuba Diving Certification Test

    When you sign up for a scuba diving class there is more to it than just paying the scuba certification cost. You actually have to study a book, take quizzes, and complete your final exam with a score of 75% or better. Don’t worry though, your teacher will go over all the questions with you to ensure that you know everything you need to know to pass the course. If for some reason you don’t pass you can always take the test again. Don’t worry. You won’t lose money adding to the scuba certification cost if you fail the test the first time.

    Open Water Scuba Diving Certification

    Open water certification is the most common form of certification for people who want to dive for recreational purposes. Generally, open water scuba certification cost is around $350 to $450. However, scuba certification cost will be less if you are willing to train in the off months. During this time, instructors offer great deals on scuba certification. You may even find that some instructors will offer the cost of scuba certification and training at half price.

    Scuba License Cost

    You will receive your scuba diving license after you have completed each aspect of the training course. Expect to pay from $200 – $250 as an addition to scuba certification cost for the book and pool portion of your scuba diving training. This includes 4-6 hours in the pool and the examination you take after studying the rules and regulations of diving. Once these parts are over you will pay another $350-$450 as another addition to the cost of scuba certification during the open dive portion of your certification. During this portion of your training you will complete 4 certification dives.

    As you can see scuba diving training is not as difficult as you might think. In a matter of just a few days you could learn to dive like a pro. In addition, when it comes to price, scuba certification cost is not as high as one might think. When compared to other sports diving certification cost is actually very reasonable. There are a number of schools to choose from across the world. However, you need to keep in mind that the training you receive at a resort for a quick scuba diving session is not actual certification. Those classes only allow you to dive the one time. In order to dive whenever you want you have to complete an actual scuba diving training course.

    How To Get Scuba Certification

    When researching how to get scuba certification you will find that getting scuba certified is actually quite easy. You begin by finding an instructor who will walk you through every step of the process from the pool to the ocean.

    This instructor should be recognized by PADI which is the largest scuba certification agency available throughout the world. This way you will know that you are learning from a professional rather than a novice.

    How Long Does It Take To Get Scuba Certified?

    While many instructors will claim that you can get certified in three days or less the amount of time it takes actually depends on you and the pace at which you learn.  Most people take the course over two or three weekends. This splits up the cost of scuba certification as well as allows you time to store the information you learn properly. If you try to do it all in one weekend it is a lot of information to take in. However, some people are able to pass the tests on Friday and complete their dive portion of the class on Saturday and Sunday.

    SSI Scuba Certification

    SSI is a company that offers scuba certification. They have offices and dive areas located all across the world and work with a variety of clients. In fact SSI has specialty dive programs and opportunities available for people of all ages. They even set up special dive opportunities that cater specifically to children. SSI offers reasonable rates when compared to other scuba learning centers and they offer the perk of learning online before you get to the dive class. You can actually complete you reading at home and take your test before you ever start your diving lessons. This can help you get licensed faster. In addition, when it comes to scuba certification cost taking the test online is much cheaper than it is in person.

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