About Us

Costevaluation.com was founded as a resource for finding the price and value of various goods and services. However, as the project progressed we found it critical to not only focus on price and value but also delve deeper into the subject, answering questions that any consumer interested in the cost of the said product or service might also ask.

For example, the cost of any particular plastic surgery is a very important variable to consider prior to making a decision about having a surgery done. However, there are also other important questions that one might ask where cost is not the only important factor. What are the risks of the surgery? Are there alternatives? What is the procedure for the surgery? How long is recovery time? These are all questions that we might ask in addition to evaluating the cost of the surgery.

In this way, our goal is not only to inform the consumer about the cost of something, but also to answer other pertinent questions concerning the subject at hand in our analysis.