Few people consider the cost of having a baby before having one. In fact, the cost of raising a child is often glanced over as a negligible issue in modern civilization. Before purchasing a new home, people usually consider the long term costs. However, people do not normally apply that same ideology to having a baby. If people knew prior to having a child, what costs would be waiting for them in the future, the population in modern countries would certainly decrease.

The cost of having a baby starts right at the baby’s birth. If you are having a baby naturally, then you probably already know that hospital fees can be astronomical. Costs associated with birthing a child can further increase if there are birth complications that require special medical attention or even a surgical procedure such a caesarean section. Nevertheless, the happiness that comes with having a child usually offsets the costs. Many parents are less concerned with the hospital bill than the face of their new addition to the family. Although, a few months later when the hospital bill arrives on the doorstep of sleep deprived parents, it could turn out to be quite a different matter. Consequently, it is easy to see why being familiar with the cost of having a child is important. If you are familiar with the costs prior to having a child, you may be able to do research or change your health insurance before becoming pregnant.

Individuals that choose alternative methods for having a child are met with even more costs. IVF treatments to become pregnant, surrogates, or adoption all come with extra fees on top of the regular costs associated with a new baby. IVF and fertility treatments are notoriously expensive, and may require several attempts before resulting in a successful pregnancy. Similarly, surrogacy may not be successful on the first attempt, and many surrogates require financial support for the duration of their pregnancy. Additionally, adoption lawyers and paperwork can quickly drain the nest egg of many individuals who are seeking to become parents. Unfortunately, birth mothers sometimes change their mind about the adoption at the last minute, which can leave potential parents with unseemly bills instead of a new child. Therefore, it is vital for prospective parents who are using alternative methods to conceive or find a child to consider all of the options and costs before going down a path that could leave them destitute.

After the baby is born there are also countless costs associated with raising a child. Babies grow very quickly, which makes it necessary to consistently purchase new clothing after every growth spurt. In addition, if both parents are planning on returning to work, daycare will be unavoidable. Luckily, the pricing of daycare varies greatly. Finding a family member to watch your infant might be your only option in case paying for childcare is impossible. Naturally, you will also have to feed and educate your child, which can also include a variety of costs. If you insist on feeding your child organic foods and sending your child to private schools, the costs will certainly be much greater. However, it should be noted that accepting the extra expenses of giving your child an extravagant upbringing does not guarantee that they will become a positive and contributing member of society when they become adults.