How Much Does Baby Food Cost?

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    If you are wondering about baby food cost and nutrition you should know that there are several things to consider. Basically there are three primary baby food manufacturers, Beech-Nut, Heinz, and Gerber. These three companies control over 97% of the baby food market. There are other companies, such as organic baby food manufacturers that make up the remaining 3%. Many parents use baby food products and simply shop around to find the best prices. However, some parents actually make the food at home to reduce the cost of baby food. There are costs associated with either situation, unless of course you are growing all of your fruits and vegetables naturally. Consider the following facts if you are still trying to determine which option will save you money on the cost of baby food.

    Average Cost of Baby Food

    The average cost of baby food is roughly $500 or more dollars per year. Many people spend more than $500 because they prefer to offer a lot of snacks and variety. However, $500 should buy all the fruits, vegetables, and meats necessary for one year. On the other hand, some people spend much less than five hundred dollars a year by supplementing the baby’s food with homemade baby food or table food. In many cases, using homemade food can cut a family’s baby food budget by 50% or more.

    How Much Does a Jar of Baby Food Cost?

    You may be wondering, “How much does a jar of baby food cost?” There are several things that make a difference in price. For example, baby food prices in one state can be very different from the cost of baby food in another. Each store also has a different mark up on baby food prices. Some stores sell it at cost while others mark the cost up by as much as 30%. In some areas one jar of fruit can cost as little as 64 cents. This seems like a reasonable price. However, when you consider that you can often find canned fruit at the same price, puree it, and store it in containers the price may seem a bit high. After all, a jar of fruit baby food is roughly 6 ounces while a can of fruit is 12 ounces. When comparing applesauce you will find that major brands of applesauce are usually cheaper than baby food brands. For example, a four ounce jar of Gerber applesauce can cost as much as $1.86 per pound while Mott’s six packs are only $1.33 per pound.

    Organic Baby Food

    Organic baby food will cost almost double the amount of traditional brands. When you buy organic you are paying for 100% natural fruit and vegetables that are grown organically. This means that the fruits and vegetables were not treated with growth hormones or pesticides. However, you need to read the label to make sure that each product you buy claims to be 100% organic. Otherwise, there may still be some things in the mix even though the majority of it is natural.

    Cost of Baby Food for One Year

    The cost of baby food for one year is $500 if you buy commercial brands. However, if you plan to make all of your baby’s food you could cut that cost in half. If you plan to feed your child table food or the same foods you prepare for the rest of the family you may only pay less than a few hundred dollars per year to feed your baby. Baby food cost for one year will vary greatly depending on the foods you buy and the options you choose. Snacks will even play a part in the calculation of how much you will spend on the cost of baby food. If your family is always on the go you may spend a lot of money on snacks for the baby to eat in the car. One box of baby crackers can cost as much as $3 or $4 dollars.

    Cost of Baby Food per Month

    When researching baby food cost per month you could simply divide the annual amount by twelve. However, you also want to consider the age of the baby that you are feeding. For example, a seven month old baby may only eat one to two fruits or vegetables a day while a 16 month old will eat three meals a day plus snacks. You also have to consider juices and drinks as part of the budget. As well as considering the age of the child you also have to consider that just like adults each baby has his or her own appetite. Some babies may be hungrier than others.

    As you can see there are many different things to consider when you need to know about baby food prices. First determine whether or not you will buy it or make your own. If you buy decide if you prefer to buy in mini jars or whether you will buy in bulk and store the food in your own containers. All of these choices will play a part in the baby food cost.

    How Much Does Gerber Baby Food Cost?

    You may wonder what the price difference is between the biggest brands of baby food. When comparing these products you have to make sure you are comparing applesauce to applesauce.  After all, if you want to know how much Gerber baby food costs in comparison to Beech-Nut you should be aware that there are many different types of food and they each cost different amounts. On average, most brands cost a few cents less than Gerber. In addition to comparing products, you also want to consider what the product contains. For example, Gerber and Heinz fruits contain fillers such as tapioca pudding while brands like Beech-Nut offer pure fruit. Make sure you read the label to see if you are paying for fillers or pure foods. Growing healthy and Earth’s Best are two brands that do not include fillers; however, these brands usually cost 60% more than Gerber for fruits and vegetables. Growing Healthy’s dinners generally cost 80% more than Gerber but the nutritional value of these products is generally 200% more.

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