How Much Does Dog Training Cost?

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    Dog training costs vary per location, type and the training center or instructor. There are three different types of dog training classes available: group classes, private dog training and dog training-boarding. Group training classes are the cheapest. Most group training classes are an hour long, once a week for 4-8 weeks straight. Group training sessions have anywhere from 6-12 dogs in the class and are done at a training center, pet store or similar place. Dog training cost for group classes varies from $40-$250. Private dog training lessons are when the instructor works one on one with the dog owner and the dog.

    Private lessons can be done in the dog owner’s home, at a training center or at the instructor’s house. Dog training prices for private lessons vary from $25-$120 an hour, depending on the instructor. Dog training-boarding is when the dog stays at the training instructor’s house for 2-4 weeks. During this time, the dog trainer totally rehabilitates and trains the dog. Dog training-boarding is very expensive; dog training cost for dog training-boarding is $1000-$2500.

    When calculating dog training cost, dog owners should consider that many dog are not trained with just one set of classes, and may require subsequent lessons to achieve the desired level of obedience; this is especially true for dogs with behavioral problems. A few dog training centers offer unlimited classes or lifetime of the dog training deals for around $700-$1500, this cost may seem high, but for dogs with behavioral problems it may prove to be more cost efficient.

    How Much Does It Cost To Train A Dog?

    Dog training prices vary greatly from $40-$2500, depending on location, the type of training, the instructor and the degree of training the dog needs.

    There are three major types of professional dog training available: group, private and dog training-boarding. The average cost of dog training is by far the cheapest with group lessons; the average cost of group dog training classes is around $100 for 8 hours of classes. The average cost of training with private instruction is around $50 an hour. The average price of dog training when the dog is sent to a dog training-boarding kennel is the most expensive; a week at a dog training-boarding kennel can cost up to $2500. The average dog owner spends around $200-$300 on dog training costs.

    Dog Training At Home

    Many dog training companies and independent dog trainers offer in-home dog training. In-home training costs are usually significantly higher than group training costs. There are benefits and drawbacks to training a dog at home. In-home training is convenient for dog owners as the instructor comes to them, and it has the benefit of the dog owner receiving the instructor’s undivided attention, unlike with a group class where the instructor is teaching several dog owners at once. Dogs with serious behavioral problems often do not get the help they need in a group class and do better learning at home where they are more comfortable. However, training a dog at home does not offer the canine socialization that group classes offer. Dog training cost for training at home with a private instructor is around $50 an hour; however costs can range from $25-$110 an hour.

    Dog training at home can also be done by the owner using dog training books and DVDs. This is a relatively inexpensive way to dog train, but not suggested for novice dog owners or dogs with behavioral problems.

    Dog Training Aids

    There are numerous dog training products on the market to help owners train their dogs. Dog training equipment ranges from books and DVDs, clickers, electronic collars, whistles, leashes and collars. Dog training device costs ranges from just a couple of dollars to hundreds of dollars. Some dog training products are relatively cheap; whistles cost $2-$20 and clickers cost $1-$3. Other dog training equipment is rather expensive; training devices like an electronic collar cost $100-$300.

    Dog Training Books

    Dog training books are available in almost any pet store or bookstore and online. These books can be an essential tool in raising a well-behaved dog. Although, dog training books are not a complete substitute for dog training classes, they can help a dog owner understand their dog’s behavior better and help them be more successful in training their dog. Dog training books cost from $5-$30, depending on the book and the where it is bought from. These books are occasionally sold with dog training DVDs; book/DVD packages range in price from $20-$60.

    Dog Training DVDs

    Dog training DVDs can be purchased in most pet stores, bookstores and online.

    DVDs can be an asset to a dog owner who cannot take their dog to dog training classes or in addition to dog training classes. The average cost of a dog training DVD is around $20, while the average cost of a set of DVDs is around $40.

    Dog Training Schools

    Unlike pet stores that offer dog training classes on top of selling pet products, dog training schools specialize in training. These schools usually offer a wide variety of training, from puppy classes, basic obedience, agility training to competitive obedience training. Dog training schools usually have large facilities and may offer extra programs like dog playgroups and puppy birthday parties. Most schools offer both group classes and private lessons. Dog training is usually more expensive at dog training school than at pet stores. Dog training cost at a dog training school is usually $10-$30 more per hour than it is at a pet store. The cost of 4-8 weeks of group classes usually is $50-$100 more at a dog training school than at a pet store. The average cost of dog training for a 4-8 week group of classes at a dog training school is around $150-$250.

    Sit Means Sit Dog Training Cost

    Sit Means Sit has dog training centers in the United States, Canada and Australia. Sit Means Sit training centers use dominance focused techniques to teach dogs good obedience. Many of their training classes entail the use of an electronic shock collar. Sit Means Sit dog training average cost ranges from $400-$1600 or more, depending on the type and amount of training that the dog requires. Sit Means Sit offers a variety of different classes ranging from group and private classes to water safety training and competitive obedience training. Sit Means Sit offers in-home training and board and train programs. A Sit Means Sit training collar costs around $210. Sit Means Sit dog training cost tends to be higher than the average cost of dog training at most pet stores and some dog training schools.

    Dog Training Classes

    Dog training classes are usually done at a dog training center or a pet store. Group training is one of the least expensive types of dog training. Most classes have 6-12 dogs in them. The biggest benefits of taking group classes are the price, canine socialization and that the dog learns to ignore distractions. The biggest disadvantage of group training is the limited one on one time dog owners get with the training instructor. Group classes are not appropriate for dogs with serious behavioral problems or canine aggression problems. Most group classes are done in hour long lessons, once a week for 4-8 weeks. Group dog training prices are usually around $75-$250 for a 4-8 week group of classes. Group classes at a pet store are usually $50-$100 cheaper than group classes at a dog training school. Individually group classes cost $15-$25. Discount and free dog training classes can sometimes be obtained through animal rescues, dog breed groups, dog parks and other similar organizations.

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