How Much Does A Guinea Pig Cost?

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    Guinea pig prices vary depending on location, age and breed of the guinea pig, and where it is purchased. Guinea pig cost varies from free to $75. Guinea pigs can be bought from pet stores, breeders, rescues, animal shelters, and from classified ad sites. Short-haired guinea pigs are the most common type of guinea pig and are usually the cheapest, while guinea pigs with curly, ruffled, long or no hair tend to cost more. Short-haired guinea pigs cost $10-$35, guinea pigs with curly, ruffled or long hair usually cost $30-$75, while hairless guinea pigs cost $30-$60. Initial start up costs for a guinea pig are $100-$200, while maintaining a single guinea pig costs about $200-$300 annually. Start up cost for guinea pigs include buying a cage, litter, food, water bottle, vitamins, hay and toys. The cost of maintaining a guinea pig includes the cost of food, litter, toys and veterinarian care.

    How Much Are Guinea Pigs?

    Guinea pig prices vary depending on location, store, and the age and breed of the guinea pig. Shorthaired guinea pigs cost $10-$35 at a pet store or a breeder.

    Peruvian, Abyssinian, Silkie, Rex, Teddy and Texel guinea pigs cost $30-$75 from a pet store or a breeder, while hairless guinea pigs cost $30-$60 from a pet store or a breeder. Guinea pigs from a rescue or animal shelter cost $10-$35; Guinea pigs from an animal shelter or rescue usually come veterinarian checked and possibility neutered. Guinea pigs can occasionally be found for free or at a discounted price in the newspaper classified ads or on classified ad sites.

    Guinea Pig Breeders

    The cost of a guinea pig at a breeder is usually similar to the cost paid at a pet store. Guinea pig prices at a breeder are similar or more than prices offered at any particular rescue. Guinea pig cost at a breeder ranges from $10-$75. Most pet stores do not carry a variety of guinea pig breeds, so those looking for one of the rarer breeds like a Silkie, Rex, Teddy, Texel or hairless guinea pig may need to go to a breeder to get the breed they want. Many breeders will ship guinea pigs at the owner’s expense; shipping costs vary depending on location and distance.

    Guinea Pig Rescue

    Many guinea pig rescues and animals shelters have guinea pigs available for adoption. Guinea pig adoptions range in cost from $10-$35, depending on location, the age of the guinea pig and the animal shelter or rescue. Guinea pig adoption costs are similar to the cost of buying a guinea pig from a pet store; however, guinea pigs from a rescue or an animal shelter have been veterinarian checked to ensure good health and male guinea pigs often come neutered. The majority of guinea pigs available from a rescue or animal shelter are short-haired.

    Guinea Pig Supplies

    Guinea pig supplies include food, shaving or litter, hay, nail clippers, a guinea pig house, water bottle, food dish, brush and comb, vitamins and toys. Guinea pig food costs about $10 a bag, a water bottle cost $5-$10, a food dish costs about $5 and a brush and comb costs $5-$20. Guinea pig hay costs $5-$10 a bag, vitamins are $5-$10 and a house for a guinea pig costs $10-$20. Toys for guinea pigs range from edible tunnels and wood chews; these toys cost $2-$20.

    How Much Does A Guinea Pig Cage Cost?

    Cages for guinea pigs range in price from $35-$200 depending on location, store, and the size and style of cage. The average guinea pig owner spends around $80 on a cage large enough for 2-3 guinea pigs. When determining the size of cage needed, guinea pig owners should keep in mind that guinea pigs need about 4 square feet of space each to be comfortable.  Many pet stores offer package deal or guinea pig starter kits that include the cage and all the starter supplies like food, a water bottle, shaving and treats. Starter kit prices range between $60 and $200. Buying a starter kit will save new guinea pig owners $10-$30.

    Guinea Pig Bedding

    The bottom of a guinea pig cage should be covered in some sort of bedding. The bedding can be wood shavings, fleece, recycled paper or wood fibers. Wood shaving bedding for guinea pigs costs around $7-$10 for a 24-liter bag. Guinea pig bedding made from wood fibers costs around $7 for a 10-liter bag. Bedding made from recycled paper costs around $7 for a 10-liter bag. Some types of litter make better guinea pig beds than others. Guinea pig owners can purchase special bedding to make their guinea pigs more comfortable. Special bedding for guinea pig beds costs about $8 for a 10-liter bag.

    Guinea Pig Facts

    Despite their name, guinea pigs are not related to pigs that are a species of rodent. Guinea pigs come in a variety of different colors and patterns, and coat lengths. There are numerous guinea pig breeds and not all guinea pigs are bred as pets; there are about ten different types of guinea pig breeds that are bred as pets. Guinea pig breeds are: are short-haired, Abyssinian, Peruvian, Silkie, Rex, Teddy, Texel and hairless. Guinea pigs live an average of 5-7 years.

    Guinea Pig Vet Costs

    Guinea pigs do not require yearly vaccinations like dogs and cats do. However, they do profit from a yearly veterinarian check up and male guinea pigs that are housed with female guinea pigs should be neutered. In addition, guinea pigs should be taken to the veterinarian at the first sign of illness. A veterinarian check up for a guinea pig costs around $20-$40, depending on location and the veterinarian clinic. The cost of having a guinea pig neutered is usually around $45-$80.

    What Do Guinea Pigs Eat?

    Guinea pigs are herbivores. They should be fed a high quality commercial guinea pig food and some fresh fruit and vegetables daily. In addition, hay should be included in a guinea pig diet. Guinea pig food costs about $10 for a five-pound bag; a five-pound bag of food lasts an individual guinea pig about a month. Guinea pig diets should also include a vitamin supplement; vitamins for guinea pigs cost around $10.  Most guinea pig owners will spend about $15-$25 a month feeding a single guinea pig; that includes food, fresh fruits and vegetables, hay and vitamins.

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