How Much Does A Cat Cost?

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    Cats vary in price from being free to costing as much as $20,000, depending on the breed of cat and where it is purchased. Non-pedigree kittens and older cats can often be obtained free from the local newspaper or online classified ads. Kittens and older cats can also be purchased from animal shelters and rescue; the average cost of a cat from a shelter is about $100-$150. Cats bought from animal shelters usually come with all their vaccines and are spayed or neutered. Kittens can also be purchased from pet stores; pet store cat prices vary from $20-$1000 depending on the breed of cat. Pedigree cats are best purchased from a cat breeder; pedigree cat costs vary greatly and can be as low as $100 or as high as $20,000. The cost of pedigree cats varies depending on the rarity of the breed, the cat’s bloodline and whether it’s been vaccinated, microchipped and/or fixed or neutered. The cost of a pedigree cat can also be affected by whether a no-breeding contract is signed and whether the cat is show quality or not. Cats that can be used for breeding and cats that are considered show quality cost more than cats that are not.

    Cost Of Owning A Cat

    Cats live an average of 14 years, and although they are not extremely expensive pets to own, they do require a monthly financial commitment of around $50. The cost of a cat includes everything from its daily food, litter box and cat litter, veterinarian expenses, cat toys, collar and identification tags, grooming equipment, flea and heartworm prevention medications, boarding costs and things like a scratching post and cat bed. The average cost of owning a cat for its entire life is around $4500-$8000. However, those who love to spoil their cat, or have a cat with chronic medical problems can spend up to $18,000 during the cat’s life.

    How Much Does Cat Food Cost?

    The average cost of cat food for a month is about $10-$20. However, cat food costs vary depending on the type and quality of food that is purchased. Cat food costs can be as little as $5-$10 a month when a budget food is used, or cat food costs can total to as much as $30-$40 a month when a high quality food or a raw diet is fed.

    Microchip For Cats Cost

    A cat microchip is a small identification chip that is implanted just below the cat’s skin. If the cat becomes lost, the chip can be scanned so the cat can be safely returned to its owner. In the United States, it is mandatory in some states to have all cats microchipped.  Cat microchip costs vary per veterinarian clinic and location; cat microchip costs tend to be less at rural veterinarian clinics than in urban clinics. The average cat microchip price is around $50. Kittens and cats that are purchased already microchipped will need to have their microchip registered; this usually costs a small fee.

    Cost Of Declawing A Cat

    The cost of declawing a cat ranges from $40-$400, depending on what declawing method is used. The Resco clipper or nail clipper onychectomy method is the cheapest with costs ranging from $40-$200. The scalpel disarticulation method of cat declawing is more expensive than the nail clipper onychectomy method; the average cost of a cat declawing using the scalpel disarticulation method is $200-$300. Laser onychectomy is a fairly new form of cat declawing and is not available from all veterinarians. It is by far the best method of cat declawing; however, it is the most expensive. The average cost of a cat declawing using laser onychectomy is about $100 more than the other two methods. Laser onychectomy cat declawing costs around $450.

    Cat Teeth Cleaning Cost

    The average cost of a cat teeth cleaning is $200-$300; however, it varies greatly depending on the veterinarian clinic, location and whether the cat has any dental problems that will need to be addressed. Average cat cleaning costs include the IV catheter and fluids, anaesthesia, ECG monitor, dental cleaning and gingivectomy. Cat teeth cleaning usually includes cleaning, polishing and a fluoride treatment. Some veterinarians also charge a consultation fee of around $50. Cat teeth cleaning can be expensive, especially if the cat has any dental problems. Owners can help decrease cat teeth cleaning costs by brushing their cat’s teeth at home regularly. The average cost of a cat toothbrush and toothpaste is around $10.

    Veterinary Costs For Cats

    Veterinarian costs for cats vary greatly per clinic. Cat owners are best to shop around as veterinarian clinics in the same city can vary significantly in cost. Veterinarian clinics in small towns and rural areas tend to be less costly than veterinarian clinics in large cities. Veterinarian clinics run by animal shelters tend to cost about half of what a private veterinarian clinic costs. The average cost for a cat to have a basic check up is $30-$50.

    Cat Vaccination Cost

    Cats require yearly vaccinations to help prevent them from catching or spreading many serious diseases. In most places, it is required by law that cats have certain vaccines every year. A cat’s first set of vaccines is the most expensive and cost $50-$100. A cat’s first set of vaccines is usually done in two-three sets. Cats will need to visit their veterinarian yearly to keep their vaccines current. Yearly cat vaccination costs average to about $30-$50. Outdoor cats and cats that are boarded in kennels where they will have contact with other cats may need vaccines that are not in the standard yearly vaccine package; the average cost of extra vaccines is $10-$20 per vaccine.

    Cost To Spay A Cat

    Spaying a cat is when the veterinarian removes the cat’s reproductive organs so she will not go into heat and get pregnant. The cost to spay a cat varies greatly depending on the veterinarian clinic and location. The average cost of a cat spaying is $100-$200; however, prices can be as low as $50 and as high as $500. Spaying costs may or may not include after surgery necessities such as pain relief medication, antibiotics and a cone collar so the cat does not chew at or lick her stitches. Due to the serious problem of pet overpopulation, there are many organizations that offer discounts on the cost to spay a cat or financial aid to low income families to help pay for spaying cat costs. Most animal shelters also offer discounted spaying prices for cats.

    Cost To Neuter A Cat

    Neutering is a much easier surgical procedure than spaying so it costs less. The average cost of cat neutering is $50-$150; however, it can be as high as $250 at some veterinarian clinics.

    Spayed Cat Cost

    Spaying a female cat can cost around $200, so buying a spayed cat can save cat owners money. Many breeders sell pet quality kittens already spayed; the cost of an already spayed pedigree kitten ranges from $200-$800. Some breeders will also sell retired female breeding cats that are spayed for a discounted price. Spayed cats can also be purchased from animal shelters and rescues; the average cost of a cat purchased for an animal shelter or rescue is around $100. Older spayed cats can often be found for free on an online classified ads site or in the newspaper classified section.

    Cats For Adoption

    Cats can be purchased from a variety of places. Many pet stores offer a wide variety of cats, both common domestic cats and pedigree cats. Pets store cat cost for common domestic cats tends to be more, as similar cats can often be found for free on any of the online classified sites or in the classified section of the newspaper. However, pet store cats often come with their first set of shots and are dewormed. Pet store cat cost for pedigree cats is often the same or sometimes cheaper than the cost of pedigree cats from a breeder. However, pedigree cats in pet stores are usually pet quality, and are often not the quality of cats bred by a breeder.

    How Much Do Siamese Cats Cost?

    Siamese cats are one of the best-known and most popular cat breeds. Siamese cat cost tends to be slightly less expensive than many of the other pedigree cats. Siamese cat prices range from $200-$800. Pet quality Siamese cats cost $200-$400, while show quality Siamese cats cost $500-$800. Siamese cats come in four different color points; some color points are more costly due to their rarity or popularity. Siamese cats are occasionally born with kinked tails or crossed eyes; these cats are only sold as pets and are usually offered for a discounted cost. Siamese cat cost varies per location and breeder.

    Bengal Cat Cost

    Bengal cat prices range from $500-$2000. The average cost of a show quality Bengal cat is $1000-$2000, depending on locations, the breeder and the cat’s bloodline. Pet quality Bengal cats cost $500-$1000. Most pet quality Bengal cats are sold spayed or neutered, or with a no-breeding contract.

    How Much Do Savannah Cats Cost?

    Savannah cats are very rare and hard to breed due to many of them being sterile, thus making them the most expensive of all the pedigree cat breeds. Savannah cats range in price from $500-$20,000; the average cost of a Savannah cat is $2500. Savannah cat cost varies per breeder, location, if the cat is show or pet quality, the gender of the cat, and if the cat is sterile or fertile.

    Siberian Cat Cost

    The Siberian is a large cat breed that can sometimes grows as large as 18 pounds. They originated in Siberia and are moderately new to North America. As they are not an extremely common cat breed, they tend to be expensive; Siberian cat cost is on average $1500. However, Siberian cat prices vary depending on the location, breeder, the bloodlines of the cat and if it is show quality or pet quality. Siberian cat prices also vary depending on the cat’s coat color, as some coat colors are rarer than others are and more in demand – kittens with tabby marking are cheaper than kittens with color point markings. Show quality kittens with color point marking cost about $2500, while show quality tabby kittens cost about $1500. Pet quality Siberian kittens usually cost from $700-$1500. Adult Siberian cats can occasionally be purchased at a discounted price.

    Singapura Cat Cost

    The Singapura is a small cat that originally came from Singapore.  Singapura cats tend to have small litters and some suffer from a condition called uterine inertia, which may cause them to have to have a caesarean section when giving birth – this tends to increase the average cost of a Singapura cat. The average cost of a pet quality Singapura cat is $500-$600, while show quality Singapura cats cost around $800-$1000 or more. Singapura cat prices vary depending on location, breeder and the cat‘s bloodlines. Pet quality Singapura cats are often spayed or neutered before they are sold, or come with a no-breeding contract.

    Ragdoll Cat Cost

    Ragdolls are large cats that can weigh up to 20 pounds when they are full-grown. They are available in six different colors and three patterns; some colors are rarer and more sought after than others and cost more. The cost of a Ragdoll cat ranges from $500-$3000. The average cost of a pet quality Ragdoll cat is $500-$700, while the average cost of a show quality Ragdoll cat ranges from $800-$1500. Ragdoll cats with rare or exceptionally good markings cost from $1500-$3000. Ragdoll cat costs vary depending on location, breeder and the cat’s bloodlines. Most pet quality Ragdoll cats are neutered or spayed before they are sold or they are sold with a no-breeding contract.

    Norwegian Forest Cat Cost

    Norwegian Forest cat prices range from $400-$1000. Pet quality Norwegian Forest cats cost about $400-$600, while show quality Norwegian Forest cats cost from $800-$1000. Norwegian Forest cats are far more popular in Sweden, France and Norway and tend to have cheaper prices there than Norwegian Forest cats sold in North America where they are rarer. Older Norwegian Forest cats are occasionally available from breeders for a discounted cost.

    Persian Cat Cost

    Persian cats are one of the most popular breeds of cats in North America. Persian cat prices range from $400-$1200 depending on the location, breeder and whether the cat is show quality or pet quality. Persian cats come in a myriad of different colors, where some colors are rarer or more popular than others are; colors that are rarer or more popular tend to be more expensive. Pet quality Persian cat costs average about $500, while the average cost of a show quality Persian is around $1000. As Persians are high maintenance cats due to their long luxurious coats and possible health problems, older Persian cats can occasionally be found for sale due to allergies or people not being able to keep up to their health or coat care; these adult cats are often sold for a very low cost or given away for free.

    Somali Cat Cost

    The Somali cat is a longhaired Abyssinian cat. They are moderately rare cats and there are limited Somali breeders in North America. Somali cats usually have small litters, often only having 2-3 kittens. Due to their small litters and rarity of breeders, most Somali breeders have a waiting list for kittens. Somali cat prices range from $500-$1000 a kitten. Show quality Somali cats cost around $800-$1000, while pet quality Somali cats cost $500-$700. Somali cats are available in 28 different colors; red, blue, fawn, silver and ruddy tend to be the most popular and may be more expensive. Somali cat costs vary depending on the location and breeder.

    Sphynx Cat Cost

    The Sphynx cat is also known as the Canadian Sphynx or the Canadian Hairless. It is a medium sized hairless cat. The average cost of a Sphynx cat is $1000; however, they can range in price from $500-$2000. Sphynx cat prices vary depending on the location, breeder, if the kitten has been spayed or neutered, and if it is show quality or pet quality. Show quality sphinx cats cost more than pet quality cats. Adult Sphynx cats can sometimes be purchased from a breeder at a discounted price.


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