How Much Does A Sugar Glider Cost?

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    The cost of sugar gliders ranges from $100-$5000 depending on location, where the sugar glider is purchased from, and the age and type of sugar glider. These animals can be purchased from pet stores and breeders; they can also occasionally be purchased from animal shelters and found pre-loved on classified ad sites for a discount price or free. Young sugar gliders cost more than older ones cost, and tamed sugar gliders cost more than untamed ones cost. The cost of sugar gliders is also affected by the type of sugar glider it is; a common gray sugar glider costs $100-$300, leucistic hets sugar gliders cost $400-$700, white-faced types cost $300-$600, leucistic types cost $1500-$2500, mosaic types cost $2000-$3000, and albino sugar glider cost can be as high as $5000. When calculating the cost of a sugar glider, prospective owners should keep in mind that sugar gliders will be very unhappy living solo; they should be kept in at least pairs.

    On top of purchasing the sugar glider, first time owners will need to purchase a cage, food and other necessities. The initial start up cost for sugar gliders is $300-$1000 not including the cost of the animal. The initial cost of sugar glider start up supplies varies depending on location, how large or fancy the cage is, and where the cage and other supplies are purchased.

    How Much Do Sugar Gliders Cost?

    The most common type of sugar glider sold is the common gray sugar glider. The average common gray sugar glider cost is around $200; however, they range in price from $100-$300. The average sugar glider price is less from a pet store than from a breeder. The average price of sugar gliders from a pet store is around $50-$100 less than the average price from a breeder. The average cost of the initial start up supplies for a sugar glider is around $600.

    Sugar Glider Breeders

    The price of sugar gliders from a breeder is generally more expensive than the price paid at a a pet store. Average sugar glider cost from a breeder is $150-$200; however, sugar glider prices can be as high as $5000 depending on the type.

    White-faced sugar glider cost is $300-$600, leucistic sugar glider cost is $1500-$2500, mosaic types cost $2000-$3000, leucistic hets sugar types cost $400-$700, and albino types can cost as much as $5000. Breeders occasionally have older sugar gliders available for sale for a discounted price. Sugar gliders from a breeder tend to be healthier than those from a pet store; however, there are numerous bad breeders selling unhealthy animals so perspective owners should choose their breeder with care. Prospective owners are best to buy their sugar glider from a breeder that is USDA-licensed to help ensure they get the best quality animal possible. Breeders that are USDA-licensed tend to cost more than breeders that are not, but are well worth the extra expense.

    Sugar Glider Pet Shops

    Sugar glider cost is usually less at a pet store than at a breeder. The average common gray sugar glider price from a pet store is $100-$150, which is $50-$100 less than the average price from a breeder. Pet stores occasionally carry more expensive rare sugar gliders like white-faced, mosaic and albino sugar gliders. Pet store prices for rarer sugar glider types are similar to a breeder.

    Sugar Glider Cages

    The price of sugar glider cages varies greatly depending on location, where the cage is purchased and what size the cage is. A sugar glider requires a cage that is at least 30 x 30 x 60 inches; this cage size is big enough for two sugar gliders as they do not like to live alone. An average cage costs around $200-$300; however, extra large or fancy cages can be as expensive as $1000. Sugar glider cages can occasionally be purchased from the classified ads at a discount price.

    Sugar Glider Supplies

    On top of the cage and food, owners will need to purchase a few other supplies to help keep their sugar gliders happy and healthy.

    Sugar gliders require a water bottle, pouches, food dish, exercise wheel, bedding, toys and heat lamp. In addition, some owners purchase a sugar glider first aid kit in case of emergency. The water bottle and food dish cost about $5-$10 each, an exercise wheel costs $10-$20 and toys cost about $20-$30. A heat lamps costs around $20-$40 and pouches cost around $10. A first aid kit costs around $50.

    Buying A Sugar Glider

    Buying a sugar glider is very exciting; however, prospective owners should not just rush out and buy the first sugar glider they see. There are numerous breeders – some offer high quality sugar gliders, other do not. It is best to buy a sugar glider from USDA-licensed breeder or a pet store that gets their sugar gliders from a USDA-licensed breeder. The average sugar glider price is usually more expensive from a USDA-licensed breeder, but is well worth the extra expense. Before buying a sugar glider, it is best to purchase the cage and supplies, so everything is set up for when the sugar glider is brought home.

    Are Sugar Gliders Good Pets?

    Sugar gliders are clever and entertaining. They are very sociable and need daily attention. They are a good pet for someone who can dedicate at least a couple of hours daily to them. Sugar gliders do not like living alone and are best kept in pairs or small groups. They are nocturnal so they usually sleep during the day and are active at night. Sugar gliders are good pets for those looking for a small caged animal that does not require a huge amount of work, but enjoys attention and time out of the cage. The average life span of a pet sugar glider is around 15 years.

    What Do Sugar Gliders Eat?

    Sugar gliders are omnivores. They can be fed either commercial sugar glider food or a raw diet. The average cost of a bag of sugar glider food is $10-$15; a bag of food usually lasts around 3-4 weeks. A raw food diet costs around $15 for two weeks of food. A diet made up of raw food is more expensive than a diet made up of commercial food. However, sugar gliders fed a raw diet tend to be healthier than those fed a commercial food. The average sugar glider owner spends about $20-$30 a month on food.

    Where To Buy Sugar Gliders

    Sugar gliders can be purchased from some pet stores and from sugar glider breeders. Sugar gliders can also occasionally be purchased from animal shelters and pre-loved from the classified ads. The cost of sugar gliders is most expensive from a breeder and cheapest from an animal rescue or off a classified ad site. These animals are considered exotic pets and are against the law in some places. Prospective owners should check their local bi-laws before purchasing one.

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