Average Pet Sitting Rates

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    Pet sitting rates vary greatly depending on location, the type and number of pets being watched, and the services being supplied by the pet sitter. The average pet sitter rate in the United States is $18 per 20-30 minute visit. However, pet sitter rates vary from $10-$80 per 20-30 minute visit. Average pet sitter fees vary per location; rates for pet sitters are higher in places like New York which has a high cost of living than somewhere like Kansas that has a low cost of living. Average pet sitting fees are less for cats than dogs, as cats do not require the work dogs do. Rates for pet sitting are more expensive for multiple pets than for a single pet. Average pet setter rates increase if the pet owner wants the pet sitter to stay longer hours or overnight, or do extra tasks like grooming the pet, watering the flowers, turning on or off lights or bringing in the mail. In addition, average pet sitter prices are more expensive when the pet sitter is insured, than pet sitter prices when the sitter is not insured.

    Pet Sitting Services

    Pet sitters come to the pet owner’s house and take care of the pet’s basic daily needs. Usually pet sitter visits last 20-30 minutes. During a visit from a pet sitter, the pet will be fed and given fresh water, attention, and in the case of a dog let out in the backyard or taken for a walk.

    Most pet sitters will also clean up any mess the pet may have made, clean the pet’s food dish after they eat, and clean out the cat litter pan and/or clean up after the dog. In addition, most pet sitters will take time to play with the pet, administer any medications the pet needs and check the pet over to ensure they have not injured themselves while being alone. Some pet sitters will turn on/off lights to help deter thieves, pick up mail and/or newspaper, groom the pet, check the pet owner’s home to ensure it is safe and secure, and water indoor plants. Some pet sitter rates include all the extra services – some pet sitters charge more for extra services.

    Cat Sitting Rates

    Cat pet sitting rates are cheaper than pet sitting rates for dogs, as cats are easier to take care of than dogs. Unlike dogs that require at least three visits a day, cats only require one visit a day, unless they have a medical condition. Average pet sitting rates for cats are $12-$16 per visit; a visit is usually 20-30 minutes long. The average pet sitter rate for an overnight stay for a cat is $50-$100. The average cat owner can go away for a week and only pay about $100 for a pet sitter to come to their home once a day and take care of their cat.

    Dog Sitting Rates

    Rates for pet sitting dogs are more expensive than the rates for pet sitting cats, as dogs require more care than cats do. In addition, pet sitting rates are more expensive for dogs than cats because dogs require more daily visits than cats. Unlike cats that generally only require one visit daily by a pet sitter, dogs require at least three visits a day.  Rates for pet sitting dogs are usually $15-$20 a visit; however, some pet sitting companies charge $30-$60 per visit. Pet sitter rates usually include both dog walking and sitting. Pet sitters’ rates for dogs for overnight stays are usually $40-$120 a night. Pet sitters’ rates for dogs for overnight stays include both dog walking and sitting. The average dog owner will pay about $400 for a week of dog walking and sitting three times a day.

    In Home Pet Sitting Rates

    In home pet sitting is when the pet sitters spends several hours with the pet, not just 20-30 minutes like a normal pet sitter. Most in home pet sitters stay anywhere from 4-8 hours with the pet; however, they can be hired to stay longer or overnight. Average in home pet sitter rates are around $30-$40 per four-hour visit. In home pet sitting rates vary per location and pet sitter. Pet sitting prices are more expensive for multiple pets than single pets. One 4-8 hour in home pet sitter visit is fantastic for a cat, but is not adequate for a dog; dogs will require 2-3 visits daily depending on their length.

    House And Pet Sitting Rates

    Many pet owners who go away on vacation or for business, prefer to get a house and pet sitter. A house and pet sitter usually stays at the pet owner’s house the entire time they are gone and takes care of both the house and pet.

    House and pet sitting rates range from $30-$200 a night, depending on location, how many pets there are and if there are any extra services required. Average house and pet sitting prices are $40-$50 a day. House and pet sitting rates are usually about $200-$500 a week.

    Pet Sitting Insurance

    Pet insurance started about five years ago. Pet sitters that offer pet sitter insurance generally have slightly higher pet sitting rates than pet sitters that do not have pet insurance. Pet sitter insurance raises pet sitting prices by $20-$80, depending on the insurance coverage. However, pet insurance give the pet owner the extra comfort that if something happens to their home or pet while in the pet sitter’s care they will be financially compensated. Most of the small pet sitting businesses and independent pet sitters do not have pet sitter insurance, while most of the large companies like Pampered Pet Sitting offer pet insurance.

    Pampered Pet Sitting

    Pampered Pet Sitting prices are similar or slightly higher than most of the other pet sitting companies. Pampered Pet Sitting prices start at $14 for a 30 minute visit, $21 for a 60 minute visit and $55 for an overnight stay. Pampered Pet Sitting offers additional services like nail trimming for $10, house checks for $15 and backyard cleanup for $25 per hour. Pampered Pet Sitting also has a pet taxi service available for $15-$20. Pampered Pet Sitting rates are higher on holidays, for pets that need medication and for multiple pets.

    Overnight Pet Sitting Rates

    Overnight pet sitters usually come to the pet owner’s house around 8-9 pm and stays until morning. Overnight pet sitter rates range from $30-$120 depending on location, pet sitter and the type and amount of pets in the home. Average pet sitting fees are $50-$60 a night. Overnight pet sitters feed and give the pet fresh water, give them attention and company, clean up after the pet and give them play and exercise.

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