How Much Does A Chicken Cost?

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    There are about 20 breeds of chickens commonly sold in North America. Chicken prices range from free to $30 each, depending on the breed, gender and age of the chicken. Egg laying chicken prices are usually more than meat chicken prices are. Chicken market prices vary per location.

    Baby chickens cost less than young adult chickens. However, there are drawbacks to buying chicks as they require more care than young adult chickens do and will not be old enough for egg production or slaughter for several months. Baby chicks are also only available from Mid March to the end of April. Baby chicken prices range from $2-$5 each. Young adult chicken prices range from $7-$30 each, depending on the breed and gender; young adult chickens are usually 7 months to a year old.  Older chicken cost for hens over 5-6 years old, is often free or minimal.

    On top of the cost of the actual chicken, people will also need to pay to have a chicken coop and run built, purchase basic chicken supplies, and if baby chicks were purchased they will need a heat lamp and other supplies. The cost of setting up a chicken coop and run for chickens ranges from $50-$600, depending on how large and elaborate it is. The cost of a heat lamp and other supplies needed to care for baby chicks ranges from $30-$50. The cost of chicken feed, and feed and water dishes runs from $20-$60 depending on the amount of chickens. Once chickens are all set up they are relatively cheap to maintain; cost for basic care and upkeep of chickens is about $70-$100 per year per chicken.

    How Much Do Live Chickens Cost?

    Wholesale chicken prices range from $2-$30 per chicken. When bought in bulk live chickens tend to be cheaper than when bought in small numbers; depending on how many are bought chicken market prices can be as low as $0.50-$1 a bird. Wholesale prices are affected by the bird’s age, breed and gender. Live chicken prices are less for chicks than for young adults. Wholesale chicken prices are usually less for meat chickens than for egg laying chickens. Live chicken prices for rare breeds, extremely large breeds or excellent egg laying breeds are usually more than live chicken prices for average size and average quality birds.

    How Much Does Chicken Feed Cost?

    Chicken feed prices range from $10-$15 per bag, depending on the brand and type of feed. An average chicken eats a 50 pound bag of feed every four months or so; chicken feed prices are $2.50-$3.50 per month per chicken. Chicken feed prices vary per location and brand. On top of chicken feed, birds should be fed grit and a calcium supplement. An oyster shell calcium supplement costs around $5 per bag and usually lasts one chicken several months. A bag of grit costs $4-$5 per bag and lasts one chicken several months. To help decrease the cost of chickens, they can also be given healthy table scraps to eat like vegetable peels, fruit and even left over rice and noodles. During nice weather, chicken feed prices are less if the hens are free range, as free range hens get around half their food from foraging.

    How Much Does Chicken Wire Cost?

    Chicken wire is wire fencing that is commonly used on chicken coops and to make outdoor runs for chickens. A roll of chicken wire that is 4 feet tall and 48 feet long costs around $30-$40.  An outdoor run for three chickens should be a minimum of 30 square feet; it takes about 22 feet of chicken wire fencing to make a 30 square foot run.

    Chicken Coop Cost

    Chickens require a chicken coop to keep them safe from predators and give them protection from the elements. Chickens require at least four square feet of room in the chicken coop each; a chicken coop for six chickens should be a minimum of 24 square feet large. The chicken coop should be draft free, have proper ventilation, and be insulated in areas that get cold winters. It should include a perch or roosting area for the chickens to sleep on, a nesting box for the chickens to lay their eggs in, and food and water containers. Chicken coops can be made from scratch, made from a chicken coop kit or be made from a old shed or similar structure. Chicken coop prices range from $50-$600. DIY chicken coop prices range from $50-$300. Chicken coop kits cost from $200-$600 when constructed DIY. Chicken coop kits cost from $300-$1000 when constructed by a contractor. Converting an old shed or similar structure in to a chicken coop ranges in price from $50-$100.

    Chickens should not spend their entire day inside their coop; they should be allowed outside during daylight hours. Chickens can be allowed to free range or can be allowed out in a fenced area. A fenced outdoor run for chickens should be a minimum of ten square feet per chicken. To build an outdoor run from chickens ranges from $50-$200 depending on how large the run is.

    How Much Do Chickens Eat?

    Chickens eat about six ounces of food each per day. A 50 pound bag of chicken feed costs around $15. A 50 pound bag of chicken feed equals about 800 ounces of feed, so a 50 pound bag of chicken feed would last an average bird about 4-4 ½ months. A single chicken costs about $0.11 per day to feed. During nice weather, chickens that are allowed to free range eat about half as much commercial feed as chickens kept in a run do; free range birds are cheaper to feed than birds kept in a run area.

    Cost Of Raising Chickens

    Keeping chickens is relatively easy and inexpensive. Keeping chickens costs about $70-$100 per year per chicken. However, keeping free range chickens is cheaper than keeping birds that are kept in a run, as free range chickens get around half their food from grazing and eating bugs. Chickens live for about ten years – lifetime chicken prices for care and feeding range from $500-$700 each.

    On Average How Much Do Chickens Cost?

    Average chicken market prices range from $2-$3 for chicks and from $7-$15 for young adult chickens. However, chicken prices can be as high as $30 and as low as free. Older chickens, 5 years and older, are often available free or at a discounted price. Average basic starter supplies and housing for a chicken cost from $100-$400. The average cost of chicken care and food is about $5.50-$8 per month per chicken.

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