How Much Does A Goat Cost?

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    The cost of a goat ranges from free to $5000, depending the breed, type, age, gender and quality of the goat. Goats are mainly used for three purposes: meat, hair/fiber and milk. Some breeds of goats are also popular country pets. Certain breeds are most commonly used for a specific purpose. The most common types of dairy goats are Alpine, Nubian, Nigerian Dwarf and LaMancha. The most common types of meat goats are Boer, Pygmy, Spanish and Myatonic. The most popular types of fiber goats are Angora, Pygora and Cashmere. The most popular types of goats kept for pets are LaManchas and Pygmys.

    A good quality young dairy goat ranges in price from $50-$300. A good quality young pigmy goat ranges in price from $150-$400. Excellent quality champion show goats can cost as much as $1000 or more. Meat goats are generally sold by weight, so their price varies depending on goat meat prices in their area; average meat goat cost is $1-$2 per pound. The price of a goat that is old or retired ranges from free to $50. The cost of a goat varies greatly depending on location; areas with large rural communities have lower goat prices than areas with small rural communities.

    On top of the price of the goat, people will need to spend money on fencing and housing for it, veterinarian costs, food and other basic needs. The cost of maintaining a goat is about $30-$50 per month, while the initial set ups cost for housing and fencing ranges from $100-$5000.

    How Much Do Pygmy Goats Cost?

    A pygmy goat costs more than a standard size goat. Average Pygmy goat pricing ranges from $150-$500. However, neutered males, old or retired pygmy goats can be as little as $50-$100, while show quality Pygmy goats can be as much as several thousand dollars. Pygmy goats are available for milk, meat and can also be kept as pets. The average cost to maintain a pygmy goat is around $30-$40 per month.

    How Much Do Boer Goats Cost?

    Boer goats are fast growing goats that are commonly raised for meat. These goats are generally slaughtered when they are about six to seven months old (when they are about 80 pounds). The meat of a Boer goat does not taste as good if the goat weighs over 100 pounds, so it sells for much less money. Boer goat prices range from $60-$2000; however, average Boer goat prices are around $80-$150. High quality, breeding and show quality Boer goat prices range from $200-$2000. The average cost of maintaining a Boer goat is around $40-$50 per month.

    Cost Of Raising Goats

    Newcomers to goats often wonder how to raise a goat. Goats require a shelter to sleep and receive protection from the elements in, a safe fenced area to graze and exercise in, daily food and water, regular cleanings and regular veterinarian checkups and care. When averaged out over a whole year, the cost of raising goats is about $30-$50 a month per goat; this includes food, minerals, veterinarian visits and other necessities. The cost of raising goats varies depending on location, how many goats are being raised together, the pastureland the goats have to graze on and the breed of goats. Other costs include things like hay, feed, hoof trimmers, worming medications, grooming brush and other necessities. The cost of goat feed is around $10-$20 for a 50 pound bag, hay costs around $10 a bale and the cost of a goat hoof trimmer is around $15. Worming medication for goats costs around $10 a year and tetanus antitoxins cost about $2.

    Goat Housing

    Goats are very sociable creatures so they need to at least be kept in pairs.  A pair of standard size goats require at least 50-60 square feet of outside roaming room, and about 30 square feet of indoor sleeping space. A pair of Pygmy or dwarf goats require about 40 square feet of outdoor roaming space and about 15 square feet of indoor sleeping space.

    Goat housing does not have to be extremely fancy, but should provide warmth and shelter from the elements, and have proper ventilation. Goat housing can be an old shed or barn, made from scratch or can be a converted trailer or anything else. The cost of goat housing can range from just a few dollars to several thousand dollars, depending on how simple or elaborate the design is and its size. In addition to a shelter, goats will need a securely fenced area to roam around and graze in. Fencing for goats varies in cost from just a few dollars to several thousand dollars depending on the type of fencing used and the size of the area being fenced. The average goat owner spends about $400 setting up a shelter and fenced area for a pair of goats

    Where To Buy A Goat

    Goats are generally purchased from goat breeders. Breeders can be found online, at livestock fairs and farmers markets, and in the livestock section in classified ads in papers and on classified ads sites. Goat breeders vary in price depending on the type of breed they raise, the age and gender of the goat, and the quality of the goat. Goat breeders that raise rare breeds of goats or show goats have higher prices than goat breeders that raise average quality and common breed goats. Breeders that breed goats for pets usually have much higher prices than goat breeders who breed goats for livestock purposes.

    How Much Does Goat Milk Cost?

    The cost of goat milk is around $7 per ½ gallon. However, the cost of goat milk varies greatly depending on the area and if it is organic or not. An average milking goat makes around ½ a gallon of milk a day. A household that drinks 1 gallon of goat milk per week spends around $56 a month on it, while a household that owns a milking goat can produce 15 gallons of milk per month for around $40 in goat maintenance.

    How Much Does Goat Meat Cost?

    The cost of goat meat from a grocery store ranges from $3-$8 per pound, depending on the store, cut of meat and availability. The cost of a live meat goat from a farmer ranges from $1-$2 per pound. The cost of having a goat butchered is around $50. A 100 pound goat produces around 25-30 pounds of meat. The cost of goat meat when it is bought from the farmer and butchered is about $6-$7 per pound.


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