How Much Does It Cost To Neuter A Cat?

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    The cost of neutering a cat ranges from being free to costing up to $200, depending on location, the veterinarian clinic or animal shelter that is used, and whether the neutering is done using the traditional method or is done using laser surgery. Cat neutering cost is $75-$150 at most private veterinarian clinics, while the cost of neutering a cat at an animal shelter or a nonprofit veterinarian clinic can be as little as $20-$50, and can sometimes be free.  The cost of neutering a cat using laser surgery is usually about $40-$50 more than traditional surgery cost. In most cases, the cost of neutering a cat includes the surgeon’s fee and the cost of anesthesia, medication and sutures.

    Most veterinarians will want to give the cat a pre-surgery check up before neutering, and in the case of older cats will also want to do blood work on them to ensure that they are in good health. Pre-surgery check ups and blood work are not included in the cost of neutering a cat and will cost the cat owner extra; the average cost of a check up is around $30 and the average cost of blood work is about $40. Generally, neutering is a fairly easy procedure and most cats do not have to stay overnight at the veterinarian clinic, so owners will not have to pay for boarding. However, the neutering procedure is more difficult when the cat is older or obese; which may increase the cost of neutering the cat by around $30.

    Average Cost To Neuter A Cat

    In the United States, the average cost of neutering a cat at a private veterinarian clinic is $100. The average cat neutering cost with laser surgery is about $40 more than traditional neutering costs.  The average cost of neutering a cat at an animal shelter or nonprofit veterinarian clinic is around $25.The average cost of neutering a cat varies per location and veterinarian clinic. The average cost of neutering a cat tends to be less in small towns and rural areas than in large cities.

    Spay Neuter Assistance Program

    The Spay Neuter Assistance Program is called SNAP for short. It is available in both the United States and Canada. It is a program designed to help low-income cat owners pay for cat neutering costs. Cat owners in need of financial assistance can apply for aid by phone or online. When applications are approved by the program, cat owners will need to supply proof of income or social assistance proof. In most cases, the cost of neutering a cat through the Spay Neuter Assistance Program is around $25; however, cat neutering cost varies through the program depending on the cat owner’s annual income. All cats will need to have up to date vaccinations before they are neutered; however, vaccination cost assistance can also be obtained through the Spay Neuter Assistance Program. There is a waiting list to get cats neutered through the program where most people have to wait 6-8 weeks for their surgery date.

    Benefits Of Neutering A Cat

    There are many benefits associated with neutering a cat. Neutered cats usually display far less territorial aggression, are less prone to fighting with other cats, and are less apt to spray in the house than an intact male cat. Another benefit of neutering a cat is neutered cats tend to have less of a desire to go outside and roam, which keeps them far safer. In addition, neutering helps to lower the risk of the cat developing hernias and prostatic disease, and completely eliminates the risk of the cat developing certain associated cancers.

    Where Can I Get My Cat Neutered For Free?

    Cat overpopulation is a very serious problem. Numerous organizations in the United States, Canada and Europe offer free cat neutering or low cost cat neutering to help decrease the amount of kittens born each year. Many organizations like the ASPCA, Humane Society, animal rescues and other similar organizations offer vouchers for low cost or free cat neutering for low-income families, seniors, students and people on disability. The ASPCA has a database on their website to help Americans locate a veterinarian clinic or shelter near them that offers low cost or free cat neutering. There are similar databases online to help people in Canada and Europe find free cat neutering or low cost cat neutering near them. In North America, controlling the pet population is promoted in late February every year by a national spay day. On this day, most veterinarian clinics offer low cost or free cat neutering. To find a participating veterinarian clinic in their area, cat owners should call their local humane society or animal control, or visit their web page online.

    When To Neuter A Cat

    Many people wonder what age to neuter a cat. Quite simply, cats are best neutered around four months old. However, what age to neuter a cat varies per veterinarian as some feel it is best to neuter them when they are two to three months old, while other veterinarians prefer to wait until the cat is six months old. Cats should be neutered before they reach sexual maturity; most cats reach sexual maturity from six months to a year old. Generally, the earlier cats are neutered, the quicker they heal from the surgery and the happier and healthier they will be.

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