Home owners and landlords are well aware of the cost that is associated with owning a home. Expenses creep up around every corner and are often unexpected. It is wise for home owners to budget for potential expenses, even if it seems unlikely that the rainy day fund will be needed. Natural disasters frequently cause unexpected damages that are not completely covered by insurance. Furthermore, homes have many components that can malfunction, including plumbing, electricity, and basic insulation. It is surprisingly easy for any of these components to suddenly fail, and demand immediate attention and repair at shockingly high costs. Of course, it is possible to do many home repairs on your own although certain home repairs such as those involving electricity require a professional, which can be costly.

Homes also have major costs beyond basic repairs. Most home owners are familiar with why it is important to keep a house up to date. Yellow bath tubs may have been popular twenty years ago, but will not help the home’s value in the twenty-first century. Accordingly, home owners need to consistently up date homes to meet the current aesthetic expectations of potential home buyers, which is especially important if you are planning on selling your home. Additionally, basic up keep of a home can be quite expensive. Homes usually need to be repainted every several years and the garden also requires constant maintenance. In fact, garden maintenance is arguably one of the biggest expenses involved with owning a home. Gardens require constant weeding, watering, mowing, and care in order for the plants to thrive. Naturally, the cost of maintaining a garden goes up if you hire outside help. Landscapers can be costly in wealthier regions, and specialty garden designers frequently ask a hefty fee.