Cost of Walk In Tubs for Seniors

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    Traditional bathtubs are an accident waiting to happen for many seniors. Getting in and out of a traditional bathtub can be very difficult for many seniors and poses a high risk factor of injury. A walk in tub can be expensive to buy and have installed; however, considering it can save seniors from hurting themselves, even breaking bones or death, it is well worth the money. Walk in tubs cost from $1500-$10,000, depending on the type and style of tub, and where the tub is purchased. Basic walk in tubs generally range in price from $1500-$3000, while the more deluxe versions range in price from $3500-$10,000. However, basic walk in tubs are generally not suitable for those with mobility problems; those in wheelchairs and with severe mobility difficulties will generally require a more expensive walk in tub. Walk in Tubs that include a shower are generally more expensive than walk in bathtubs that do not include a shower are. In addition to the cost of the walk in tub itself, there is also the cost of installation which ranges in cost from $500-$5000. The cost of installation varies depending on how much tile work, plumbing and other things need to be done. Installation costs also are affected by if the old tub needs to be removed and disposed of. Some installation companies offer a discount to senior citizens.

    Are Walk In Tubs Covered by Medicare?

    Unfortunately, walk in tubs are generally not covered by Medicare. Medicare only covers Durable Medical Equipment, also called DME; walk in tubs are not considered a DME and are considered a luxury and not a necessity. However, Medicare does make the occasional exception; if the patient can get a written prescription from their Doctor for a walk in tub Medicare may cover some of the costs; however, they may not. Medicaid is more likely to approve a walk in tub claim than Medicare is. More information can be found here.

    Financial Assistance for Walk In Tub

    As Medicare is unlikely to help pay for a walk in tub for seniors, there are other avenues they can try to get financial help. Medicaid has several different programs that seniors may qualify for to get help with walk in tub costs, and many States also offer programs to help seniors with walk in tub costs. For seniors who are veterans the Department of Veterans’ Affairs will sometimes help with the cost of a walk in tub. The USA Department of Agriculture offers grants for walk in tubs as they are considered a home improvement. In addition, some walk in tub manufacturers offer financing, and there are a few non-profit organizations and charities that will offset costs on a walk in tub for seniors. Walk in tub costs are tax deductible for seniors when purchased for medical reasons.

    How Much Do Used Walk In Tubs Cost?

    Buying a used walk in tub can save seniors hundreds or even thousands of dollars. The cost of a used walk in bathtub ranges from $500-$4000, with the average being around $2000-$3000. The cost of installation will generally add an additional $500-$5000 to the overall price; some companies offer a senior discount, so it is worth shopping around. Used walk in tubs can often be purchased from online classified sites, Amazon, Ebay and local used appliance stores. Additionally, used walk in tubs can often be purchased directly from the manufacturer or from the store as a scratch and dent or a return. Care should be taken when buying a used tub to ensure it seals properly and is structurally sound.

    Cost of Walk In Tub with Shower Enclosure

    A walk in tub with a shower enclosure costs anywhere from $1500-$10,000, depending on the brand, model and where it is purchased. The average cost of a walk in tub with a shower enclosure is around $5000. Typically, the average cost of a walk in tub with shower enclosure is more expensive than the cost of a just a walk in tub is. Installation of a walk in tub with shower enclosure ranges in price from $500-$5000, with the average cost being around $2000. Installation for a walk in tub with shower enclosure generally costs more for installation than just a walk in tub installation costs.

     Cost of Walk In Bathtubs with Showers

    Walk in bathtubs with showers range in cost from $1500-$10,000.The cost of a walk in tub with a shower varies on the brand, the model of the tub, and where the tub is purchased. The average cost of a walk in bathtub with a shower is around $5000. Generally, the cost of a walk in bathtub with shower is more expensive than the cost of a walk in bathtub without a shower is. The cost of installation ranges from $500-$5000, depending on how much work needs to be done and the contractor that is hired to do the work.

    How Much do Lowes Walk In Tubs Cost?

    Lowes is a great place to purchase a walk in tub. Lowes offers many popular brands such as American Standard, ARIEL, Safety Tubs, Northeastern Bath, Ella’s Bubbles, Laurel Mountain and Endurance. The cost of walk in tubs at Lowes range in price from $2000-$7500. The most popular walk in tubs sold at Lowes cost around $5000-$6000. The cost of walk in tubs at Lowes varies per location; Lowes in different States have different prices, some are cheaper, while other States are more expensive.

    How Much do Costco Walk in Bathtubs Cost?

    Costco is a favorite place to shop for many North Americans. Many people don’t know it, but Costco is an excellent low cost place to get a walk in bathtub. Costco offers American Standard walk in bathtubs for around $3500. Costco also sells Access walk in bathtubs for $3000-$4000. American Standard and Access are two of the most popular brands of walk in tubs in America. Generally, Costco walk in tubs cost less that Lowes walk in tubs do.

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