How Much Does A Skylight Cost?

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    A skylight is an addition that can save on electricity costs during the day, lighten a dark space, or even give a relaxing view of the night sky. However, having a skylight of your own requires purchasing and installing the skylight window. Installation should be completed by someone skilled in the field to ensure the window does not leak. Window leaking can cause significant damage, which can be very costly to repair. Skylight cost can vary. The cost of the skylight itself can range from as little as $150 to as much as $2,000. However, this price does not cover the cost of installation. This price also does not cover the cost for blinds or covers, which are accessories that skylight owners should consider purchasing.

    Skylight Installation Cost

    How much does it cost to install a skylight? Skylight installation costs may vary depending on the type of skylight that is being installed. The three types of skylights available are fixed, vented, and tubular. The installation of a fixed skylight includes the original price of the skylight, which can be as low as $150. However, higher-quality skylights typically cost at least $200. Then, the installation can cost anywhere from $400 to $1,300 for each window. This installation cost is usually determined by the complexity of the building structure in which the skylight is being installed. This can cost as little as $600 total, though the average total of skylight installation costs is $1,500. Vented skylights cost more, as they require an electrician as well as a contractor. However, this still should not cost more than $2,500. Tubular skylights also fall into the $1,500 range.

    Skylight Windows Cost

    The window of a skylight costs anywhere from $150 to $300. This price includes the window panes, the window frame, and any flashing that is needed for the window. The real cost of the project comes with installation. Skylight prices for installation can add $500 to $3,000 to the initial bill for the window and flashing. However, it is a quick project. For a professional, it can take as few as three days.

    Cost Differences Between Commercial And Residential Skylights

    There is a slight difference between the skylight prices for commercial and residential skylights. Commercial skylights are generally larger than residential skylights. Therefore, the skylight cost may be a little greater. The first difference between residential and commercial skylight costs is the cost of the window itself. If the window is larger, it will cost more. Also, the increase in materials and labor will add to the skylight cost.

    Skylight Repair Cost

    The average skylight repair cost ranges from $300 to $500. This repair cost is applicable to both fixed skylights and vented skylights. Since a broken skylight has already been installed, the cost for repairs is cheaper than the price to install or replace the skylight. The price for repairing a fixed skylight is generally determined by the cost of the original skylight and what parts need to be installed. If the pane and/or frame needs to be replaced, the cost may be low. However, if the skylight needs to be resealed or water damage has happened to the surrounding roof tiles, it may be necessary to replace these parts. In addition to these costs, vented skylights have the additional costs of hiring an electrician. Vented skylights are often run by electricity and usually require electrical repair in addition to the aforementioned repairs. The electrician will generally charge the cost for materials and then $70 to $90 per hour as a labor fee. The skylight cost for tubular skylights is significantly higher than either of these prices. When a tubular skylight needs to be replaced, it is often because of severe water damage. As a result, the original skylight must be removed, a new skylight must be reinstalled, and damage must be repaired. The damage can include loose slats on the roof or even damage in the ceiling.

    Skylight Replacement Cost

    The cost to replace a skylight can range from $500 to $1,200. Because the original sealing and placement has already been done, it is cheaper to replace the skylight than to install it. There are a few factors that may affect the skylight’s cost. The most basic replacement of the skylight will typically include replacing the skylight frame and pane and then sealing it to prevent water leaking or damage. However, when skylights are replaced, there is sometimes damage done to the roof or interior around the skylight. This damage needs to be fixed before replacing the skylight. Adding the cost of fixing the roof slats and the interior trim will give a slight higher replacement skylight cost.

    Cost Of Accessories

    Skylight owners sometimes want accessories for their skylights. Accessories for a skylight cost significantly less than the skylight itself. Popular skylight accessories include covers and blinds. Skylight covers function by covering the entire skylight and not letting any light in. This keeps light out while trapping heat in. Lighter covers can be used to trap heat while letting light in. Skylight blinds function by allowing full, partial, or limited sunlight in through the skylight. Blinds and covers for skylights cost anywhere from $100 to $300.

    Tube Skylight Costs

    Tube skylights collect energy from the sunlight and then use it to light indoors. These windows have the same, if not more, light than fixed or vented skylights. Skylight costs for tube skylights include the skylight itself and the installation. The skylight typically runs approximately $150 to $600. The installation of the skylight adds $300 to $700 on to this price.

    Skylight Manufacturers

    There are several popular skylight manufacturers, including Velux and Sunoptics. Skylights are also offered at retailers such as Home Depot and Lowe’s to allow do-it-yourselfers the option of purchasing and installing their own skylights. There is not a large price difference between different skylight manufacturers. However, companies specializing in skylights, such as Velux and Sunoptics, may be slightly higher priced than some retailer versions.

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