How Much Does Carpet Cleaning Cost?

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    The cleanliness and appearance of a carpet have a drastic effect on the way the interior of a home looks. When staging and marketing a house for resale, the carpet is one of the first things the realtor will suggest to have replaced or professionally cleaned. In an effort to redo the inside of a home, many people will resort to replacing the carpet when a professional cleaning is all that is really needed. Out of ignorance with regards to carpet cleaning prices, many just assume that the cost of carpet cleaning is not worth it, and they are better off replacing the carpet instead. This is not always the case. To make the determination whether to clean a carpet or replace it, you need to know something about carpet cleaning prices first.

    Average Cost Of Carpet Cleaning

    The cost to clean carpet obviously depends on the size of the carpet being cleaned, the quality and condition of the carpet, and the kind of cleaning process to be used. Carpet cleaning prices can be very different depending on which process is to be used. The two processes that are used are encapsulation and hot water extraction. Encapsulation is a dry chemical cleaning process that crystalizes the soil particles in the carpet. These crystalized particles are vacuumable, leaving the carpet clean and ready to use immediately. Hot water extraction is another term for steam cleaning. Wet cleaning requires time to dry, which in turn causes concern regarding the development of mold and mildew. The average carpet cleaning cost nationwide is about 30 cents per square foot. Carpet cleaning prices will be different depending on the process being used. Carpet cleaning prices for steam cleaning 650 sq.ft. of carpet will run about $150. For chemical cleaning of the same area, the cost of carpet cleaning is about $200.

    How Much Does Professional Carpet Cleaning Cost?

    Professional carpet cleaning cost estimates are best done through an in home visit, where the company representative can assess the condition of the carpet. Some stains, such as pet stains, require a special chemical to extract the stain and the odor from the carpet and the padding underneath, which will raise the carpet cleaning cost. The problem with a pet stain is that it can also penetrate the padding to the flooring underneath. In this case, the padding will have to be either pulled back or replaced, and the floor underneath will need to be treated in order to eliminate the crystals that remain after the liquid has evaporated. Special chemical processes break down these crystals in 24 to 36 hours, eliminating the odor that can often be left behind even after a thorough chemical cleaning. If you have significant staining from a pet, then the carpet cleaning cost for your home will be higher, and replacement might be a more economical option.

    Commercial Carpet Cleaning

    Carpet cleaning cost can be a large regular expense for some businesses. Carpets in businesses are subjected to heavy traffic, and can get very dirty very quickly. For some companies, carpet cleaning cost is an expected monthly expense that is part of their regular cleaning and maintenance schedule. For businesses that receive a lot of customer traffic, carpet cleaning cost cannot be avoided.

    Carpet cleaning prices in commercial settings are figured differently than in residential settings. Many factors cause this. For one, the process used must be one that allows for immediate usage, as most businesses cannot afford to close just to have their carpets cleaned. Accordingly, this most often must be done outside of business hours, which usually means late at night. To determine the cost of carpet cleaning for a business one must take all of this into account.

    Carpet cleaning prices for businesses are most often built into a larger cleaning services contract. This contract usually includes a daily service for spot cleaning and general maintenance of the carpet. If this is done correctly, then the entire carpet should not need to be deep cleaned any more than once or twice a year. The best way to compare carpet cleaning rates is to have the companies visit the establishment, take their own measurement, and present an estimate for your approval.

    Carpet Cleaning Rental Equipment

    Carpet cleaning machines can be rented now at most home improvement retail stores and grocery stores, as well big box retail stores. To determine carpet cleaning cost for a do it yourself project with rental equipment you must take in to account the cost of the chemicals as well as the rental of the equipment. As a general rule, the companies that rent the cleaning equipment make most of their money from the sale of the chemicals. However, do not let that dissuade you from using the chemicals, as they can be quite effective if used properly. Carpet cleaning cost can be greatly reduced by renting this equipment and purchasing the proper chemicals. Rug cleaning machines can be rented for about $20 a day. The necessary can cost twice as much all together, but this will still be less than the cost of carpet cleaning by a professional.

    Carpet And Upholstery Cleaning

    Upholstery and carpet cleaning are often both done by the same company and can be accomplished in the same visit. Carpet cleaning prices are very different from upholstery cleaning prices. Carpet cleaning cost can be easier to determine. Upholstery cleaning varies greatly depending on the size and shape of the piece of furniture that is being cleaned. For example, the price for cleaning a dining room chair can be as little as $10 or greater than $100 depending on the size and shape of the chair and the kind of fabric on the chair. The major home improvement retail chains all carry various spot removers and upholstery cleaners that can be used at home by anyone who wished to do this themselves to save money.

    Sofa cleaning is probably the most common upholstery cleaning project. The sofa gets a lot of use and abuse, and can suffer a great number of spills in a short period of time. The price for cleaning a sectional sofa can be anywhere from $200 to $500 depending on the sofa.

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