How Much Does An Interior Designer Cost?

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    Some of us are simply born knowing how to decorate our homes to make it welcoming.  We learn many of these skills from our families as we grow up, or from friends whose homes we admire.  If you have decided to decorate your space but are unsure of what you would like the finished result to be, you may want to contact an interior decorator.  Many people are afraid that interior designer fees will be too high, but the cost may be worth the extra money when your home or office attracts more compliments.

    What Is The Average Interior Designer Cost?

    You may be able to keep your interior design fees low by hiring a decorator who works for free.  How does this work?  The decorator doesn’t charge interior design fees because they are being paid commissions from particular merchants.

    The downside is that they will recommend the most expensive products.  Other interior decorators’ costs can be hourly or by a fixed fee.  The fixed fee will usually began at around $500 and can run higher than $10,000, where their reputation and location will dictate interior decorator cost.  Hourly interior designer fees also depend on reputation and location and may run from $35 to $500 in an hour.  If your decorator works on a flat rate or hourly fee, they may charge a percentage of the products you purchase.  If this sounds a bit too expensive, find out if you can hire the decorator for a few hours to provide you with ideas, where you’ll do the actual work.

    These interior designer fees should include research and leg work, choosing paint colors, furniture, flooring, textures, fabrics, and accessories, and providing you with the best resources to save you money. The interior decorator should come to your home to listen to your needs and ideas and formulate a creative solution for the project.

    What Are The Differences Between Residential Interior Design Fees And Commercial Costs?

    When you are comparing residential interior design fees to commercial design fees, there are several factors that must be considered.  First, when designing in the commercial market, a building permit can only be purchased by a licensed construction company or licensed design professional.  The designer will need to hire a registered architect or engineer for their design, as the designer is not starting with an existing structure.  Designers in the residential market often are not required to follow as many codes or regulations, and can charge lower interior decorator fees.  The commercial designer is also accustomed to decorating larger areas, such as office buildings and retail stores.  The two markets are quite different and require knowledge in separate fields.  The residential designer must know about couch fabrics, popular paints and floor colors, and where to find the best cabinets.  A commercial designer must know how to turn a large empty area into a welcoming reception space or an executive office into a personalized room that maintains its professionalism.

    How To Find An Interior Designer That Fits Your Needs

    Finding an interior designer who understands your vision and style is critical in addition to the cost of their interior design fees.  A good place to start is to look through magazines that have rooms you admire and styles you would like to incorporate in your own home.  Next, ask friends or family members if they have used an interior designer, and if they were pleased with the results, for their contact information.  You can also check online to find reputable interior designers in your area.  Most will have an online portfolio which you can browse through to decide if they meet your requirements.  When you have narrowed it down, make an appointment with the office for a meeting to discuss your plans and to find out their estimates on interior designer cost.  If they communicate well and seem professional and capable of completing your job, you may want to hire them.

    Interior designer cost is important, but you must also be sure the interior designer you hire is capable of decorating your space in a way that takes your taste and style into account while turning your home into a beautiful showplace.  Even if you only talk to them to get ideas, the money you will spend on interior decorator fees will be worth the money when you are proud to show your friends and family your beautiful home.

    What Should I Look For In Interior Design Firms?

    When you are looking for an interior design firm, one of your first considerations may be their interior designer fees.  These will depend on the reputation of the firm and its designers in addition to where the firm is located.  After all, you would assume that a New York City firm would charge higher interior design fees than one found in Cleveland, Ohio.  The size of the company can also dictate the interior decorator cost.  If the company is large, it has more employees to pay and higher overhead.  Besides that, what should you look for?  Many firms concentrate on a particular niche market, while others employ several decorators to cover a variety of styles and project needs and charge accordingly for their interior designer cost.  Look for a firm that has experience in decorating with your style or a style that you admire, and schedule an appointment to discuss your ideas before you hire them.

    Can I Do It Myself With Interior Design Software?

    If you have an idea for your interior, you may want to skip the interior decorator fees and try using interior design software yourself.  These programs are often used by professional interior designers, as well.  They usually include thousands of graphics for fixtures in the bathroom and kitchen, furniture, landscape elements, cabinets, and more.  They will also include textures for floors and countertops.  A good software package includes plans for houses, offices, bathrooms, kitchens, garages, or even closets.  Many programs offer a trial version so you can play with the interface before you spend the money to buy the program.  You can visit your local software retailer for many programs, or download them directly from the manufacturer online.  Software packages may cost anywhere from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars, depending on the complexity of the program and how many users will be licensed to use your access code.  If you are creative and would like to experiment with designing yourself, you can forego expensive interior design fees and put together your new space using just your computer.

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