How Much Does A Sprinkler System Cost?

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    Sprinkler systems can range from an oscillating sled that hooks up to the water hose to an underground irrigation system. The sprinkler system cost ranges from $10 to $2,000 or more. For most homeowners wanting to install a system themselves, the simplest option may be sled, spike or hose sprinklers that can be placed and moved as needed when it’s time to water the lawn then put away in storage during winter. There are larger upright standing rotator sprinklers that have a total lawn sprinkler system cost of $100 available in different garden shapes to match the landscaping of a home. For larger, more permanent systems, such as an underground irrigation system that costs $2,000 to $3,000, a homeowner would need to contact a professional irrigator to be sure the home has the correct water hook up, outline for dividing the area into zones around gardens, flower beds and landscaping features, as well as components such as PVC pipe and sprinkler heads to support a system properly. A system that is not installed correctly can cause several problems that will require repairs and possibly a replacement sprinkler system. Professional irrigators are able to dig the necessary trenches easier and test the water to know what kind of hook up and drain valve are needed, as well as any additional items that may be needed such as a filter or water softener.

    Underground Sprinkler System Cost

    Underground sprinkler systems offer a solution that is permanently in place for watering the lawn and gardens. Underground systems require a hook up to the water supply, PVC piping that is laid out in zones or areas according to the size of the yard and landscaping, as well as sprinkler heads that are usually set by a timer. A professional irrigator should be hired to install any underground system because the piping has to be put into an 18-inch deep trench, and the layout has to be zoned so that only one portion at a time is running to prevent the loss of water pressure. Drain valves need to be installed so that a system can be inspected, repaired and winterized correctly.

    Automatic Sprinkler System Cost

    Automatic sprinkler systems cost $1,000 to $3,500, depending on the amount of pipe that will be needed to cover the yard and what kind of timer is going to be set for the system. Systems are usually set to be active at night to prevent evaporation that can happen quickly in daylight hours. Automatic systems are set to water certain areas at a time so the entire yard is covered evenly. Businesses use automatic sprinklers to keep the grounds looking nice without having water hoses and hand sprinklers visible to guests. Maintenance for a larger sprinkler system can be required more frequently if vehicles drive over sprinkler heads without realizing it or a pipe breaks from too much extra pressure or weight.

    Commercial Sprinkler System Cost

    Commercial sprinkler systems cost $2 to $7 per foot for equipment and installation. The system could cost more if retrofitting is needed to accommodate a building’s structure and design. Fire sprinkler systems have proven to prevent bodily injuries and property damage by containing the smoke and fire to a small area. Fire sprinkler systems are required by law in most areas. Most insurance companies offer a discount to business owners who have installed a sprinkler system. Fire sprinkler systems must be inspected periodically to maintain the integrity of the system and correct any complications immediately. A homeowner can have a commercial-type fire sprinkler system if they would like to hire a company to install one in the home. The cost of a commercial type fire sprinkler for a 2,000 square foot home would be estimated at $4,000 to $14,000 if it did not require any retrofitting. An older or uniquely built home would cost more to accommodate the structure.

    Commercial Sprinkler System Vs. Residential Sprinkler System Cost

    Ground sprinkler systems are very similar in homes and businesses, while businesses have the added fire sprinkler system to protect their property. A homeowner has the choice to move a hand sprinkler from one area of the yard to another until the entire area has been taken care of, while a commercial business needs an efficient and discreet way of watering the green areas without obvious equipment. Because commercial systems require larger and more complex systems than private homes, the sprinkler system cost is exponentially more expensive. The lawn sprinkler system cost for maintenance is also more because replacing a piece of pipe could mean digging up an entire section of a green area instead of the small area where the leak happened. Residential sprinkler systems only require digging up the small area where a leak happens if a piece of pipe needs to be replaced. Winterizing a commercial system requires a longer drain period and more detailed protection for water outlets.

    Winterizing Sprinkler System Cost

    Sprinkler systems must be winterized to preserve the integrity of the entire system. Failure to winterize a system can lead to broken pipes, cracked sprinkler heads and difficulty with the water connection. Improper installation or failure to winterize a system can result in bodily harm. If an irrigation professional is hired, then the winterizing cost of a sprinkler system is $50 to $150, depending on the size of the system. A homeowner can winterize his or her own system if he or she knows how to drain and cover the components properly. If a system does not have a drain valve, then one will have to be installed to drain out all the water that has collected within the system.  A system should be inspected each time it is winterized.

    Sprinkler System Repair Cost

    Repair cost of a sprinkler system is $70 to $300 based on what needs to repaired. A technician can assess the system to see if a water connection or sprinkler head is faulty or if a section of PVC pipe needs to be replaced. A common repair cost for most systems is sprinkler heads that sustain damage such as cracking due to weather or debris that prevent them working properly. If a homeowner has experience or learns how to replace certain parts of a sprinkler system, then he or she can perform routine repairs such as cracked sprinkler heads or water valves.


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