How Much Does Sod Cost?

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    To improve the chances of grass growing, homeowners may choose to lay sod down on their lawns. Sodding a lawn is advantageous over seeding a lawn because sod is more likely to grow grass. Sod is seeds and dirt that have been grown for over a year. Therefore, the effects of sod on your lawn will be apparent more quickly than using seed. The average cost of sod is $625 for every 1,000 square feet. However, there are different factors that affect this price. Sod prices can be affected by the type of sod that the homeowner chooses to use as well as the brand of sod. The cost to sod a yard varies depending on the size of the yard. However, purchasing the sod is not enough. The sod must also be installed. Whether you install the sod yourself or have professionals lay the sod for you will also affect sod pricing.

    Average Cost Of Sod

    Sod prices are typically determined by either the square foot or the square yard. When purchasing sod, the typical range can be anywhere from 15 cents to 30 cents per square foot. This is determined by where you buy your sod, the manufacturer, and the type of sod you are purchasing. That makes the average sod cost approximately 22 cents per square foot, which translates to an average cost of $1.98 per square yard. After determining the cost of sod, you must also determine whether you want to install the sod yourself or hire a professional to install the sod for you. The average cost of sod installation is 30% to 50% of the total cost for the sod, which is determined by the size of the yard.

    Pallet Of Sod Cost

    A pallet of sod includes 50 square yards. This is equivalent to 450 square feet. Sod pricing per pallet varies depending on the type of sod that you are purchasing. An average pallet will cost the buyer between $30 and $150. However, the actual sod prices are not the only factor of sod pricing. Unless the buyer has a way to transport a large pallet of sod, the sod cost per pallet will also include a delivery charge. Companies will typically charge a set amount for the first pallet or two and add a smaller charge for each additional pallet of sod delivered at the same time. However, the price of these pallets can change depending on the availability of the different types of sod at the time of purchase.

    Sod Installation Cost

    How much does sod installation cost? The price for sod installation is often determined by the square footage of your yard. If you choose to lay the sod yourself, the cost of laying sod will be significantly lower than using a professional sod laying company. There are several things that a sod laying company will charge the customer for. The total sod cost for installation may include charges for installing an underground sprinkler system, removing bushes and trees, the size and location of your yard, and the type of sod that is used. Typically, backyards will cost $100 or more than front yards because of the added difficulty of delivering materials to the backyard.

    Cost of Sodding A Yard

    The cost to sod a yard is determined by several factors. The first determining factor of sod cost is the type of sod that is purchased. Lower-priced sod, such as Centipede sod, will cost less than higher-priced sod, such as Zoysia sod. After this price is determined, the cost of landscaping must be factored in. In some locations, sod will need regular watering. For this reason, many home or business owners choose to install a sprinkler system underneath their sod. This adds additional costs. The removal of bushes or trees to install sod will also affect the cost to sod a yard. The cost of sodding a yard is also altered by the location of the yard, with backyards being more costly than front yards. The size of the yard is also a determining factor. Finally, the cost is affected by whether you choose to sod the yard yourself or hire a professional to sod the yard. The average cost to sod an entire yard in residential locations is $500 or more, depending on the location and size of the yard. For commercial locations, the entire cost of sodding may come to $900 or more.

    Types of Sod

    The type of sod that you should choose is determined by how you would like your lawn to look. There are several types of sod available for purchase. These include Centipede, St. Augustine, Bermuda, Zoysia, and Fescue. To determine the best type of sod, consider your soil type. Is it a wet or dry? Additionally, consider how much sun or shade the area gets as well as how much water the sod will get. Finally, consider how quickly you want your grass to grow.

    Cost By Type Of Sod


    How much does Zoysia sod cost? Zoysia sod prices are determined by the square foot of soil that is being purchased. A typical cost for one square foot of Zoysia sod is $1.10 and $1.50. It can cost between $180 and $400 per pallet. Zoysia soil comes in different varieties, but most are a dark green color, are resistant to drought, can withstand excessive shade, grow slowly, and are very adaptable to different soil conditions.

    St. Augustine

    St. Augustine sod prices are also measured by the square foot. One square foot usually runs between $1.15 and $1.30. It can cost between $150 and $400 per pallet. St. Augustine sod is a lush green color. It has large blades; is tolerant to wet climates, salty areas, and excessive shade; and is able to grow quickly.


    Fescue sod is sold at approximately $0.40 and $1.15 per square foot. By the pallet, Fescue sod can cost between $90 and $200. Fescue sod is grown in many varieties; however, the family does share some traits. Fescue grass is a vibrant green color and is tolerant to cooler climates. In mild areas, it can grow all year round. Fescue grass also grows well in the shade and is tolerant of damp to moist soil.

    Where to Buy Sod

    There are several places that both sell and deliver sod, including home improvement stores, sod installation companies, and individual farms/businesses that grow sod.

    Sod Cutter Rental Cost

    Sod cutters are a must if you choose to install the sod yourself rather than hiring a sod installation company. Unless your land is of poor growing quality, laying sod will be a project that you will hopefully only complete once. Therefore, it would be costly and unnecessary to purchase a sod cutter for the project. For this reason, some companies will rent sod cutters. The typical cost for sod cutter rental can range anywhere from $60 to $100. Sod cutters are useful because sod is full of moisture, making it very heavy. Because it can be sold in strips, cutting the sod will make it easier to move and to place. Additionally, sod cutters can be used to shape strips of sod in areas that are not completely square.

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