How Much Does Aluminum Siding Cost?

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    Aluminum siding provides a beautiful protective covering for any house. After all, it is very sturdy and weatherproof. It does not tear or break easily. In most cases, aluminum siding provides a cheaper alternative to masonry siding or wood siding.  This siding option is available in a wide array of colors so you are sure to find exactly what you need. You can either install the siding yourself as it is quite simple or you can pay a contractor to complete the installation. When it comes to aluminum siding prices you can expect a variation based on where you live and the company that you buy from. In addition, each contractor offers a different aluminum siding cost for installation.  You can expect your quote to include the price of aluminum siding, aluminum or vinyl trim, labor, and insulation under the siding.

    Corrugated Aluminum Siding

    Corrugated aluminum siding is available in a variety of sizes and styles. Your aluminum siding cost will vary depending on the size you need, the style you prefer, and the color that matches your home. Your cost will also vary depending on whether you plan to install the siding yourself or if you will have someone do the work for you. It is possible to find corrugated aluminum siding prices as low as $1 per square foot. This would be for a basic red siding that you install yourself. For a fancier gray siding with variegated ridges you would pay at least $1.40 a square foot.  If you choose to hire a contractor for the installation you may pay up to $20 per hour, per worker. In addition, you also have to include the cost of trim and edging.  In most cases, you can expect to spend between $2 and $3 per square foot to install aluminum siding on your home. This includes the cost of siding, trim, and labor.

    Vertical Aluminum Siding

    Vertical aluminum siding can provide the look of wood without the maintenance that wood requires. It is possible to purchase aluminum siding that is made to include a wood grain. In fact, vertical aluminum siding provides an excellent covering for houses located near the coast. Aluminum reacts with salt in the air and forms a protective layer over the aluminum. The only downfall to aluminum siding is that it can be dented easily if you live in an area where you experience large amounts of hail. However, by using vinyl trim options you can cut down on the appearance of dents as the trim is usually the most impacted during a storm.

    Painting Aluminum Siding Cost

    Painting aluminum siding is an option if yours has faded over time. However, it can be a bit pricey to repair the siding. In many cases, aluminum siding forms a white chalky film over the surface. This film can be removed; however, the area needs to be cleaned thoroughly. In most cases, it will require the use of a power washer to remove the film. When it comes to this repair, aluminum siding prices may be higher than replacing your siding with vinyl siding. In most cases you can expect to pay at least $900 to have your siding repainted. This is the amount that you pay if you have very few chips that need primer and a minimum amount of chalk on the surface. Consider that you may also pay an additional cost if the pieces have rusted and need to be replaced or sanded before painting.

    Aluminum Siding Trim

    When considering aluminum siding prices you have to include the price of trim and edging that finishes off your home. The trim that you buy may or may not match the color of the siding. However, when considering aluminum siding costs you may find that a basic white trim is cheaper than the colored trim that matches your home. Colored edging can cost as much as $500 -$600. However, you can save money by purchasing plain or basic trimming options. Another option for aluminum siding is vinyl trim. Many companies offer vinyl trim to give your home a more attractive appearance. Consider also that you will pay a premium that is based on the number of doors and windows that need trim. If your home has an unusual amount of windows, bay windows, or several doors you may pay more for aluminum siding trim.

    Aluminum Siding Suppliers

    There are literally thousands of aluminum siding suppliers within the US. However, you will want to choose an installer that is located close to your home. Most installers charge a premium based on how far they have to travel to the installation site. You may pay as much as 20% to cover the cost of gas if the company travels over 100 miles. There are a few major siding installers such as Reynolds aluminum siding and Alcoa aluminum siding that offer services across the US. These companies have offices in most major cities and provide excellent service. Both companies have been in business for over twenty years and offer a standard in the industry that other companies try to live up to. You can call either of these companies or visit their websites for an instant quote. Make sure that you know the square footage of your house as well as the number of windows and doors before you contact the company. These details will help you obtain an accurate quote.

    As you can see there is a lot to consider when purchasing aluminum siding for your home. However, if you are in search of a material that is able to stand up to the elements, aluminum is your best choice. In most cases, you can expect to receive a warranty of at least 50 years. While vinyl siding is less expensive than aluminum siding you will find that aluminum siding provides a more durable option for your home. Contact a local contractor in your area to find out about aluminum siding prices in your area.

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