How Much Does Carpet Installation Cost?

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    Nothing changes the appearance of the interior of a house like new carpeting. The first question you might be asking yourself is how much does it cost to lay carpet? Carpeting an entire house is a relatively expensive project, and not one generally recommended for the do it yourself types. The fear of carpet installation costs can deter many from this project. The price of the carpet is not the only expense. You should also be asking how much does carpet installation cost. There are many different types and brands of carpeting. Some of the more expensive carpets come with free installation but usually you will have to pay for this service. Therefore, you should do some research regarding the cost of carpet installation.

    Average Cost Of Carpet Installation

    Carpet installation prices start at around $2 a square foot for most inexpensive types of carpeting. For the most expensive varieties, the cost of carpet installation can top $100 a square foot. However, the average carpet installation cost for mid-range carpet and padding is about $30 a square foot. This cost includes the carpet, of course. Do not forget the padding, as it will extend the life of your carpet. If you purchase the carpet separately to have someone else install it for you, the carpet installation cost can vary according to your location. Carpet installation prices in the Southern United States run about $2.50 a yard, but rise in the Northern United States to $5.50 a yard. Average carpet installation costs can vary seasonally as well, so it is important to take your time in checking out the cost of carpet installation.

    How Much Does It Cost To Carpet A House?

    The cost of carpeting a house depends on the size of the house, as carpet installation prices are generally set by the yard or square foot. In many cases, the cost of carpet installation is included in the price of the carpet. Otherwise, you can expect to add $2 a square foot to the price of your new carpet to have it installed. To determine the cost for a particular house, just multiply the square footage of carpeted flooring by two. Also, some of the large retail home improvement companies have calculators on their websites to help you determine the cost to carpet a house. Some of these retailers will run a special offering entire house installation for only $97, but this is only if the carpet and padding are both purchased from the retailer, and the price does not include stairs. Steps are more difficult cover, so they are treated separately on any estimate.

    How Much Does It Cost To Carpet A Room?

    When it comes to the cost to carpet a room, the same rule applies. Multiply the square footage by two. The average cost to carpet a room is dependent on the size and shape of the room.  The cost of carpeting a room that is odd shaped might be a little more. The carpet installation cost needs to take into account the padding as well. If the room is one that is used often such as a family room, then you need to be sure to use quality padding.

    How Much Does It Cost To Carpet A Bedroom?

    There are other factors that affect carpet installation prices for a bedroom. You can reduce these factors by moving the furniture yourself. Bedroom furniture tends to be heavy, and professional installers will raise the cost of carpet installation if they have to move the furniture as well. Some retailers do advertise free furniture moving, but they generally require that the furniture be emptied of its contents first.

    How Much Does It Cost To Carpet Stairs?

    The cost to carpet stairs is more because of their irregular size and shape. It is not as easy as stretching a carpet tight and attaching it to the subflooring. There is more cutting and fitting involved, and the cost of carpeting stairs is usually a separate part of the carpeting invoice. The carpet installation cost for stairs is from $6 to $9 a step depending on the size of the steps. The width, height, and depth of the step will all help determine the carpet installation cost per step. You will want to be sure to use a carpet that is designed for high traffic, and don’t forget a quality padding as well.

    Next Day Carpet Installation

    Most carpet installers work on a schedule. However, there are retailers who specialize in installing your carpet by the next day after your purchase. For these businesses, nothing is added to the carpet installation cost for next day installation. This is because they build carpet installation prices into the price of their carpeting and padding. It all depends on the business model of the company you choose to deal with. Some companies prefer to charge separately for carpet and installation so they can advertise lower carpet prices. Others build the cost of carpet installation into the price of their carpet and advertise free or reduced price installation. In the end, you will end up paying the same general price for the same quality carpet.

    DIY Carpet Installation

    Home improvement retail stores carry most of the tools you should need to do your own carpet installation. The one tool you will not want to purchase is a power stretcher. This is what you use to make sure the carpet is tight. It is an expensive piece of equipment to purchase and is only used a handful of times. Rental stores have these tools readily available so you do not need to buy one. In most cases, you will need to use a power stretcher to install your carpet or else you risk voiding the warranty.

    Commercial Carpet Installation Cost

    Carpet installation cost in a commercial setting is calculated differently. Commercial carpet is manufactured differently because it is designed for very high traffic.  The size of the area to be carpeted is once again the most important factor determining carpet installation cost. For commercial applications, higher quality padding is generally required. The carpet must also be very durable and able to withstand not only heavy traffic but also frequent cleaning. Carpet installation prices for commercial carpeting can be as high as $7 a square foot, not including stairs. To get an accurate carpet installation price, it is best to have someone come out to your business, do a measurement, and give you an estimate.

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