How Much Does Ductless Air Conditioning Cost?

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    The temperature of our homes can affect us in every way during warmer months.  If you are sweating and hot, you feel uncomfortable. Overheated people become cranky!  However, installing duct work for a central air system is just not practical for many consumers.  If you are looking for a way to keep your house cool when it’s hot outside, you may want to look into the cost of ductless air conditioning.  This is a great solution if you only need to cool a few rooms or if you have a smaller space.

    What Is The Average Ductless Air Conditioner Cost?

    Ductless air conditioner units are not the least expensive route when cooling your home.  They do, however, provide high efficiency cooling that can save you money over the long run by cooling only occupied areas.  Compared to central air, ductless systems can be more cost-effective for installation for smaller areas.  If your home or space is large, central air may be the best choice.  Ductless air conditioning cost will depend on the brand, power, and company from which you buy the air conditioner unit.  First, you will need to figure out how many square feet of space you will need to cool.  A ductless air conditioner that has 9000 BTUs can be used for up to 350 square feet, but these units can go up to 36,000 BTUs, which can cool up to 1500 square feet.  Models at 9000 BTUs usually start around $700, while ductless air conditioning units with 36,000 BTUs will usually be between $3000 and $4000.  You will need to know how many evaporators you will need throughout your structure to properly cool your home. These evaporators are sold separately and must be factored in when adding up ductless air conditioning cost.

    How Much Does Ductless Air Conditioning Installation Cost?

    The installation of a ductless air conditioner costs less than having a standard central air unit installed.  You could pay anywhere from $200 to $550 for a mini split system installed in a single zone.  Each additional zone would usually cost between $35 and $175.  You’ll also need a certified electrician to connect the building’s electrical box to the unit, which will cost about $75 to $250.  In addition, you will probably need an HVAC permit, which will run from $40 to $800 and an electrical permit that will be between $75 and $150.  The price of the installation will depend on how easy or difficult the process will be.  It will cost more to drill a hole through cinder block than it will through vinyl siding, for instance.  The size will also differ depending on the weight and size of the evaporator units, the cost of the HVAC and electrical permits in your area, the mounting brackets’weight capacity, and the general wages for installers where you live.  Since the installer will not need to put in duct work, this is much less expensive than the central air conditioning unit.

    What Is Ductless Split Air Conditioning?

    Ductless split air conditioners are a modern way to deal with cooling modern working and living environments.  In this type of system, electrical wiring and copper tubing connect to an outdoor unit.  The outdoor condenser coil and compressor pump refrigerant through the copper tubing to the indoor units.  A fan will distribute the coolant that is drawn across the evaporator coils.  A remote control is used as a thermostat.  You will be able to control the temperature of each room separately if your system is set up for multiple zones.  This differs from a central air conditioning system, which has a single indoor coil or outdoor condenser coil that pumps refrigerant to one indoor coil in order to distribute it through each room using the duct system.  This makes its very difficult, if not impossible, to change each room’s temperature independently.

    Should I Use An HVAC Professional To Install My Mini Split Air Conditioner?

    Installing a split air conditioner unit is more difficult than simply placing a portable or window unit, but easier than installing central air. It may be best to use an HVAC professional for the installation, because an inexperienced person is more likely to install it incorrectly and void the manufacturer warranty.  An experienced HVAC technician knows the basic steps of installing the unit, such as running electricity, coolant, and drainage lines.  However, the most difficult part of the installation is to set the gauges in order to charge the lines.  Since a ductless air conditioning system is not cheap, it will probably be worth it to add installation to your ductless air conditioning cost estimate. If you have a small space, or are unwilling or unable to install a duct system in your work or home, a ductless air conditioner unit may be the best choice to keep your space cool and comfortable when the temperature rises.

    How Much Does Mitsubishi Ductless Air Conditioning Cost?

    Mitsubishi ductless air conditioning is a popular choice for many homeowners.  The prices include an outdoor unit, the 9000 BTU indoor unit with mounting plates, a wireless remote control, and installation instructions, all for the ductless air conditioning cost of about $2000.  New models feature inverter technology to improve performance along with inside allergy filters,controllers for air flow, quieter operation, and longer line allowances for the installation process.  One of the most well-known ductless air conditioner systems is the Mr. Slim line, which is produced by Mitsubishi.The more powerful your system, the more the ductless air conditioning cost.

    How Much Does LG Ductless Air Conditioning Cost?

    LG ductless air conditioning systems are widely used because they offer attractive, quiet, cost-effective solutions.  They consist of a wall-mounted interior unit that is slim and attractive and an outdoor unit.  These products include one outdoor unit, an indoor unit, mounting plates for the indoor unit, a wireless remote control, a two year parts and five year compressor warranty, and installation instructions.  For the 9000 BTU units, the price is usually between $1000 to $1700 dollars.

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