How Much Does A Thermostat Cost?

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    A thermostat is what triggers a furnace or central air conditioning unit to turn off and on to meet a set temperature or time. There are two types of home thermostats: non-digital/non-programmable and digital/programmable. Non-digital/non-programmable thermostats are less expensive than digital/programmable thermostats. A non-digital/non-programmable thermostat c ranges in price from $10-$30. A digital/programmable thermostat ranges in price from $20-$550. Home thermostat replacement cost ranges from $75-$200 to have a professional contractor install the thermostat. Thermostats are not only used to regulate furnaces and air conditioning, they are also used on water heaters and in cars. Water heater thermostat prices range from $15-$50, without installation. Car thermostat prices range from $10-$70, without installation.

    Thermostat Repair Cost

    Thermostat repair cost ranges from $50-$200 depending on the repairman, location, and what is wrong with the thermostat. If the thermostat is older, it is often easier and cheaper to simply replace it than have it repaired.

    Thermostat Replacement Cost

    Thermostat replacement cost ranges from $75-$200; this cost covers the contractor removing the old thermostat and replacing it with the new thermostat. For large homes with more than one thermostat, contractors often charge an additional $50-$80 per thermostat. Thermostat replacement cost is usually more for premium units than for basic thermostats, as premium units are more complex and harder to install. Thermostat replacement cost is more in areas with a high cost of living than areas with a low cost of living. On top of the cost of labor, homeowners will also have to purchase the thermostat; thermostat prices range from $10-$550, depending on the brand and style.

    Programmable Thermostat Cost

    Programmable thermostats help homeowners save money and be more comfortable as they can program the thermostat to turn on when the house reaches a certain temperature or at a certain time. Programmable thermostat prices range from $25-$550; a basic programmable thermostat costs from $20-$80, while a premium programmable thermostat costs from $80-$550. Programmable thermostats can be installed DIY: however, the premium thermostats can be a bit complex to install DIY for the average homeowner. Average thermostat replacement cost ranges from $75-$200; the contractor will remove the old thermostat and install the new one. Thermostat replacement cost varies per contractor and location. Programmable thermostats can be purchased at most department store, hardware store, home improvement stores and online. The most common programmable thermostat brands are Honeywell, American Standard, Lux, Ecobee, Totaline and Hunter.

    Price According To Brand

    There are numerous brands of thermostats for homeowners to choose from. Some of the most popular brands are Honeywell, Ecobee, Hunter and Lux. Honeywell sells both digital/programmable units and non-digital/non-programmable units. Honeywell thermostat prices range from $30-$250, without installation. Prices for their non-digital/non-programmable thermostats range from $25-$40, while Honeywell prestige thermostats range in price from $40-300. Ecobee smart thermostats are generally more expensive than Honeywell thermostats. Ecobee Smart thermostats range in price from $250-$550, without installation. Both Hunter and Lux thermostats tend to be less expensive than Honeywell or Ecobee Smart thermostats. Average Lux and Hunter thermostat prices range from $40-$80.

    Water Heater Thermostat Replacement Cost

    A water heater thermostat is what controls the temperature of the water in the water heater. Water heater thermostat prices range from $15-$50 depending on the style and brand. Water heater thermostat replacement cost ranges from $75-$200 for a professional to do the installation, labor only. When hiring a professional contractor, homeowners can expect to pay $90-$250 for both the thermostat and labor.

    Car Thermostat Replacement Cost

    A car thermostat is installed in a car’s coolant system, where it acts to help keep the car’s engine cool. Car thermostat cost ranges from $10-$70 if car owners install the thermostat themselves. Cost varies depending on the make and brand of the thermostat needed. Car thermostats are generally one of the easier DIY car repairs to do, so car owners with minimal car repair experience should be able to do the job themselves. It car owners choose to take their car to a garage to have the thermostat installed, car thermostat cost range from $100-$400; car mechanics charge from $45-$120 an hour for labor.

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