How Much Does Pressure Washing Cost?

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    The cost to pressure wash a house depends on the equipment, home preparation, detergents and solutions to be used during the process, and pressure washing rate per square foot if a professional is hired. The size of the home to be cleaned is the leading factor in how much pressure washing costs. Smaller homes will take less prep time, solution, and actual washing time than a larger multi-story home. The pressure washer itself is not the only cost consideration in the project. The different types of nozzles and brushes, such as soft siding brushes and stiff deck brushes, as well as attachments used for different purposes, mildew treatments, and detergents also need to be taken into consideration. Pressure washing prices, in terms of machines, range in price from $100 to over $1,000, depending on the water pressure and cleaning units. Electrical units are the least expensive, typically costing $100 to $200 but are not effective enough to clean a house at 1450-1800 cleaning units. They are better suited for cars, boats, and other small projects unless the house is extremely small. Gas units are ideal for cleaning most homes with a rating of 2600-3100 cleaning units and are in the $300 to $600 price range. There are many types of pressure washers available but what they will have in common will be that they run on cold water for home use. There are warm water models available, but they are not recommended for first time users.

    Cost To Pressure Wash A House

    Pressure washing pricing for a house has multiple associated costs, from prepping the home by covering exterior fixtures, lights, and landscaping with drop cloths secured by duct tape to purchasing attachments for the washer and cleaners such as mildewcide and multipurpose siding cleaner. A ladder and garden hose may also be needed to complete the job, so they should be included in the pressure washing prices if the homeowner does not already have them.

    With the pressure washer pricing for consumer models ranging from $300 to $600 on average, it would be a good investment for homeowners who plan to clean their homes more frequently than once or twice a year. Consumer models are made to be used routinely but not daily or the motor will burn up. The attachments generally needed for pressure washers are nozzles of different degrees of spray pattern, such as a yellow for 15 degrees, green for 25 degrees, and white for 40 degrees. The red nozzle for 0 degrees should only be used for tough jobs such as removing mud. Brushes for scrubbing different surfaces include a soft brush for siding and a stiff brush for patios. There are universal kits available that include multiple brushes and nozzles. Extension wands can add additional length from 15 to 60 inches to washers for reaching high places and making it easier for brushes to reach areas such as second story walls and windows.

    Pressure washing cost can add up to a somewhat significant sum if a homeowner wishes to purchase all the equipment necessary to accomplish a large job. The pressure washer price being $600, then attachments costing roughly $300 depending on what is selected can bring the total price close to $1,000. This is well worth the expense to homeowners who want to take the time to properly clean and maintain their own homes, preventing mold and mildew that can cause corrosion.

    Pressure Washing Cost For Gutters, Decks, Siding, And Roofs

    Pressure washing at home includes surfaces such as the gutters to keep them free of debris and working properly with the downspout. The pressure washing pricing for gutters includes a nozzle that sprays the entire length of the gutter without causing damage, extension wand, and soft brush. Decks can be cleaned using a stiff brush to scrub away dirt, grime, and other materials that cause build up and potentially damage the surface. Power washing can be used to prepare a deck for a new coat of paint or stain. Using a pressure washer is one of the more efficient ways to clean siding where mildew can build up. This task can be completed using an extension wand to clean from the bottom of the siding up, then rinsing from the top down. If the mildew is mild, then a cleaning solution is not needed to remove it. However, if there is a significant amount, using a mixture of mildewcide and water then scrubbing with a brush will need to be done to remove it. Moisture can cause mold and mildew to grow on a roof, resulting in the collection of water that can cause internal and external damage to a home. It is important to remove the build up before it does bring about any damage that could cost a homeowner thousands in repair work. A 25-degree nozzle is usually able to clean the roof completely. The cost for this is covering the extension wand and nozzle. It may be necessary to have an assistant while working on the roof.

    Pressure Washer Rental Cost

    For homeowners who prefer to rent a pressure washer from a tool shop or home improvement store to complete an occasional or seasonal job rather than purchase one, the pricing can vary depending on where the equipment is rented from and the size of the machine. Pressure washing rates could be $70 for one day to $200 for one week depending on the pressure washer pricing in the area.

    Commercial Pressure Washing

    Commercial pressure washing rates can be considerably more expensive than consumer models because the cleaning units cost much more. The price range starts at $2,000 and increases with the size and capability of the machine. The pumps and motors are designed to be used every day without burning up. The commercial washers are much stronger than residential models because they are made to handle larger jobs over a period of time that residential models would not be considered for. They use the same type of attachments and cleaning solutions as residential washers. Most homeowners will not need a commercial grade pressure washer, but professionals can benefit from investing in a commercial grade machine for a range of projects.

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