How Much Does A Dumpster Cost?

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    Whether you are cleaning out a house or working at a construction site, you may be looking for a dumpster rental service that is inexpensive and easy to use.  You probably already realize that ordering a dumpster locally will be the less expensive option, but how much does a dumpster cost?

    Although you may find companies online that allow you to book instantly, finding a company that is close to your location will cost less simply because you won’t need to haul the dumpster in from out of state.  Depending on how much trash you must throw away, the cost of your dumpster rental will vary depending on several factors.  The prices will be affected by the prices charged by local landfills and the taxes charged by your local municipality. Some cities may charge three or four times as much to dump as other cities.  The size of the dumpster also has an effect on the price.  If you rent a larger unit, you will pay a higher cost for a dumpster.  The cost of a dumpster also is affected by how far the landfill is from your location.  Locations that are remote will likely cost more than those that are close by.

    Many companies quote the dumpster price at a flat rate, such as $300 for five days.  For homeowners who need a unit for a longer period of time, there may be an extra charge.  Some companies may charge a fuel or delivery fee in addition to the cost of the dumpster.  Clarify your terms before the dumpster is delivered to check for extra charges.  These may also apply if your rental dumpster is heavier than the allowed tonnage at the landfill or transfer station.

    How Much Does A 10 Yard Dumpster Cost On Average?

    Dumpsters, also called containers or roll-offs, are rented by the standard cubic yard. A 10 yard dumpster is around 12 feet long and 8 feet wide.  If you are doing a very small construction job, for instance, or remodeling a bathroom, this small container will probably work for you.  These are also great if you are planning to de-clutter your home.  It should fit in your driveway, although you may need to get a permit if it must be parked in the street.  As mentioned above, pricing on a 10 yard dumpster can vary, but look for a company that offers all-inclusive prices to avoid unexpected fees when your bill comes due.  Prices may be around $250 for 7 to 10 days, depending on the company and location.

    How Much Does A 20 Yard Dumpster Cost On Average?

    A 20 yard dumpster is a very popular size, as it is large enough to accommodate debris from demolition, construction, landscaping, and de-cluttering projects.  You may need this size If you are looking to renovate a kitchen or basement, demolish a shed or deck, remove carpet or flooring, or replace siding and windows.  When you are calling to check on dumpster cost, it is always a good idea to inquire about the height of the walls of the container to make sure you can easily throw debris inside.  The cost of a dumpster that is 20 yards long maybe around $325 for 7 to 10 days.  Again, this depends on the company, its location, and the final weight of the container.

    How Much Does A 30 Yard Dumpster Cost On Average?

    If you are working on a major reconstruction or large demolition, it may be worth the 30 yard dumpster cost for this large size. Users also order this size dumpster for large commercial and house cleaning, commercial roof tear-offs, and clearing landscapes.  It is common for the rental company to use an arm lift truck to place yourdumpster, whether it must fit in a street, alley, or yard.  The cost of a 30 yard dumpster will probably be around $400 for a week to seven days.  Companies will usually have a maximum tonnage limit for each size of dumpster, so be sure to ask when you call to order your rental.

    There are many options to dispose of debris in your home, business, or construction site.  Determining which size dumpster you need, including the dumpster price, can help you get rid of waste quickly and inexpensively.

    How Much Does The Average Construction Dumpster Cost?

    With any job, you must estimate how much waste will be produced in order to order the correct size dumpster to meet your needs.  Depending on the size of your project, you will need to consider how many yards you will need and the dumpster cost for the rental.  Small construction jobs may fit into a 20 yard dumpster; however, many construction jobs need a larger size of 20 to 30 yards.  The 20 yard dumpster can fit approximately 7 to 10 truckloads, while the 30 yard dumpster can carry 12 to 14 on an average.  You must also take into consideration the space where the dumpster will rest while it is being filled.  You may need to rent a smaller dumpster for twice as long if there is no place to put a 30 yard.  Consider paying between $350 to $400 for the large dumpster for a week to 10 days, although many companies will allow you to rent for up to 30 days at a time.

    What Does A Dumpster In A Bag Cost?

    First, let’s ask what is a Dumpster In a Bag?  This new innovation from Bagster is a durable, woven bag that can be punctured without tearing and hold up to 3300 pounds of debris – it’s 3 square yards of storage. This alternative is gaining in popularity over metal roll-offs or dumpsters, as it’s less expensive – it can be bought at local lumber yards and home improvement stores.  Bagster offers pickup, or you can call Waste Management to pick the bag up when it is full.  The bag is simply placed within 16 feet of a driveway, alley, or street so it can be easily picked up by the collection vehicle.  The units cost approximately $30 a piece, and pick up is around $139 for Waste Management for the first bag, and $119 for additional pickups at the same time.

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