Average Roof Repair Cost

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    Roof repair costs can range from under $100 to several thousand dollars. Prices vary greatly on what type of roof it is, the size of roof, the pitch of the roof, how much repairs need to be done, and if homeowners do the work themselves or hire a professional contractor or handyman to do it for them. In addition, roof repair costs are also affected by if permits are needed or not; city building permits can cost a couple hundred dollars.

    When done by a professional contractor, the average cost of small roof repairs is around $300, while the average cost of large roof repairs is about $3000. For smaller jobs, hiring a handyman instead of a professional contractor can save considerable money; on average, a professional roofer will charge from $100-$350 to fix a 10×10 foot spot of asphalt roof, while a handyman will only charge $95-$130. Of course, if homeowners can do the work themselves, they will save even more. Taking care of repairs quickly and properly will save homeowners money; if roof damage is left uncared for, the homeowner may have to replace the entire roof which could cost as much as $10,000 or more, according to homeadvisor.

     Roof Leak Repair Cost

    Leaking roof repair cost varies depending on the size of repair, the difficulty of the repair and what materials are needed to fix the problem. Leaky roof repair cost also varies on if a contractor is hired to do the job or if the homeowners do it themselves. Although roof leaks can show up anywhere, there are some common areas that are prone to springing leaks.

    Flashing is one of the most common areas where leaks are seen. Flashing costs around $15-$30 per linear foot to replace. Plumbing vents have a rubber gasket that is prone to cracking and B-vents have a metal collar that loosens and cracks over time, both of these cost around $10-$20 to repair. Another major culprit that leads to leaking roof repair cost is the vertical slits between shingles corroding and rotting; repairs usually cost about $30 for the bundle of tiles plus labor costs if the homeowners are not able to do the job themselves. Another potential problem area is missing granules on shingles; granules are the rough part of a shingle, over time the granules wear off leaving the shingle vulnerable to cracks and leaks. A bundle of shingles cost around $30. One other area that is prone to leaks is around the chimney. In most cases leaking around the chimney is caused by old caulking; masonry caulk only costs about $5. However, if a roof has serious problems causing numerous leaks, repair cost can cost several thousand dollars.

    If homeowners cannot find the leak by themselves, a professional contractor can be hired to do a roof inspection. Having a professional inspect the roof will cost several hundred dollars. A professional contractor will be able to give homeowners an accurate idea of how much leaking roof repair cost.

    Roof Flashing Repair Cost

    Flashing is vinyl or metal stripping that is used around chimneys and skylights as a sealed barrier between it and the roofing material. It is also used on sloping roofs, especially roofs that slope into a valley, to help direct rainwater into the gutters. Roof flashing repair costs range in price from $200-$500, depending on the work that needs to be done. To fix roof flashing around a skylight or chimney typically costs $200-$500. To repair broken flashing around a pipe, generally costs $50-$100. To repair valley roof flashing it costs from $15-$30 per linear foot. If you hire a professional to repair the flashing, there will be an additional labor expense.

    Flat Roof Repair Cost

    Flat roof repair costs depend on what type of material is used and how much of the roof needs to be repaired. Making repairs using asphalt roll roofing cost $1.50-$2.50 per square feet installed. Flat roof repairs using single ply rubber or plastic roofing average from $3-$4 per square foot installed. To make repairs using spray on roofing costs from $1.50-$6 per square foot installed. To repair a flat roof using standing seam roofing costs anywhere from $5-$10 per square foot installed. If roofing needs to be removed and disposed of before it can be fixed, the average cost ranges from $1-$4 per square foot. Homeowners can save themselves money by doing the job themselves as generally 30-50% of the cost is in labor.

    Tile Roof Repair Cost

    Tile roof leaks can be cause by broken or cracked tiles, by worn out underlay, or by both. Unfortunately, if the problem is being caused by the underlay, the tiles on top with still have to be removed to get to it to fix it. The cost to repair underlay is about $60 per square foot, before labor. The cost of repairing broken roof tiles varies depending on what type of tiles they are. Clay tiles cost from $250-$500 per square foot, while steel and aluminum tiles range in price from $100-$260 per square foot. Standard concrete tiles cost from $150-$250 per square foot, and lightweight concrete tiles cost from $350-$500 per square foot. If old tiles need to be removed before new tiles are laid, it will increase the overall cost. In addition, there will be a $45-$75 per hour labor cost, unless homeowners do the job themselves.

    Slate Roof Repair Cost

    Slate roof repair costs are around $60 per square foot, before labor. The cost of slate roof repairs varies depending on the size and color of the slate, the grade of the roof and the overall condition of the roof. Often when slate roofs need repairs due to leaking, the flashing on the roof needs to be repaired too. Replacing the flashing can add an additional $200-$500 to the repair bill. Homeowners will save considerable money if they do the job themselves, as most professional roofers charge from $45-$75 an hour for labor. More information about slate roofing can be found here.

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