How Much Does A Bathroom Remodel Cost?

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    As usual, it’s hard to average the cost of bathroom remodeling, since the amount of work, the size of the bathroom, the number of renovations and the do it yourselfer versus the contractor argument add an incredible variety of price ranges to the question of bathroom remodeling costs.

    On average, the range of bathroom remodeling cost can fall anywhere from $5K for the smallest and most economic, probably a do it yourself project, to $30K for the average middle-size bathroom remodels.  From there, the upper end and luxury remodels can run $50K and more.

    Even the smallest bathroom could run up a bill close to $10K if one hires a contractor; it’s a pretty large sum, but it does save a lot of headaches if one is not a do it yourselfer.  If you ARE a do it yourselfer, one need hardly add that the materials should all be available at the site, since there’s nothing worse than halting a remodel to run to Home Depot for a missing part, thus adding to bathroom remodeling cost.

    Do it yourself projects (assuming a price range starting at $5000) would include such elements as replacing drywall, upgrading fixtures, upgrading or replacing tiles and re-touching. One could add new trims and wood stain, one could repaint, one could replace a faucet or two. That would probably account for the bathroom remodeling costs in that price range.

    When the consumer adds contractors and their various kinds of work to the economic mix, those elements change bathroom remodeling costs enormously.  More will be included about that in a moment.

    Master Bathroom Remodel Cost

    The bathroom remodeling costs for a master bathroom figure on average based on a typical size, such as 10 x 20 feet.  It assumes a do it yourself project in which the remodeler buys all the new accessories such as vanities, cabinets fixtures, bathtub tiling (this is not replacing the bathtub; that expense is covered later) and well as new faucets. One can figure in expenses for tools needed for the project, as well as any colorful additions such as a new paint job or new shower curtain.

    In general, a master bathroom remodeling will run, under those circumstances, from $10K to $15K. Any actual remodeling involving reconstruction (such as demolition, dry wall replacement or re tiling) will involve at least another $5k.

    There are a number of resources to reduce the cost to remodel a bathroom; these resources will also assist the do it yourselfer, and they include free consultations that most professional contractors are happy to offer, and tutorials on DVD or in books, all available at Home Depot and similar handyman stores.

    If one wants the job contracted, and hires contractors to remodel the master bathroom, the bathroom remodeling cost will rise at least $5K, and up to $10K, depending on the bathroom remodeling cost involved and the number of days and laborers needed.

    Small Bathroom Remodel Cost

    The cost to remodel a bathroom in a smaller size in this particular estimate assumes a typical small bathroom of around 18 x 25 feet.  This particular size might be a half bathroom at 18 feet; a full bathroom at this size would include a tub, sink cabinet and possible linen cabinet. The estimate of bathroom remodeling costs for this size bathroom, which is not estimated as a do it yourselfer but would include contractors who are remodeling cabinetry, floors or walls, would begin between $5K and $7 as a basic simple estimate.  Adding new elements such as faucets, cabinetry or even a new tub would dramatically increase the bathroom remodeling costs of this particular project.

    Bath Remodeling Cost

    Part of the cost to remodel a bathroom might include replacing a bathtub. This might in fact be the motivator to remodel in the first place; no area is subject to more moisture, rot, mildew or material degradation than the area around the bathtub, particularly if caulking is insecure or loose, or the construction of the tub has begun to degrade.

    One can simply pull off and replace caulk for $15; however, on average, a tub whose structure is degrading needs to be replaced. The average bathroom remodeling cost for a fiberglass tub and enclosed shower (this is based on estimates from Home Depot and Lowe’s) is approximately $500 to $1000 as a general price range. If one remodels the bath by leaving the bathtub intact (which is often the case; the tile has degraded but the tub is intact), one could pay up to $1000 to replace cement board around the three walls and ceiling; re=tiling the tub might be anywhere from $400 to $1200, depending on the quality, type and durability of the tile used to replace. Most new tile will cost between $1 and $20 per square foot; hiring for replacing the tile will add at least $20 per hour to the bathroom remodeling costs (one is probably looking at $80-$100 for contractor replaced tile).

    Bathroom Shower Remodeling

    Assuming a walk-in shower of typical size, 75 to 250 ft, one can retile the shower as a do it yourself for around $600-$800 in materials; a general contractor added would add $3500. Even a smallish shower done by a contractor would average $2500 in the cost of bathroom remodeling.

    Bathroom Remodeling Contractors

    As long as the subject is broached, bathroom remodeling contractors are a handy and easily utilized resource to reduce the remodeling headaches; one can assume at least a $2000 to $4000 addition to the cost of bathroom remodeling.  Contractors are plentifully available online; a simple Google search will yield hundreds of listings.

    Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

    If one wants bathroom remodeling ideas that nonetheless stay within the realm of viable bathroom remodeling costs, there are numerous websites that offer hundreds of new ideas in bathroom remodeling, so many that it is impossible to compile a complete list of them. They are further enhanced by the fact that each includes pictures, videos and specifications to make the idea a reality.

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