How Much Do Retractable Awnings Cost?

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    Retractable awnings, both small and large, have a variety of uses. Retractable awnings can create shade, give protection from the sunlight, and add stylish décor to any area. A great retractable awning will meet all of these functions. With such a wide variety of function and so many options available, retractable awnings are able to meet the needs of both commercial and residential use. Another advantage to using retractable awnings is the simple storage option that is offered. Rather than removing the awning when it is not in use, it can be folded against the side of the house or building. Manual retractable awnings are stored by cranking a lever. It is even simpler to use motorized retractable awnings. They are very efficient and require only pressing a button for them to retract. Retractable awnings are available with these and other features and are offered in a wide variety of colors. Because of these factors and the numerous retailers selling retractable awnings, retractable awnings cost anywhere from $150 to thousands of dollars.

    Motorized Retractable Awnings

    Motorized retractable awnings are easy to use. When the awning needs to be stored, simply push a button to store the awning along the side of the house or business. It requires almost no effort on the part of the owner. Motorized awnings come in many different sizes. They are also available in different kinds of fabrics, which offer total or partial shade. The materials used as well as the size of the retractable awning strongly affect the awning costs. A small 8-foot motorized retractable awning can cost as little as $800. However, larger models, such as 11-foot awnings, may cost $2,500 or more.

    Manual Retractable Awnings

    Because manual retractable awnings do not require the machinery that motorized retractable awnings do, they are usually at a significantly lower cost than motorized awnings. Awning prices for manual retractable awnings are determined by the materials that are used. They come in a variety of fabrics and are also offered with different material frames. A manual awning has all the convenience of easy storage but at a lower cost. It does require slightly more work to store than a motorized retractable awning, however. Most manual retractable awnings use cranks. When the crank is turned, the awning retracts until it is neatly folded up against the side of your house or building. Because manual retractable awnings require no motorized equipment, small models can run as low as $75. Larger options can cost around $1,500.

    Commercial Retractable Awnings

    It is common to think of retractable awnings as an option for shading a patio or pool at home. However, commercial retractable awnings are also on the market and are a popular option for businesses. Commercial retractable awnings can be used by hotels, restaurants, bars, or even small or large retailers. Hotel owners may find commercial retractable awnings attractive as an option to offer shade to guests as they lounge by the pool. Commercial retractable awnings are also appropriate for bars or restaurants. In fair weather areas, it is popular to offer customers a seat in an outdoor setting or on an outdoor patio. To protect customers from bright sunlight or even light rain, a retractable awning can be used.

    Commercial retractable awnings are also great for small or large retailers. While they do not generally offer their customers an outdoor environment, they can customize a retractable awning to add pizazz to their company’s appearance. With a wide variety of color options available, a color can be selected that will make the retailer’s name pop. Commercial retractable awning prices for hotels, bars, and restaurants often cost thousands of dollars, because they are required to cover a wide surface area. Motorized commercial retractable awnings are a popular option, which adds to the retractable awning cost. Commercial retractable awnings for small businesses, used for decoration, can cost as little as a few hundred dollars. Because they only need to cover a small surface area, the price is significantly lower. Any size of commercial retractable awning can be easily removed for cleaning. This helps to keep the business’ appearance in top shape.

    SunSetter Awnings

    SunSetter is a popular retractable awning retailer providing a wide variety of awnings to meet the specific needs of business or home owners. SunSetter retractable awnings come in a variety of materials, styles, and colors with unique features. SunSetter produces both motorized and retractable awnings, giving their average retractable awning cost a wide range. SunSetter’s motorized retractable awnings are available in sizes up to 14 feet or more to meet the largest shading needs. Additionally, SunSetter offers awnings without a visible support bar, giving them an increased visual appeal. With such a large variety of products, SunSetter has a wide range of awning prices. Small manual awnings, for example, can cost as little as a couple hundred dollars. However, larger models, particularly motorized ones, can cost a couple thousand dollars or more.

    Sunbrella Retractable Awnings

    Sunbrella retractable awnings are available through a wide variety of retailers, which gives them a wide variety of retractable awning prices. The unique factor found in Sunbrella awnings is the fabric that is used. Sunbrella fabric retractable awnings are produced with the support bars, motors, or cranks that the retailer uses on other products. However, Sunbrella awnings come with a unique fabric. Sunbrella fabric is durable for all kinds of weather, including extensive sunlight or heavy rain. The fabric is also very easy to clean. In addition, Sunbrella fabric is offered in a wide variety of colors. The retractable awning costs for Sunbrella awnings are of wide range, because they are offered through so many retailers.  They can be either a few hundred or even a few thousand dollars, depending on the model, the features, and the retailer. Sunbrella retractable awnings are highly desirable because of the high-quality fabric that is used when producing them. Sunbrella retractable awnings are appropriate for either residential or commercial use.

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