How Much Do Concrete Countertops Cost?

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    Home buyers and builders are no longer satisfied with traditional counters made from laminate and other regular materials.  Kitchens and bathrooms are two of the first rooms a new home buyer will inspect when searching for a prospective living space, and quality and luxury are more in demand than ever before.  One of the focal points of any beautiful kitchen is its counter space, and the materials used for this feature are critical to the room’s design.  Concrete is one of the most popular materials in modern homes, but how much do concrete countertops cost?

    The Average Cost Of Concrete Countertops

    Concrete is simply made from stand in cement, and so should be inexpensive, right?. This is a misconception many people have when they are looking for a new countertop.  On the contrary, a concrete countertop is a custom piece and will be priced as such.  Retail prices may range from around $70 to $100 per square foot, if not more.  The material costs of the ingredients are not what make up the cost of concrete countertops.  A design professional will be handcrafting your piece, using their experience and craftsmanship to design a custom countertop that fits your kitchen.  The client will be paying for the skill of the fabricator and the design.

    Concrete Kitchen Countertops Cost Vs. The Cost Of Concrete Bathroom Countertops

    As with any construction or home improvement project, the size of your finished product will define its cost.  With this type of counter top, keep in mind that the surface must be sculpted, then finished and sealed.  The process used means that the cost of concrete countertops in your kitchen will actually be more cost-effective than the smaller countertop that would be used in your bathroom.  The bathroom concrete countertop cost will actually be more per square foot dueto the increased level of craftsmanship that must be performed on the smaller area.

    How Much Do Poured Concrete Countertops Cost?

    Poured concrete countertops cost consists of the design and construction of the countertop and installation.  The typical cost of concrete countertops will run between $65 and $135 for the standard 1.5” thick countertop per square foot.  For installation, assume the contractor will charge from $40 to $50 per hour, per person – this is in addition to the design and construction cost.  If your new piece must be shipped, the cost of concrete countertop shipment can vary depending on the shipping method and carrier.  This is unusual, however, as most contractors will make the product in their market area.

    How Much Do Polished Concrete Countertops Cost?

    A polished finish is very popular for concrete countertops, and the cost for a polished concrete countertop will generally be around $55 per square foot.  These finishes can add a beautiful decorative touch to your kitchen, and may include a wide variety of colors, inserts, and finishes.  They may need to be sealed at least once a month to prevent the countertop from staining.

    How Much Do DIY Concrete Countertops Cost?

    Because of their high price, the cost of concrete countertops may be prohibitive to many consumers.  Many prefer to cast and sculpt their own countertops.  Although this is not recommended for those who have never worked with concrete, there are many guides and products available that will allow you to create your custom countertop on your own.  Many include pre-measured quantities of high quality ingredients that will allow you to design and construct your own counter for $8 per foot and up.

    Concrete Countertops Pros And Cons

    There are several advantages to using concrete in your new or existing kitchen.  First, there are no grout lines or visible seams when a seam filler is used, which can add to the appearance of the counter.  When properly sealed, the countertop will be stain resistant.  There are unlimited color options, whether you choose to stain or use integral color.  These can match the colors of your kitchen perfectly.  The concrete can also be cast in any size or form, which is useful for rooms that are irregularly shaped.  Custom edge forms can create any design with molding products like liquid rubber, extruded styrene, or plastic.

    The counters can be personalized by embedding items like recycled glass, pebbles, seashells, and more, and can be designed to match any interior, from traditional to modern.  The appearance will actually improve with age,and the concrete will develop a warm patina. The countertops are also resistant to high heat, although you should not place a hot pan or pot on the sealed surface as the seal may become discolored.  Concrete countertops have very long life spans, so you will be adding to your home’s market value for future sale.  The materials are very easy to use and clean.  For a DIY project, concrete countertops cost can be reasonable if you are confident in your ability to finish the job.

    There are also some disadvantages to using concrete.  First, the cost of concrete countertops may be prohibitive, as they are more expensive than materials such as laminate. They can also be stained by liquids if spills are not cleaned up immediately.  Some consumers are disappointed when their counters look different after six months than they did upon installation through normal aging processes.  Curing time for the concrete can be up to 12 days, and installation may be messy.  Design and installation by those inexperienced with pouring and handling concrete can be more difficult than installation of other countertop materials, and you will also need experience in carpentry and concrete finishing. For this reason, many people decide to use a professional, even though it makes for higher concrete countertops cost.

    When you are searching for a beautiful, durable addition to your kitchen, concrete may be the perfect answer.  With some online searching, you may be able to find a contractor who can keep concrete countertops cost down while providing you with a one-of-a-kind piece that will become the center of attention in your kitchen.  If you decide to pour your new countertops yourself, there are many online sources that can help you get a beautiful affect with cost-effective kits, books, DVDs, and other helpful tools.  Concrete countertops can indeed be a beautiful, durable addition to any kitchen.

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