How Much Does Lawn Aeration Cost?

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    Core Aeration Cost

    Core lawn aeration cost varies greatly depending on whether the homeowner rents a core aerator, buys it or hires a professional landscaping company to aerate their lawn for them. Homeowners can buy a core aerator for $175 to $3000 or more, depending on the brand, style and size. Homeowners can rent one from a rental store for around $15-$45 an hour; many rental stores give a discount to customers who rent for a full day or weekend. If homeowners prefer they can hire a professional landscaper to aerate their lawn for them; professional landscapers charge anywhere from $35-$500 per lawn, depending on the size and shape of the lawn and its ease of access. Lawn aeration cost varies per landscaper; homeowners are best to contact several landscaping companies so they get the best deal possible. In addition, costs vary per location; areas with a low cost of living have lower lawn aeration cost than areas with a high cost of living do.

    Lawn Aeration Rental Cost

    One of the least expensive ways for homeowners to aerate their lawn is by renting lawn aeration equipment and doing the work themselves. The cost of lawn aeration rental equipment ranges from $15-$45 per hour. The cost varies depending on if a rolling lawn aerator or a spike/blade aerator is rented; rolling lawn aerators are usually more expensive to rent than spike/blade aerators are. The cost of lawn aeration equipment also varies per rental store; however, it usually does not vary more than a dollar or two. Many rental companies give a discount on the equipment when customers rent the equipment for a full day or weekend. Some rental stores charge a delivery fee if homeowners need to have the equipment delivered.

    Lawn Aeration Equipment

    The cost of lawn aeration equipment ranges from $5-$3000 depending on the equipment. Lawn aerating shoes or sandals are the cheapest way to aerate a yard; lawn aerating shoes cost $5-25 a pair. Handheld lawn aeration equipment such as the Hound Dog costs from $15-$45. A blade/spike lawn aerator ranges from $175-$500 and liquid aerator ranges from $15-$200. A rolling lawn aerator is the most expensive type of lawn aeration equipment; rolling lawn aerators cost $175-$3000 or more. The truth is that lawn aeration cost is the least when homeowners purchase their own equipment and do the job themselves.

    Lawn Aeration Service

    Like any home maintenance and landscaping project, lawn aeration cost is far cheaper if it is done by the homeowner than done by a landscaping professional. However, doing lawn aeration yourself can be time consuming and tiring. Lawn aeration cost ranges from $35-$500 when done by a professional landscaper, depending on the size and shape of the yard, and its ease of access. For large lawns homeowners can purchase their own equipment for the cost of one professional lawn aeration.

    Lawn Aeration Tips

    Lawn aeration is best done during mild weather when the soil is moist, but not wet; it is best done in the spring and fall. Those who have an inground sprinkler system need to be very careful they do not hit and puncture any of the sprinkler lines. Homeowners can check if their lawn needs aeration by inserting a screwdriver into the lawn – if it goes in with moderate ease then the lawn is good; if it does not, the lawn needs aeration. After lawn aeration, it is best to leave the cores on the lawn and go over them with a lawn mower so they get broken up and their nutrients go back into the lawn. The lawn mower should be cleaned thoroughly after being used to break up lawn aeration cores.

    Lawn Aeration Benefits

    Lawn aeration is done to help keep a lawn healthy and vibrant. It helps theĀ  lawn absorb vital nutrients better and to get better oxygen. It also helps lawns retain moisture better which is important in areas prone to drought. It can also be done on gardens to help increase plant growth. Compared to replacing a lawn, lawn aeration cost is minimal.

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