How Much Does A Steel Building Cost?

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    Steel buildings continue to grow in popularity. They are particularly attractive to businesses needing additional storage or manufacturing space. Recently, the construction industry has seen a trend towards steel construction among churches, retail stores, and other commercial buildings. Steel building prices are driving this popularity. Steel or metal buildings are built on almost any type of foundation. They also come in an assortment of colors, are easy to assemble, are virtually fireproof, and cannot be damaged by wood destroying insects like termites.

    Steel Building Construction Costs

    Steel building pricing depends largely on the architectural design of the building. Costs can also be affected by the builder or contractor chosen. Local contractors base their process partly on business reputation. Builders and contractors with great local reputations are able to cash in on that by charging a little more for their services. Essentially, they are charging a premium for services that they believe have proven to be the best available. When looking at steel building cost consider that the best builders often charge higher prices.

    Typically, steel buildings that do not need a foundation, like metal pole barns, cost from $8,000 to $50,000 to be built. This depends on the size of the building and the number of options, which can include insulation, windows, sliding doors, and a storage loft. The steel building cost will rise from there for buildings that require a foundation. Other options that inflate steel building prices are plumbing, electricity, water and sewer hookups, and finished flooring. All of these depend on what the building is to be used for, and can run up your total steel building cost by $20 to $50 a square foot. That is a total increase of $20,000 to $50,000 for a 20×50 foot building. These steel building prices do not include the price of the real estate or site improvements such as a paved driveway.

    General Steel Building Cost

    General Steel is one of the most well-known names in the industry. They offer an array of building choices from backyard sheds to multi-purpose sports facilities. They use solid I-beam construction with 26-guage steel. They also provide a 50-year structural; warranty. Their buildings are easily insulated to become more energy efficient, and they can be expanded as your needs change. As a worldwide leader in steel construction, General Steel boasts of enough buying power to allow them to offer the lowest steel building prices possible.

    There are several other options besides General Steel. For 40 years, Olympia Steel has been making pre-formed steel buildings industrial, agricultural, military, and commercial purposes. Olympia Steel’s steel building prices range from $15 to $40 per square foot. They offer a 25-year warranty on the steel, and their buildings are designed to meet German, US, and European building codes. U.S. Buildings sells pre-engineered steel buildings that are constructed without trusses, beams, or posts in order to maximize the usable space inside. One person recently purchased a 16 x 24 x 9 steel workshop for$7500. Allied Steel delivers worldwide from its many factories based in the United States.

    Residential Steel Buildings

    Residential steel buildings differ in many ways from commercial buildings, and residential steel building prices reflect those differences. Residential building codes are different than commercial codes. For example, there are requirements for electricity and plumbing. Plus, the necessity for water and sewer hookups differs depending on location. The building might be connected to a municipal system or to a self-contained septic system.

    Commercial steel building cost does not always include the cost of plumbing, electricity, and sewer. That all depends on the designated use for the building. Large warehouse buildings might only need electricity, but no plumbing or sewer. The cost of a steel building, whether residential of commercial, is highly dependent on the anticipated use of the building.

    Do it Yourself Steel Buildings

    Do it yourself steel building kits come with all of the basic materials that you need to erect the building, except for the foundation, flooring, and anchor bolts if necessary. Building plans, drawings, and patterns for the anchor bolts are all included in the kit. When the kit is delivered, the buyer is responsible for unloading the materials. This will require the use of a forklift.

    Steel building kits are easy to assemble. However, some basic building and construction skills are necessary. Typically, a basic steel building can be assembled in just a few days. Do not forget to check with the local planning and development board for any building permits that might be required before commencing construction. Most steel building kits come with the engineered-certified drawings that are required to be filed to get a permit.

    Steel Building Kits Prices

    Steel building kits contain all the materials needed to erect a pre-fabricated steel building on a foundation. Steel building prices for kits range between $5,000 and $15,000 for a basic building.  Steel building cost with a kit depends on the size of the building, the materials used, and the options that are included with the kit package. These options are typically doors, windows, and insulation. Shipping depends on the shipping weight of the kit and the distance to be delivered.

    Prefab Steel Buildings Cost

    Prefabricated steel buildings offer substantial cost benefits. They can arrive completely constructed, or as a kit to be built on site. Both result in a substantial labor savings that are reflected in prefabricated steel building prices. Prefabricated buildings are also called prefab or pre-engineered steel buildings. They are made whole or in factories and then shipped to the construction location. They are a very economical option, and can either be professionally built or customers can put them together themselves.

    Used Steel Buildings

    To save even more on steel building prices, you might consider a used building. There is a growing market for used steel buildings, and buyers can net savings as high as 70%. Some of these buildings are not actually used, but are kits that were purchased but never built. These buildings hit the market for a number of reasons. Most often, they are not built because of changes in plans or finances. Some are part of businesses that were not successful. The most substantial savings can be realized with previously constructed buildings, but you can find some as good as new that were never even taken out of the packaging on several internet sites.

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