How Much Does A Rabbit Cost?

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    There are about 50 types of  rabbits sold as pets: however, there are only about 20 types of rabbits that are commonly sold in pet stores. Rabbit cost ranges from free to $200, depending on the breed of rabbit and where it is purchased from. The most common types of rabbits like Dutch rabbits, Mini lops, lops, Rex rabbits and Netherlands dwarfs range in cost from $10-$60. The cost of a rabbit that is less common like an Angora, Flemish Giants and Lionheads range from $60-$200. Rare breeds of rabbits are often not carried in pet stores and may have to be special ordered online; rabbit prices can be significantly increased by shipping with online orders. For those looking to save on their purchase, older rabbits can occasionally be found in the classified ads. Animal shelters often have older rescue rabbits for sale; rescue rabbit prices range from free-$50.

    On top of the cost of a rabbit, owners will need to buy a cage, litter, food and other supplies; starter supplies for a rabbit cost from $50-$500, depending on the size of cage and what supplies are purchased. When budgeting the cost of a rabbit, owners should also consider veterinarian costs, and basic maintenance. Keeping a rabbit costs about $5-$10 a week. Initial veterinarian costs to get a rabbit its first checkup, vaccinations and neutering is $100-$300.

    How Much Does Rabbit Food Cost?

    The cost of rabbit supplies like food and treats, and litter are about $5-$10 a week per rabbit. A bag of rabbit food ranges from $5-$50 a bag depending on its size and quality. A bag of rabbit litter ranges from $5-$20 depending on the size and type. Additional supplies like fresh vegetables, alfalfa hay, chew toys and vitamin supplements cost a few dollars each. Rabbit owners might also want to buy other supplies like a brush, nail clippers, and a harness and leash.

    How Much Do Rabbit Cages Cost?

    Rabbits require a cage that is about four times larger than itself. Rabbit hutches and cages are available in a wide variety of styles and prices. Rabbit hutches and cages range in price from $20-$400. The cost of a rabbit cage made of plastic ranges from $20-$60. The cost of a cage that is made of wire and has a removable bottom for easy cleaning ranges from $30-$150. The cost of a cage that is made of wire and has two levels or is very fancy or large is $50-$300. Outdoor rabbit hutches range in price from $50-$400, depending on their size and style. Owners that are handy with tools can build their own rabbit hutch: DIY rabbit hutches cost from $50-$100.

    Rabbit Vet Costs

    Much like a dog or cat, rabbits should go to the veterinarian for a yearly checkup and vaccinations. A basic checkup for a rabbit ranges from $20-$100. Vaccinations for a rabbit cost $50-$150. Neutering or spaying a rabbit ranges from $50-$100. Emergency surgery for a rabbit can be several hundred to several thousand dollars. Rabbit vet costs vary depending on the veterinarian and location; veterinarians located in large cities tend to cost more than veterinarians located in rural communities and small towns. Rabbit owners can purchase pet insurance for their rabbit for $10-$30 a month.

    Rabbit Neutering Cost

    Pet rabbits should be spayed or neutered to help prevent potential health or temperament problems. A male rabbit is neutered and a female rabbit is spayed. As neutering is easier to do than spaying is, rabbit neutering cost is less than rabbit spaying cost. Average rabbit neutering cost is around $50. Average rabbit spaying cost is around $100. Before a rabbit is spayed or neutered it will need to have its vaccinations and checkup; checkup for a rabbit is around $20-$100; vaccinations for rabbits cost $50-$150. Rabbit neutering and rabbit spaying costs vary depending on location and the veterinarian clinic.

    Having A Pet Rabbit

    Having a pet rabbit can be a very enjoyable experience. Rabbits are gentle sociable animals that are easily tamed and moderately easy to care for. Rabbits make good first pets for children. Like any pet, rabbits do require a daily time and financial commitment. Rabbits require a couple of hours of time each day to feed and water them, give them attention and exercise, and to keep them clean. Rabbits require a financial commitment of about $5-$10 a week for food, litter and treats. Rabbits live an average of 10 years; the average rabbit cost for its lifetime is $3640.

    How Much Do Dwarf Rabbits Cost?

    The most common types of dwarf rabbits sold as pets are the Netherlands dwarf rabbit and the Dwarf Lop. Average dwarf rabbit prices range from $20-$50; however, they can be as high as $200 for rare breed dwarf rabbits. Dwarf rabbit prices are affected by location and availability.


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